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Cabri 3D - three-dimensional geometry learning tool Cabri 3D is the perfect 3D geometry learning tool.Until now three-dimensional geometry was difficult to teach the complexity of designs in perspective, models that are difficult and time-consuming to construct Cabri 3D goal is to make obvious the benefits of interactive geometry by annulling the construction difficulties of any geometrical figure.Here are some key features of "Cabri 3D":· Basic constructions with planes, spheres and lines.· Study of common solids: with a click of the mouse, the student or teacher can construct pyramids, parallelograms, cylinders and cones.· Sections of solids: The user can represent and determine planar sections of convex polygons.· Unfolding polyhedron into nets: Cabri 3D unfolds all polyhedron into nets, which are printable and can be reproduced onto card stock.· Measurements and calculations: Find measurements related to objects - distances, lengths, area, volumes and angles, and use them in calculations.· Through tools that facilitate visualization, students and teachers can:· Adjust viewing angles turning around the scene· Appreciate the rendering of depth of the scene.· Animation tools: Particularly stimulating for students, the tools enable them to simultaneously put several elements of a construction in motion. It is ideal for modeling physical phenomena.· Different representations and perspectives of the same figure: the three angles of technical design, various perspectives.· Refresh the construction tool replays the user's construction.Limitations:· The Save, Save as, Cut, Copy, and Paste menus are active, but will be disabled in 31 days. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Even more simple for students to solve problems · Create points by their coordinates, · Compute dot and cross products, · re-edit calculations from the calculator. · Even more effective for math teaching · Adapt the toolbar to the class level and to the planned activity, · Use an interactive textual description of the followed steps to create the whole construction, · Thanks to the automatic export function, insert interactive figures in an Internet page. With an even more user-friendly and powerful software: · Lock free points in space, · Change the center of rotation, · Move the full construction into the working sheet. To sum up, this new version offers two major enhancements: · more tools to practice solving geometry problems in high school, · more functionalities to serve pedagogy for middle school teachers.

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