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  • Eureka Encryption Messenger 4
    Eureka Encryption Messenger 4

    Eureka Messenger 4 software delivers secure and private messaging and unlimited file transfers over the internet. Eureka Messenger 4 software delivers secure and private messaging and unlimited file transfers over the internet.This application no longer requires the VB Runtimes, but this new version 4 is not compatible with the previous windows version.Installation:Actually there is no install for this application. You can run it right where you unzipped it, or copy the files unzipped wherever you want them.If there is a firewall on either machine, some configuration may be required in order to make a connection.The program has a Help file to guide you on how it works, although it is simple enough to run without much assistance.You probably need to issue a chmod +x messenger before it can run. On some linux systems you may also need to issue a chmod +755 messenger.

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  • Gaim-Encryption

    Gaim-Encryption is a RSA Encryption plugin for Gaim. Gaim-Encryption uses NSS to provide transparent RSA encryption as a Gaim plugin.Here are some key features of "Gaim Encryption":· Automatically creates a public/private key pair for you upon loading the plugin· Automatically transmits your public key to other users.· Supports 512 - 4096 bit keys.· Saves keys of known users, and warns you if their public key has changed.· Embeds all encryption and keys inside HTML, so if the other user doesn't have the plugin, they will get a little message telling them about the plugin, and won't get a screen full of garbage.· Stores keys in human readable files in your .gaim directory, in case you ever need to copy/edit them by hand. Which you really shouldn't have to do.· Automatically recognizes if you are chatting with someone who has the plugin- see the Preferences dialog.· Available for the Windows version of Gaim.· Modular and extensible. If you want to define a different type of encryption, you can use this plugin as a wrapper to take care of transporting the encrypted binary over the IM pipe.Requirements:· Gaim· Mozilla NSSWhat's New in This Release:· Works with Gaim 2.0.0 beta 4

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