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Simple Home (Lite)

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Simple Home is (as the name suggests) a simple home screen replacement for your phone. It features a home screen with your favorite applications displayed as large easy to tap icons, a control to make a call, quick access to the volume settings and an option to display all of your applications. A long press on an application on the home screen allows you to change the importance of the application (they are also sorted by name) or remove it from your favorites. The volume control on the home screen will show you if your phone is in silent mode (ringer and notification muted) or shows you a warning if one of your volumes is at minimum (in case you miss an important call or text). A long press on the application in the ‘all applications’ list adds or removes it from your favorites or a regular press opens the application. There is a limit of 12 favorites in the lite version. The paid version includes a Car Dock (Simple Car) that works in the same way as regular application but with even larger icons on three separate screens for use when navigating. That is pretty much all there is to it - because sometimes you don’t want it to be any more complicated than that. Tags: simple home apk, simple home (lite) apk, home lite apk, simple home lite apk download, simple home lite.

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