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In this ebook, we’ve sifted through a vast array of different strategies you can employ to gain more subscribers; however, throughout this exercise, we have seen some common themes repeated. Your goal, as a list owner, should be to employ both the themes—the big picture—and the individual tips—the tactics--to make your lists grow, retain subscribers, and become energized and willing to buy. So where can you go from here? Start by putting your list first from now on. Put it first when it comes to visibility. Put it first—even above direct sales—when it comes to promotional efforts. And put it first when it comes to generating highquality, enticing content. If you treat your list well, follow the strategies outlined in this, and work hard to retain subscribers, you’ll find that having a list and pitching to it will be more profitable than any other venture you have encountered. You will not only improve your chance to make a sale off of any given visitor on your site, but you will give yourself the opportunity to sell to that same visitor again and again. And with that—I leave you to build a list. So put these tips to work, generate some subscribers, and start making sales!

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