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  • Wiki Wiki Earth
    Wiki Wiki Earth

    Participants in the game in turn call the speech on a certain subject (eg, world cities, animals, etc.). The new word should start at the letter, which ends with the name of the previous party. In doing so, words can not be used again. During the game is forbidden to use reference materials. The game ends when the next participant can not call new word. - Play in the language of choice: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Irish, Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional), Russian, Czech, Polish , Korean, Turkish, Hebrew; - Interactive search information about words in Wikipedia; - Allows you to play in the language of choice, while viewing the information in any other; - Set the individual game settings, based on the words belonging to certain groups; - Flexible, learning artificial intelligence. Help me mentally relax and spend your time in an interesting and exciting game. A side effect: raising the educational level. Schools and educational institutions: Open for your wards another, entirely new way to study the subject. Create a collection of words, depending on your specifics (eg, biology, geography, astronomy) and see how easy (game form) and effectively (interactive search in Wikipedia), your learners master the subject. The program will help to achieve such objectives as peer education, the development of critical thinking and formation installations to increase the educational level. Help in learning foreign languages: - Play in the language of choice; - Play in the mother tongue, while the Wikipedia's page will be displayed in the target language for you.

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  • Build a Generator Theme Generator
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  • Auto Mouse Click Generator (formerly Clicker! Click & Drag Generator)
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  • Wiki Browser
    Wiki Browser

    A very simple web browser for browsing a portals on the Wikipedia. Features: -back button -history -forward button -save the page as favorite -open favorite -page up -page down -online dictionary for 65 languages -make support of the Wikipedia Tags: boat browser wikipedia,, wiki boat browser.

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    • Wiki Encyclopedia
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    • Wiki - DE
      Wiki - DE

      cellphone wikipedia. Functions quick and seamlessly. AD-Free Full Screen Made for Android 2.2 Froyo Share Wikipedia links with contacts and friends. Random Article Supports Landscape Portrait View, and Keyboard View Email me if you have any comments or spot bugs.

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      • Wiki Clicky
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      • Wiki - EN
        Wiki - EN

        All your Wikipedia needs within your hand. Functions quick and seamlessly. AD-Free Full Screen Email me if you have any comments or spot bugs. Made for Android 2.2 Froyo

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          wiki generator in tags
        • PhpWiki

          PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP. PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP. A Wiki is a Web site where anyone can edit or create the pages through the Web browser, with no authentication.PhpWiki works right out of the box with zero configuration, and comes with a set of default pages.PhpWiki is useful for collaborating on documentation on a project, having freeform discussions, and easy editing and searching.A WikiWikiWeb is a web site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Linking is done automatically on the server side; all pages are stored in a database.This may sound rather simplistic, but a Wiki is a very unique way to collaborate on the Web.The addictive quality of a Wiki is that making pages is as simple as making a link to them. If they don't yet exist, the page link will be followed by a hyperlinked question mark; follow that link and you can define the new page.What's New in This Release:· Fix the broken LDAP fix from 1.3.13p1· fixed sortby with multiple pagelists changes:· changes all themeinfo.php files, moved global to method load() to be easier derived from custom theme classes, main now calls $WikiTheme->load· MailNotify is now silent unless DEBUG new:· added experimental ATOM support· added Changes and Upload button to edit

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