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  • Rotation
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  • Rotation

    Rotation is an addictive arcade/puzzle game with a simple set of rules. You have planets of various types arranged with a grid, with stars in the spaces between them. When you tap on a star the planets around it rotate clockwise. The goal is to make squares of matching planets. Matched planets disappear, new ones take their place, this goes on and on and you just find yourself sucked in.

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    • Rotation Monkey
      Rotation Monkey

      Mau Monkey went to the sea. Mau wants to go to the island ,but there are some rocks, These rocks rotate and rotate. You have to be careful with the sea, he can not swim . Help Mau monkey to survive. Have fun jumping and running on the rocks, without falling into the water. The shark can eat Mau.

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      • Crop Rotation
        Crop Rotation

        Developed by Alankar and Andrija Sucevic as a group project. This CropRotation App is targeted for the farmers and enthusiast to : * add the information about their fields * Harvest informations * choose between the crops * get informations about the crops * get the weather information for 5 days * get suggestion for the next crop to plant etc ...

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        • IP Rotation
          IP Rotation

          IP Rotation is a simple but effective tool designed to periodically change the IP address for a specified network adapter. The user can customize the IP address and the time interval for changing the connection parameters. The program can also use a proxy server and save all the parameters to a profile that can be easily loaded or exported for another machine.

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        • Rotation Pilot
          Rotation Pilot

          Rotation Pilot is a simple and easy-to-use software that will rapidly rotate, crop and flip your digital pictures. With Rotation Pilot you no longer have to guess on how many degrees you should rotate your image to adjust a visual slope, often appearing on amateur photographs. Set a vertical or horizontal axle and the software will do the rest! Main features: [ul][li]Image slope adjusting by specifying a horizontal or vertical axis;[/li] [li]Auto cropping external edges arising after photo rotation;[/li] [li]Quick image resizing without calculating and entering pixel values;[/li] [li]Switching to the next or previous image in the current folder;[/li] [/ul]

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        • Earth rotation
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        • Bit Rotation
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          backup rotation in tags
        • GMail Backup
          GMail Backup

          Backup and restore your GMail account GMail Backup is a software that allows you to regularly backup/restore e-mails stored in the Gmail account.Reasons to backup:Outage of Google e-mail serviceIf you noticed yesterday outage of the Google e-mail service, it was an error on your side. Google had a bug in the system of contacts and it caused malfunction of the web interface of Gmail. Failure of the service lasted approximately two hours and affected mainly web interface. Users, who accessed their mailbox in alternative ways, probably did not notice any problems.This time you do not have to worry about the e-mails, the archive has not been affected by this bug. Bug was removed and Gmail is fully functioning now. Although there is no data loss, we should be careful.Why you should backup your GMail accountThere is a lot of posts around the internet which refers to the e-mail lost caused by the outage of the service provider. If you are using the GMail, you have to keep in mind that GMail is still marked as BETA (see the small notice bellow the GMail logo). Today I have found this article about the large GMail disaster. Requirements: · GMail account What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · We added support for German GMail - this GMail is not called GMail, it is called Google Mail. Users of German Google Mail can now do backups of their accounts using GMail Backup. · We tried to fix the UnicodeError reported here. Is there somebody using the non-ASCII labels who can test it and report the results?

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        • mysql_backup

          MySQL backup tool mysql_backup is a Python tool to create zip file as output result, written for use with GUI application (zip_backup class), but maybe use as command line tool, use "python --help" for detail options. Requirements: · Python

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        • BackuPod

          BackuPod is a small utility that allows you to backup and restore your iPod Music Library (Including iTunes Preferences). BackuPod is a small utility that allows you to backup and restore your iPod Music Library (Including iTunes Preferences) in one single file.Why BackuPod is useful?1- Backup your iPod music library in one single file to restore in case of data loss.2- Because BackuPod is crossplatform, it's easy to transfare your library between Win and Mac with all of your preferences!3- Easily transfare your iPod music library to another iPod.4- Save all your iTunes preferences for ever!To get the Arabic Interface copy the files from the "/BackuPod/Araibc" to BackuPod's main dir.BackuPod was tested on Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora Core 8. Requirements: · Python 2.5 · PyGTK 2.x

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          backup rotation in description
        • MyDBS

          MySQL Database Backup Script mydbs is a small MySQL backup script. It will automaticly dump and archive all the database in your MySQL server except information_schema. Also the script will rotate the backup depending on rotation setup within the script. Usage: > cp mydbs /some/path > cd /some/path; ./mydbs or: automatic using crontab (to use the script to run every night at 5, this can be set to run at any time you want.) > crontab -e add line: 0 5 * * * ( /some/path/mydbs ) >/dev/null 2>&1 (0 5 * * * means it will run ever ngiht at 5, can be change to a different value.) save: :wq

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        • MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins
          MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins

          MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins (mysqlblasy) is a Perl script for automating MySQL database backups. MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins (mysqlblasy) is a Perl script for automating MySQL database backups. It uses "mysqldump" for dumping mysql databases to the files sytem. MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins program was written with automated usage in mind.For example, it is silent during operation, and only produces noise on errors/problems. It rotates backups automatically to prevent the backup disk from getting full when the administrator is on vacation (or is lazy).Installation: Simply drop the script where you want it to be and create a config file (usually $HOME/.mysqlblasyrc) NOTE This tool is only actively supported for Perl version > 5.8.3 Here are some key features of "MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins": · syslog facility · unix output (loglevels, errors to stderr) · dump some or all databases from a database instance · compress dumps (using gzip,bzip2 or perl modules) · backup rotation to avoid disc overflow · no shell on external commands! · can be run as unpriviledged user · perfect for cron jobs Requirements: · Perl · MySQL What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Optional table optimization after dumping was added. · Archive::ZIP is not required when running on Win32.

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        • remote backup
          remote backup

          remote backup is a tool that handles automatic backup of files by compressing them and sending to a specified server. remote backup is a tool that handles automatic backup of files by compressing them and sending to some specified server, which can be anywhere on LAN or internet. A GUI is provided for easy recovery of files from remote server. Requirements: · Java Runtime Environment

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        • rsback

          rsback software allows you to backup file trees in rotating archives. rsback software allows you to backup file trees in rotating archives.rsback makes rotating backups using the common rsync program and some standard file utilities on Unix-based backup hosts. Its purpose is to mirror certain file trees from a remote host or from the local system and to store them as rotating archives in backup repositories on the local backup host. The file structure, permissions, ownerships and time stamps of the mirrored data are the same as in the original sources.rsback is a kind of front end to rsync written in Perl which allows a system administrator to configure and execute backups of different file trees located on remote hosts or on the local system (e.g tasks for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, ... backups).If rsback is executed at regular intervals (preferably scheduled by cron jobs), it maintains rotating backup archives. To restore files from the backup repository no special restore procedure is necessary. To recover files or directories, you just copy them from the archive tree back to the original location or wherever you want to place them.The combination of rsync's powerful capabilities and the extensive use of hard links for copying archives within the local file system results in a fast and disk space saving backup [-OPTIONS [-MORE_OPTIONS]] [--] [PROGRAM_ARG1 ...]The following single-character options are accepted: With arguments: -c Boolean (without arguments): -h -v -i -dOptions may be merged together. -- stops processing of options.Space is not required between options and their arguments.What's New in This Release:· Minor bug fix: rsback logs 'rsync error ignored' in case of rsync errors, despite the exit code of the result was not in the list of ignore_rsync_errors. The error handling was correct, but the word 'ignored' was wrong.· Archives won't be rotated if the temporary backup set doesn't exist after the rsync job. This can happen if certain rsnync exit codes have been ignored before (parameter 'ingnore_rsync_errors'). Rotation in such cases can result in loss of archives, otherwise.· Backup date/time of fresh archive are logged now during rotation.· History file will be rebuild if entries are missing.

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        • Baras

          Baras is an updated version of "SaraB". Baras is an updated version of "SaraB". It supports the Towers of Hanoi, Grandfather-Father-Son, or any custom backup rotation strategy. Easy to use and highly configurable. Baras utilizes the great backup program, DAR (Disk ARchive).What's New in This Release:· Julio Feferman noticed that the log file was vaporware

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        • Backup Monitor
          Backup Monitor

          Backup Monitor is an rsync backup front-end with a Web interface, which emails reports with an attached summary or logfile. Backup Monitor is an rsync backup front-end with a Web interface, which emails reports with an attached summary or logfile.Backup Monitor's configuration system is simple to use and can back up single servers or entire server farms from a single machine.Custom email tags can be used to sort responses in your mail reader.What's New in This Release:· This release adds MySQL support for logging, cleans up email notifications, and fixes null additions and a whitespace issue.· The installer [install.php] fills in most config fields automagically for you.· Log size rotation is configurable.· PID check has been updated, and now relies on Unix::PID cleanliness.· RSYNC STDERR is now redirected for email notifications.

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        • CrashPlan

          Free, easy, automatic data backup Truly dependable backup means backing up to multiple locations - not just online - which until now could be complicated. CrashPlan is a software that automatically backs up to multiple destinations for FREE!CrashPlan's groundbreaking social backup concept makes it easy to back up to computers belonging to your network of friends or family for offsite backup, in addition to using your own computers and external drives for onsite backup. CrashPlan works on all your computers, so you don't have to worry about compatibility either.CrashPlan is true backup; uncomplicated, reliable and even a little fun.IMPORTANT! CrashPlan auto-updates to the latest version. You do not need to download it again once it's installed.

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        • AWIT DBackup
          AWIT DBackup

          AWIT DBackup (also known as AllWorldIT DBackup) is an open source backup solution for Linux-based operating systems. AWIT DBackup is different than other backup tools, as it creates only one archive per backed up directory, which makes it easier to search through the entire backup. AWIT DBackup features support for xz, bzip2 and gzip compression algorithms, differential backups, RSync compatibility, support for kernel-based virtualized machine and excludes FS-types from backup. Product's homepage

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