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LensFix CI - Provides lightning fast distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting corrections LensFix CI is a brand new tool, the next generation of our popular LensFix plug-in.In this beta, LensFix CI is a stand-alone application but it will also soon be a Photoshop plug-in. LensFix CI has many improvements including:· Lightning fast corrections - uses your video card for processing when possible.· Improved interface.· Supports the PTLens database from in addition to the current PTMac/LensFix databases. Well over 500 camera and lens combinations are supported. A copy of the PTLens database is included in the LensFix CI download. You can also enter and save your own settings.· New perspective controls. You can easily change the viewing angle of the image.· Your current LensFix license unlocks LensFix CI.LensFix CI builds on our original LensFix plug-in for Adobe's Photoshop program. LensFix CI is a stand-alone program that runs on Mac OS X.4 and later to provide lightning fast distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting corrections as well as allowing the user to adjust the perspective of the image. LensFix CI does this by performing the corrections using your video card processor if possible but will fall back to use your Mac's CPU if necessary. Newer Macs such as the MacBook Pro, Intel iMacs, Mac Pros havcapable video cards so even the largest camera images will be processed almost instantaneously. Limitations:· 15 days trial What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Now includes an edit plug-in for Apple's Aperture program!! · Can set JPEG compression on stand alone version. · Option to 'de-fish' fisheye images (stand alone application and Aperture plug-in) · All versions are now 16 bit capable. · Updated the lens database. · IMPORTANT: The stand-alone version of LensFix allows you to overwrite your source image. Note that prior to registering, the saved image will be watermarked so your original image can be overwritten with a watermarked image. Only use LensFix in trial mode on copies of your images. · IMPORTANT: The way LensFix matches lenses is different than in early versions of LensFix. In this version, LensFix relies more on the lenses stored in the preferences and then searches the general database for matches. Previously, the lenses stored in the database were always updated with the most recent lenses used. Now the user sets the lenses they own from those in the database and those are searched first. See the Important Readme!!!! included in the download for more details. This change will help those who use third party lenses on SLR cameras (e.g. using a Sigma lens on a Nikon camera, etc.) The bug where entire sections are missing on some video cards is a fundemental Core Image but that needs to be fixed at the operating system level (i.e. we have to wait for Apple to fix Core Image in OS X). We are working with Apple on a fix.

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