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  • Adsense Recipe Pages Generator
    Adsense Recipe Pages Generator

    People are constantly searching for recipes, use this bonus to instantly generate hundreds of recipe-themed pages! It's simple to use, just enter your domain name and AdSense Publisher ID.

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  • Recipe Box & Recipe Search
    Recipe Box & Recipe Search

    ----------- Bring 50,000+ recipes (including your own) anywhere you go. Official Android app to save your recipe box on your phone (for offline access) and search the massive collection of tens of thousands of recipes on Anyone (no registration) can: *View recipes easily, anywhere - no awkward cookbooks or recipe cards *Find new recipes: search by keywords, title or ingredient *View all the juicy photos and step-by-step recipes *Rate recipes you like *Pursue the latest and greatest recipes *View Top 10 and Top 100 recipes, updated constantly *Share recipes via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Register for a free account and: *Post your own recipes on, then view them with the app *Save recipes to your personal recipe box and keep them in the cloud *Your personal Recipe Box is sync'd to and updated automatically *Take and upload photos of any recipe, anywhere, anytime *Never lose another favorite recipe After you've finished cooking, take pictures of your impressive results and share them. This App is developed by and is a companion extension of the full web site. Discover our website and share it with your friends. When you're at the desktop your can search for recipes, experience full-sized photos and enjoy seamless integration of your recipe box that you can take with you. We love feedback! Please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions or feature requests. PERMISSIONS REQUESTED *Storage (SD Card) - to save bandwidth by caching juicy recipe photos locally on your SD card *System tools (write sync settings) - to allow syncing of your recipe box with cloud services *Phone calls (read phone state, identity) - for security *Hardware (camera) - to allow photos of recipes to be taken and uploaded *Network (Internet) - to allow access to thousands of recipes and sync your recipe box *Your Accounts (act as an authenticator) - integrate with the native Android accounts manager, increased security Change log 1.0.11 - fixed issue that prevented a number of devices from viewing recipes - 'Error retrieving recipe' - this app is now usable on many more devices 1.0.10 - more stability improvements 1.0.8 - improve memory efficiency when taking photos 1.07 - more stability & performance improvements (thank you for your bug reports), add rating button to recipe view 1.0.6 - Facebook authentication now supported, fix occasional freezing when loading next page of recipes All v1.0.xx are pre-release versions, please report bugs and any steps needed to reproduce them. This version is under active development and testing. Thank you. Tags: recipe box screenshots, recipe search, recipe search android.

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    • Chicken Recipe - Food Recipe
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    • Build a Generator Theme Generator
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    • Auto Mouse Click Generator (formerly Clicker! Click & Drag Generator)
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    • Z Recipe
      Z Recipe

      요리를 할때마다 인터넷에서 검색해야하는 번거로움을 해결해주기 위한 어플로, 나만의 레시피를 관리할 수 있습니다. 나만의 요리법을 등록하여 레시피북을 만들어보세요. - 카테고리 분류, 검색기능 - 요리 타이머 설정기능 - 백업, 복원기능 (Tags) zrecipe, z-recipe, z recipe, 요리법

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      • Recipe Catalog
        Recipe Catalog

        Recipe Catalog stores your favorite recipes and gives you detailed nutrition information. You can create your own categories, input your recipes, and immediately see detailed information about calories, fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Recipe Catalog also allows you to keep a daily food diary to track your nutrition needs. Learn how many calories you eat each day, how much vitamins and minerals you are getting, and what your levels of fat, cholesterol, fiber, and protein are in your diet.Recipe Catalog comes with a database of 2000 ingredients. What's new in this version: Version has allowed up to 100 of any serving size.

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      • Recipe Genie
        Recipe Genie

        Recipe Genie is a useful recipe search app delivering hundreds of quick and easy recipes to your Android device. Searching for recipes is a snap. You can also opt to choose a category to filter the recipes; categories include salads, breakfast, main dishes, snacks, beverages, desserts, cookies, and breads and soup. Product Features: * Access lots of recipe on your Android * Search for recipes easily and quickly * Choose by Ingredient or Category Tags: recipe genie, weight watchers recipe genie, weight watchers recipe genie apps, weight watchers diet genie, weight watchers "recipe genie".

