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Fully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool Skipfish is an active and open source web application security reconnaissance tool. Skipfish prepares an interactive sitemap for the targeted site by carrying out a recursive crawl and dictionary-based probes. The resulting map is then annotated with the output from a number of active (but hopefully non-disruptive) security checks. The final report generated by the tool is meant to serve as a foundation for professional web application security assessments.How to install and run Unarchive, open a Terminal window, go to the Skipfish's folder and run the following commands from the command line:makesudo make installNext, you need to copy the desired dictionary file from dictionaries/ to skipfish.wl. Please read dictionaries/README-FIRST carefully to make the right choice. This step has a profound impact on the quality of scan results later on. Once you have the dictionary selected, you can try:./skipfish -o output_dir Here are some key features of "Skipfish": · High speed: pure C code, highly optimized HTTP handling, minimal CPU footprint - easily achieving 2000 requests per second with responsive targets. · Ease of use: heuristics to support a variety of quirky web frameworks and mixed-technology sites, with automatic learning capabilities, on-the-fly wordlist creation, and form autocompletion. · Cutting-edge security logic: high quality, low false positive, differential security checks, capable of spotting a range of subtle flaws, including blind injection vectors. Requirements: · Libidn · Apple Xcode

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