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Length Addition

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DescriptionFor Length Addition

This is a cool Maths application using which a child can learn and practice the whole number and decimal addition concept exactly the same way the child does it on paper. A magic bunny in the application gives different length measurement examples to practice. It monitors the child’s progress and paces the complexity of the problem according to the performance of the child, starting from simple whole number length addition problems (e.g. 10 m + 12 m) to length addition involving different units (e.g. 11 m 10 cm + 8 m 56 cm) and then moves to decimal addition problems (e.g. 10.35m + 5.36m). The magic bunny motivates the child by giving chocolate candies and cake pieces as the child progresses. In case a mistake is made (e.g. carryover is not added), the magic bunny is able to pin-point the exact mistake to help the child. If the child is unable to make progress on a given problem, he/she can touch the magic bunny and the bunny walks through the detailed solution of the same problem in an animated way - giving the exact steps similar to how it is done on the paper. The child can touch the Report Card icon to see the progress. This way the child can continue to practice the addition and decimal addition concept in a way he/she does on paper with the super power of our magic bunny. Have fun, children!

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