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        • Snowlist

          Snowlist generates an RDF (RSS 1.0) document from individual email messages or from a mailing list. Snowlist generates an RDF (RSS 1.0) document from individual email messages or from a mailing list. Rather than producing one news item for each mail message, it will group topics into a single RSS item and present the list in a bulletin board like view.This program generates RSS feeds from mailing lists, because it does not generate the usual one item per mail feeds that are next to useless. Snowlist is written in Perl and uses an SQL database backend. I'd recommend adding a dedicated user on your system that receives all the mailing list mail to make processing easier. I'll assume you're using the user "snowlist" through the rest of this manual.Create the database table now. You can use the included script createdb.DBNAME.sql to create the table Snowlist uses, or you can use the script as a reference and create the table manually. Either way, in the end you must have a table that looks like in the sql example file and a user that can access it.Before running the script edit it and change $YOUR_DB_USER to the desired value!If you make it work on a database other than the included creation scripts it would be nice if you could send me a createdb.DBNAME.sql script. Right now there are scripts for: PostgreSQL.Put the three scripts 'snowlistDB', 'snowlistOutput' and '' into ~snowlist/bin (or wherever you want them). Create a config directory snowlist/.snowlist/ and create the main config file, named 'config' there. See the included file 'config.example' how this should look like. The section names do not have any meaning to snowlist.compressoutput generated feeds will be compressed with gzip. Useful to lower server load and bandwidth consumption. Value is "yes" or "no".compressionlevel zlib compression level: 0 (fastest) - 8 (highest)dbusername username for database logindbpassword password for database loginmaxthread maximum number of threads the RSS feed will containmaxitemsperthread maximum number of mails per threadmsg_expire maximum age of messages kept. See section Database cleanup below.If you have created this file you can start to add your first mailing list. I'd recommend to subscribe to the list, before you actually set up everything so you'll get the sent mails delivered to the user snowlist's standard mailbox and can verify that everything works well.I assume that the mailinglist now forwards mails to the user snowlist and everything works fine.Create a config for the list in ~snowlist/.snowlist/. You will need to choose a name for it that you need to use in various places from now on. Iwill call this ListID. We choose the name "testlist" for now. Create a file named 'testlist.config'. See the included file 'examplefeed.config' to get an idea how it should look like. title the title of the resulting feedlink the homepage of this feed. You can set this to the mailing list's home page for example.description description of this feed the RSS reader will showoutputfile where to write the resulting feed. This location must be writable to the user "snowlist" (or whatever user you chose).maxthreads (optional) You can override the default settingsmaxitemsperthreas in the main configuration for this specific feed.You now need to redirect the list mail to the script 'snowlistDB'. The most convenient way to do this is procmail I would say. Add a .forward file for the user "snowlist" and put "|/path/to/procmail" in there. Add a .procmailrc that contains a filter for the mailing list you subscribed. This filter must pipe its mail to "~snowlist/bin/snowlistDB testfeed". The first (and only) argument given to "snowlistDB" must be the ListID of this feed. It's the same as the name of the config file for this feed. If you mix them up it will not work!If you did everything right, mail that will arrive at snowlist@your.domain will now be written into the database. You can now generate the RSS feed.Run "~snowlist/bin/snowlistOutput testfeed" (once again the first and only argument is the ListID) and the script will write the feed to the location you gave in the config file "testfeed.config".You should add the last command to the user's crontab to regenerate the feed hourly or in a desired interval. If you specify "-" as the outputfile in the config "snowlistOutput" will write the feed to standard output for further processing with other programs.That should be all that is needed to get everything running. Please read the next section! It contains various things to consider before running a publicly accessable feed. Requirements: · Snowlist requires an SQL database and a number of Perl modules to work properly. It currently only support PostgreSQL as a database backend and is intended to be installed on a server rather than a desktop system. Installation instructions can be found in

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        • phpFormGenerator

          phpFormGenerator is an easy to use tool to create reliable and efficient forms. phpFormGenerator is an easy-to-use tool to create reliable and efficient web forms. No programming of any sort is required.It has the ability to create up to 100 form fields, and to add a variety of field types including text boxes, drop down selection menus, check boxes, radio buttons, and freeform text areas. All field types are highly customizable.The form data can be sent to a provided email address, or stored in a database table (currently MySQL). Here are some key features of "phpFormGenerator": · Ability to create up to 100 form fields · Ability to add a variety of field types including Text Boxes, Passwords, Drop Down Selection menus, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, free form Text Areas, and File Uploads · All field types are highly customizable (for example you can specify the sizes, options, etc) · Ability to have the form data emailed to a provided email address · Ability to store the form data in a database table (currently supporting MySQL) · Ability to create a file based database to store form data for those who don't have access to a MySQL database server · Administration portal to manage your stored form data

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        • SQLiteFKTG4SA

          SQLite Foreign Key Trigger Generator for SQLAlchemy The SQLiteFKTG4SA project exists because SQLite parses fk column constraints but does not enforce them. You can read more about the problem and its solution if you are interested. The gist of it all is that triggers can be used in SQLite to enforce fk column constraints. I had previously created a project to do this in PHP but have recently been trying to move to Python. Since I am using SQLAlchemy, I really desired to generate the FKs automatically, and this project was born.Installation: * download the zip package * unzip contents to somewhere on your python path o /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages or o c:Python25Libsite-packages * you should end up with something like c:Python25Libsite-packagessqlitefktg4sa... Stability: * currently only tested on windows. If you have problems on non-windows system, feel free to put in a bug report and I will fix quickly. * Even though we are only at 0.1, the code is very simple and there is a small test suite covering the obvious use cases. Therefore, it should be pretty stable and any errors should be obvious up front. Example:Download the package and look in the tests directory for a full example. Its really simple to use:import * from sqlalchamyfrom sqlitefktg4sa import SqliteFkTriggerGenerator, auto_assign# define tables using Sqlalchemy...# set some tables manually to have FK generation happenmytable1.append_ddl_listener('after-create', SqliteFkTriggerGenerator)mytable2.append_ddl_listener('after-create', SqliteFkTriggerGenerator)# OR, assign it automatically for all tables in your metadataauto_assign(metadata)#create tables and triggersmetadata.create_all() Here are some key features of "SQLiteFKTG4SA": Currently supports: · insert · update · delete · delete cascade Requirements: · Python

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        • Database Bean Generator
          Database Bean Generator

          Generator is a command line application to facilitate the construction of small applications that need some database objects. Generator is an command line application written in java that have the goal to make easy the construction of little applications that needs some database objects stuff.Database Bean Generator isn't a replacement of complex object persistence solutions, like hibernate or TopLink but it covers a different target. The little java web applications that dont' use sofisticated persistence options.Generator invocation is simple, just type: java -jar generator.jar -xml (config-file.xml)where config-file is a xml config file with the definitions to connect to the database and generate the bean classes. Here are some key features of "Database Bean Generator": · Generates classes to access via custom connection resources to database tables. · Configuration files are in clear xml format and can be embedded or separate. · Supports individual or global field updates. · Supports custom set of Exceptions. · Provides toXML function for each entity generated. · Provides automatic generation of finders coonfigured in the xml configuration file. · Provides some utility static methods via the class generation. · Generates an xml file with the database structure. · Supports configuration of the methods that produces XML (String as CDATA, data as attributes or values, ...) · Initial support for MySQL and Oracle (Oracle support is in initial stage at this moment). · Provides an ant task for automatic integration builds. · Supports transparent renaming of the generated class individual fields. · Supports normal or CDATA output in individual fields. · Supports utilization in all database methods with your own external connection. · Preliminar support of a pluggable logging system (The goal is use log4j integration) · Support for SEQUENCES in Oracle and AUTOINCREMENT in MySQL · Support arbitrary raw code and imports from configuration file · Correct treatment for NULL values of the fields in the generated class

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        • Password Generator
          Password Generator

          Password Generator is a Superkaramba theme for generating passwords. Password Generator is a Superkaramba theme for generating passwords. The last five passwords are stored in the pw.txt file in your homedirectory. If you want to change the location of your pw.txt file you have to rename the .skz file into .zip and open the .theme file in an editor of your choice and change every path in the file. Be careful that you don't forget one because than it wont work anymore. Then you can repack it in a .zip file and rename it in .skz or you can just use the .theme. The password is updated every minute.Requirements:· SuperkarambaWhat's New in This Release:· Now you can click on the them and the showed password gets copied into the clipboard. The last 5 passwords are also stored.

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        • MUSoSu

          MUSoSu is a Sudoku solver and generator. MUSoSu is a Sudoku solver and generator. It is developed in Java and it's source is distributed under the terms of the General Public Licence.As a sudoku solver it tries to simulate the way human players solve sudokus. Several selectable heuristic methods are provided for this purpose. Brute force solving is also supported for completeness.As a sudoku generator it tries to create sudoku problems which don't require "trial and error" methods to be solved.MUSoSu tries to be explainatory and educative, showing the actions taken to solve a sudoku and providing aids to the human player.MUSoSu is themable through XML coded themes, which can be created with the theming tool provided in the program.MUSoSu ScreenshotMUSoSu is developed with extendability in mind. New solving or generating methods can be relatively easily added.MUSoSu also features a difficulty estimator based on it's native solver and also the ability to import, edit and save sudokus.MUSoSu runs on any platform and operating system where Java 5.0 or later is available. A port for mobile java devices is possible but not yet done. Future thoughts also include network/distributed game functionality in combat and collaborative modes. Requirements: · Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later

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        • Hrnmaker

          HrnMaker is character generator for the HrnMaster roleplaying game. HrnMaker is character generator for the HrnMaster roleplaying game. Hrnmaker project requires the HrnMaster Third Edition rules to use. Characters can be randomly created, edited or created from scratch. HrnWorld is the fantasy role-playing environment created by N. Robin Crossby. Hrn is not a heroic fantasy style of world. Instead it is a realistic and consistant medieval setting spiced with a bit of magic.HrnMaster is Columbia Games' roleplaying game specifically designed for HrnWorld. It has a great balance between playability and realism. It is skill-based, level-less, and a profession is what you do, not what you are.Requirements:· Qt 3.xWhat's New in This Release:· A ported to Qt 4, PDF export, and miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

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        • CoC Character Generator
          CoC Character Generator

          CoC is a character generator for Call of Cthulhu. CoC ChaGen is a character generator for Chaousium Inc's rpg Call of Cthulhu.CoC CharGen is released under the GNU GPL. It is developed in 100% pure Java, and should hence be usable on any platform with Java support.A main goal for the comming 2.0 release will be an implementation of the Byakhee save file format, to let users of CoC CharGen and Byakhee to exchange character files.Requirements:· Java 1.4.2 or laterWhat's New in This Release:· The major change in this release is that the Byakhee export is actually working.· There has also been some code restructuring / cleanup.

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