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  • SQLiteEncrypt - Transparent SQLite AES Encryption Support
    SQLiteEncrypt - Transparent SQLite AES Encryption Support

    Editor's review: Many a time, the data on a database engine like SQLite is highly confidential and the private property of the organization that maintains it. In such a scenario, optimum protections must be implemented to the database engine so that the data is optimally secured and no loopholes are present in the system. If anyhow, the data is still present in a readable form and is just locked by using some application, it is prone to get hacked by prying hackers. The best security is possible on the level of content where the data should be converted in a form which is unreadable by any program. For implementing such a security with powerful encryption, you must use [b]SQLiteEncrypt - Transparent SQLite AES Encryption Support v.2.4[/b]. [b]SQLiteEncrypt - Transparent SQLite AES Encryption Support v.2.4[/b] is a robust and powerful database engine for SQLite which comes embedded with best in class AES encryption for protection of data. With this engine, you can easily encrypt as well as decrypt the data in the SQLite database file. As soon as you set a password key to your database file, your data is no longer stored in a simple clear text format, rather the data is converted into such a format which even upon getting hacked, can not be used by hacker to his advantages. SQLiteEncrypt is a simple library in C that gets embedded into your native application in order to secure the data. The tool uses a limited number of calls through Application Programming Interface for connecting to the database engine, implementing the set up of encryption, execution of SQL command and subsequently disconnecting from database. To conclude with, [b]SQLiteEncrypt - Transparent SQLite AES Encryption Support v.2.4[/b] provides some of the best in class features for achieving highest level of data security, leading it to score four points on the scale of five. Publisher's description:

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  • Navicat Support Option 01 1 Support Case
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  • File Encryption Extension for AnyFileBackup (Formerly File Encryption Extension for Network File Mon
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  • Technical Support - 1 Year Technical Support...
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  • Encryption

    This is a strong encryption method based on a 4 number keys random number distribution. The 4 (5 - digit) number keys provide strong encryption protection due to message hashing that is provided on random number (s) generation where the inputed keys are used as random seeds. Each user choosen key is randomized and message hash is produced with a different randomizing method. Execution requires usage of the following command line switches: eg r71 -a 11111 -b 22222 -c 33333 -d 44444 -e < filename to encrypt> and to decrypt eg r71 -a 11111 -b 22222 -c 33333 -d 44444 -f < filename to decrypt> where the numbers following the -a -b -c and -d switches are user chosen encryption 5 digit number keys. Give it a try to see what it's really capable of!

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  • Encryption Buddy
    Encryption Buddy

    Encryption Buddy is a simple to use Mac OS X utility that will protect your files with a password in an encrypted format.Encryption Buddy encrypts any type of file type, not only PDFs or image files, like other similar apps.Encryption Buddy uses the des3 encryption algorithm to make sure your sensitive data is properly guarded.Encryption Buddy is a drag-and-drop based application, therefore you can easily encrypt your files with no export knowledge.NOTE: To buy Encryption Buddy via the App Store an Apple account is required.

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  • Encryption Journal
    Encryption Journal

    A free and simple journal dialog with quick encryption and plug-in ability Journal is a simple, easy to use and plug-in enabled dialog based journal program written in Java. The idea is to make something simple where one could type, but so that one could also quickly encrypt what one was typing and save it that way as well as quickly decrypt it if one would want to load it again for editing or to review.Keyboard shortcuts:· Ctrl+Alt+C Center, centers the UI on your main monitor· Ctrl+Alt+A Save As..., saves the current file as another file (opens file chooser)· Ctrl+S Save, saves the current file (opens file chooser on first run, but not subsequently)· Ctrl+R Quick Encrypt 2, quick encrypts your current text using scrolling encryption (better)· Ctrl+E Quick Encrypt 1, quick encrypts your current text using basic replacementquick encryption (not as good)· Ctrl+W Regenerate Hash, generates a new hash code used for encryption· Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N Clear, clears the text area and generates a new hash code for encryption· Ctrl+O Open..., opens a journal file Requirements: · Java

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  • SMS encryption
    SMS encryption

    SMS encryption this is in chinese version No Screenshots

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    • Gaim-Encryption

      Gaim-Encryption is a RSA Encryption plugin for Gaim. Gaim-Encryption uses NSS to provide transparent RSA encryption as a Gaim plugin.Here are some key features of "Gaim Encryption":· Automatically creates a public/private key pair for you upon loading the plugin· Automatically transmits your public key to other users.· Supports 512 - 4096 bit keys.· Saves keys of known users, and warns you if their public key has changed.· Embeds all encryption and keys inside HTML, so if the other user doesn't have the plugin, they will get a little message telling them about the plugin, and won't get a screen full of garbage.· Stores keys in human readable files in your .gaim directory, in case you ever need to copy/edit them by hand. Which you really shouldn't have to do.· Automatically recognizes if you are chatting with someone who has the plugin- see the Preferences dialog.· Available for the Windows version of Gaim.· Modular and extensible. If you want to define a different type of encryption, you can use this plugin as a wrapper to take care of transporting the encrypted binary over the IM pipe.Requirements:· Gaim· Mozilla NSSWhat's New in This Release:· Works with Gaim 2.0.0 beta 4

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