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    Base 64 encoding in title
  • Base64 Encoding Library
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  • Base64 Encoding ActiveX
    Base64 Encoding ActiveX

    Free Base64 Binary Encoding and Decoding ActiveX Component

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  • Base64 File Encoding
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  • Base64 Encoding ActiveX Library
    Base64 Encoding ActiveX Library

    This library implements the Base64 encoding system as it is defined in RFC 2045: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME), Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies. This encoding is used as a standard to send binary information through network connections or by e-mail. Get Base64 Encoding ActiveX Library and take it for a test drive to see what it can do for you!

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  • Point64's Base64 Encoder/Decoder
    Point64's Base64 Encoder/Decoder

    Point64's Base64 Encoder/Decoder is a handy and reliable utility designed to encrypt and decrypt text. Point64's Base64 Encoder/Decoder uses a Base64 scheme and is especially designed for email text. Usage is simple: enter the text to be encrypted and press the 'Encode' button.

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  • VoltoB64 Base64 Codec Component
    VoltoB64 Base64 Codec Component

    The VoltoB64 Base64 Codec Component was designed to be an ActiveX DLL that can be used to develop applications that require data to be encoded to, and decoded from, the Base64 format. This is the format commonly used to encode email attachments sent via SMTP. VoltoB64 can encode and decode string values or the contents of a specified file. The component achieves extremely fast conversion speeds, and can be used together with all development tools and applications that support COM components (such as Microsoft Visual Basic, or Active Server Pages). Use it to build PC client or web server-based applications. [b]Requirements:[/b] · Visual Basic 6.0 runtime libraries [b]Limitations:[/b] · 30 days trial · Evaluation versions are fully functional but will display a popup license information window briefly when using the component with Visual Basic. · There will be a 10 second startup delay when using an evaluation component in an Active Server page.

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  • Base64

    Base64 is built as another handy and small utility that converts binary data to Base64 encoding and vice versa. It is especially suited to handle cryptographic data (certificates, CRLs, keys, etc.) that is commonly transported in either binary format (DER) or Base64 (PEM) encoding. The Base64 encoding is a three-byte to four-characters encoding based on an alphabet of 64 characters. This encoding has been introduced in PEM (RFC1421) and MIME. Other uses include HTTP Basic Authentication Headers and general binary-to-text encoding applications. Note that the Bas64 encoding expands binary data by 33%, which is quite efficient.

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  • Base64

    Java classes to encode/decode Base64 and Base64u Base64 is a freeware way of encoding 8-bit characters using only ASCII printable characters similar to UUENCODE. UUENCODE embeds a filename where BASE64 does not. You will see BASE64 used in encoding digital certificates, in encoding user:password string in an Authorization: header for HTTP. Don't confuse Base64 with x-www-form-urlencoded which is handled by or Base64u.The characters used by Base64 are A-Z a-z 0-9 +/=. This makes it suitable for encoding binary data as SQL strings, that will work no matter what the encoding. Unfortunately + / and = all have special meaning in URLs. Base64u gets around this problem. It is a variant on Base64 that uses - _ and * in preference to + / and =, so that it can be used in URLEncoded contexts with or without URLEncoding.NOTE: Base64 is for non-military use only. Requirements: · Java 1.5 or later

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    Base 64 encoding in tags
  • MIME-tool

    MIME-tool is a little mime encoding tool. MIME-tool is a little mime encoding tool I slapped together when I needed something on a production box at work (productions = no C development environment, only the ancient K&R compiler required for god-knows-what sys-admin task).The resulting program will compile happilly on both the crippled C compilers bundled with some commercial *nix distributions, and on full ANSI/ISO C compilers like gcc.I wrote this program when I needed a tool to construct MIME encoded emails with file attachments in job scripts on a production box. Being a production box it didn't have any development tools installed. However, the box DID have a K&R C compiler that appears to be necessary for some administrative task or another (configuring the kernel?). If you tried to compile even fairly simple ANSI/ISO C source the compiler bitched and moaned about all the stuff it didn't support, which will stop most folk (at least those who don't know anything about the history of the C programming language) from building their own binaries.Since I'm old enough to actually have written C code back before we had the ANSI/ISO standard and all the accompanying niceties, I was not stymied by a the lack of ANSI/ISO support. It's really not all that hard to write K&R compliant code, so long as you don't need the compiler to check your function calls for you. For a program this small, however, that's not much of a concern.Since the program is meant to be compiled on systems with minimal support (there is no telling what unrestrained IT staff will decide must be removed in the interest of system security) I didn't bother to include a makefile. On every system I have tried, however, the program compiled with the simple incantation cc -o mime mime.cbut your selected target system may require extra special magics.The program supports the basic MIME standard: The caller can select the content type (application/octet-stream, text/plain, or user specified), content type encoding (7bit, 8bit, binary, base64 or auto-detected) and the boundry string (defaults to "=_MIME_CONTENT_BREAK_="). Further, the caller may specify the e-mail subject, to address, from address, carbon copy address and text for a prolog and epilog. The content type and encoding may be specified separately for each attached file.The program's calling format is: mime [-dDvV] [-S subject] [-F from-address] [-T to-address] [-C carbon-copy address] [-P prolog-text] [-E epiplogue-text] [-B boundry] {[-78abqux] [-t content-type] filename} -d low detail debugging -D high detail debugging -v verbose messages -V very verbose messages -7 7-bit ASCII encoding -8 8-bit ASCII encoding -a application/octet-stream content type -b binary encoding -q quoted-printable encoding -t text/plain content type -u unknown encoding, auto-detect -x base64 encodingThere's really not much to this program. Once you know how the MIME messages are constructed you could do most of it manually (except for the base64 encoding, which would require a program like this), but if there are any problems with it, I would like to know about them.What's New in This Release:· A typo in the online help message was fixed.· A known bugs section was added to the manpage.· Proper quoting and folding were added to the filename header.

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  • Konvid

    MP3 tag encoding converter Konvid is an application used to convert encodings of tag information of MP3 music files.Many music files produced in China are encoded in GBK instead of UTF8, thus they can not be correctly displayed by music players. (Therefore, Konvid is targeted at Chinese/Japanese users and users listening to Chinese/Japanese songs.).Konvid works on Kubuntu 8.10 (Ubuntu 8.10 needs libqt4-core, libqt4-gui, phonon libraries) and Debain sid. It is distributed as one single binary file. Unzip it, chmod +x it and double click to launch it! Requirements: · Qt

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  • ID3EncodingConverter

    ID3EncodingConverter is a simple ID3 tag viewer with support for conversion of different character sets. ID3EncodingConverter is a simple ID3 tag viewer with support for conversion of different character sets.Did you ever wonder why your favourite MP3 player doesn't show tags correctly for both your Japanese and Russian music? This is probably due to the fact that somebody encoded the music tags in ID3v1 without telling you the encoding used. Now all you can do is guess what encoding it was and convert the audio tags to ID3v2 using Unicode. This small application helps you by showing both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags together and lets you copy the converted tags to ID3v2 once you chose the correct encoding. By showing lines in red colour it will help you avoid overwriting differing entries.Here are some key features of "ID3EncodingConverter":· Conversion of ID3v1 to ID3v2 tags· Simple side by side comparison of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags· Highlighting of differences between both versions· Selection of encoding based on comparison of encoded versions of ID3v1 tag or encoding names· Batch conversion of several files· Intelligent guessing of encoding· Automatic conversion mode· Designed to just workRequirements:· PyQt· Python Programming Language· Qt4 Cross-Platform GUI and Framework· KDE4 libraries including kdecore, kdeui, kio· PyKDE4 Python bindings for KDE· TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library· TagPy Python bindings for TagLibWhat's New in This Release:· More functions completed, fixed some packaging issues.

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  • Wagtail

    Wagtail is yet-another-CD-ripping-and-encoding-wrapper. Wagtail is yet-another-CD-ripping-and-encoding-wrapper. Wagtail is designed for bulk encoding, large collections and for people who take their encoding seriously. Wagtail won't suit everyone. The learning curve seems steep but it's really not that bad, to get going read the quickstart guide and you can always delve into the details later.If you're installing or setting up Wagtail I have a strong recommendation to start with the quickstart guide then moving onto the full manual.Here are some key features of "Wagtail":· Handles CD ripping, CDDB (including submission) encoding, tagging and moving of files.· Supports re-encoding of existing files/playlists.· User choice of software for each stage of processing and encoding.· Client/server architecture. Clients send files to the Server to be encoded. Both tasks can be performed by a single machine.· Files to be processed are queued on the server, i.e. no need for the client to wait for the server to catch up before sending more files.· Server can support multiple formats and quality levels.· Server supports multiple 'tasks' which define the encoded file naming scheme, arbitrary re-processing instructions, format choice restrictions etc.· Flexible naming rules for files and directories. Names can be based on file properties. Multiple Requirements:· UNIX-like operating system· Perl version 5.who-can-tell· version 1.12 or later· MailTools· A CD ripper, TOC identifier, encoderWhat's New in This Release:· Added ';' as comment character in configuration files· Allow duplicate keys in config files to specify multiple/alternative values· Bugfix: ` wasn't escaped before being passed to commands

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  • Mp3Make

    Mp3Make is a program that automates the ripping and encoding of CD audio to mp3 files. Mp3Make is a program that automates the ripping and encoding of CD audio to mp3 files.Since the programs commonly used in linux to do this are seperate, it made sense to make a glue program to make life easier.This is supplemented by downloading a cd track list from a cddb server, and using that to name the files being created.Requirements:· You need to have cda, which is a component of xmcd, installed and configured correctly. Make sure the XMCD_LIBDIR environment variable is set '/usr/lib/X11/xmcd'. Hint: if you can't do 'cda on' manually from a shell, then cda or your system is not configured right.· This program also calls cdparanoia and bladeenc OR a registered version of l3enc OR 8hz-mp3 (it's free!) OR mp3enc. If you don't have xmcd/cda, cdparanoia, and l3enc OR 8hz-mp3 OR mp3enc, this program will not work. cda, cdparanoia, and the encoder of your choice must all be in your path.· There is also an option to use id3tool to set the ID3 tag of the mp3 file using the CDDB info. You don't need this program to use mp3make, but it's nice to have.

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