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  • PERFECT Browser 4: NEXT-GEN FAST FullScreen Browser w/Native Desktop Rendering
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  • PERFECT Browser 4: NEXT-GEN FAST FullScreen Browser w/Native Desktop Rendering
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  • Skyfire Web Browser for iPad - Flash Video Enabled Multi User Social Browser
    Skyfire Web Browser for iPad - Flash Video Enabled Multi User Social Browser

    *** iOS 6 USERS WELCOME TO SKYFIRE *** Still missing Flash video playback in the new Safari? No problem, Install SkyFire Web Browser Now to watch Flash videos on iPad!*** TIME - Skyfire named a Top 50 App of 2012 *** Install SkyFire to watch your favorite flash video sites on iPad: *** Watch live sports (Don't miss Sunday night games) *** *** Watch (flash video site) and other Comedy Central shows *** It's Football season, so **GET SKYFIRE** to watch flash enabled sites. Watch Flash video livestreams, highlights, and replays. Watch your favorite Flash sites for football, baseball, soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey, college sports, or any other flash video sites. With over 15 MILLION SKYFIRE DOWNLOADS, we have deep experience in enabling Flash on mobile. Don't settle for imitations. Get the real thing, SKYFIRE is the *ORIGINAL* Flash Video browser on iOS ! Install SKYFIRE now . *** iTunes #1 Utility App of 2011 (US) *** (NOTE: *SKYFIRE Does NOT support Flash Apps, Games, Website animations - Just tons of great Flash videos across the web!) ===== Top SKYFIRE Award Winning Features ===== 1. Install Now to Watch Flash Videos ✔ Skyfire allows you to watch Flash videos that otherwise don’t work on iPad! Ever see a 'black rectangle' instead of a video while browsing with the native iPad browser (Safari)!? That's when you need Skyfire! ✔ Enjoy videos from sites across the web that have not been optimized for iPad such as live streaming video (breaking news, sports, concerts & more), South Park, The Daily Show, niche websites, and more. ✔ More than 200,000 websites supported and new ones added daily. 2. Facebook and Twitter Integration ✔ Try the SKYFIRE 'Popular' feature to see what your friends and the Facebook community have found most 'Likeable' on the site you are browsing, or the SKYFIRE 'Fireplace' to quickly use the power of SKYFIRE to showcase just the media content on Facebook that your friends are sharing - No more boring updates, just good articles, photos, links & videos! And try the Skyfire 'Like' feature to easily Like any content you encounter while browsing - It's smart and social browsing! ==== Some Limitations (Please Read) ==== ✔ Videos may take up to 10-20 seconds to start, preparing goodness and saving you money (compression) takes time. ✔ SKYFIRE supports Flash videos! (Flash animations, apps & Facebook, Zynga games, etc. are not supported) Unfortunately, over 90% of our negative ratings stem from users expecting Skyfire to enable Flash apps, so please understand that Skyfire is focused on video only at this time. ✔ SKYFIRE does not support all sites (over 200,000 sites are enabled, but not all video players are supported and some sites like ESPN3 do not support 3rd party browsing) We are adding support for more players and sites all the time! ===== Support & Feedback ===== ✔ Please send us an email at if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the product. If you just mention it in the App Store, our support team has no way to respond to you to resolve your issue. We’d love the opportunity to help.

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    • Blueberry Browser (Web Browser with Twitter)
      Blueberry Browser (Web Browser with Twitter)

      Introducing Blueberry Browser (Web Browser with Twitter).Web Browser met Twitter!This browser is made for Twitter users.FEATURES- Bookmarks- Twitter Search- Twitter Menu ( Home, Mentions, Favorites, DM )- Open in Safari- Email this LinkThank you and enjoy!Developed by Guho Choi.

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      • Da Browser Based Games Browser 1.0
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      • The Talking Browser (Tap & Talk Browser)
        The Talking Browser (Tap & Talk Browser)

        ••• Voice read text with a tap while navigating on the web. Perfect to use while you are driving or when you cannot focus on your device ••• • A browser that can voice read your web pages - dozens of supported languages and no remote processing required so you will save a lot of bandwidth cost • The Talking Browser lets you navigate on the web and it can read (speak) the highlighted text or pressed paragraph on the page. It can read your favourite sites while you are driving, working or whenever you cannot focus on your device • It will automatically detect the language of your page and the voice is natural and very clear • Your mobile internet connection will not be overused since the recognition is done locally and you will save a lot of bandwidth cost • Universal app, supported on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch FEATURES - Navigate on the web - Press on a paragraph and the browser will read it - Read the highlighted text on the browser with a natural and clear voice - Auto detect the language of the text - Standard browser functionalities (refresh, go back, go forward, bookmark, URL autocomplete) - Standard voice player functionalities (pause, stop, replay) SUPPORTED LANGUAGES - English - Arabic (اللغة العربية) - Chinese (中国语文) - Czech (Český jazyk) - Danish (Danske Sprog) - Dutch (Nederlandse Taal) - Finnish (Suomen kieli) - French (Française) - German (Deutsch) - Greek (Ελληνική Γλώσσα) - Hindi - Hungarian (Magyar Nyelv) - