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** Newly updated with iPad support ** ROBLOX Mobile is the easiest way to use ROBLOX’s social networking features and Catalog on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Sign in to connect with your friends, customize your character, shop from the ROBLOX Catalog, purchase Builders Club subscriptions and more.Highlighted ROBLOX Mobile features:✔ View your character and account info✔ Exchange messages with ROBLOX friends✔ View inventory and change appearance✔ Browse the ROBLOX Catalog and get new gear✔ Purchase Builders Club with iTunes accountThe official ROBLOX app, ROBLOX Mobile supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iOS 5 or greater is required.ROBLOX is the massively multi-player gaming platform where users manipulate core building components to create elaborate online/3D games that simulate the real world, then share and play them with the community. Players on ROBLOX are limited only by their imagination.

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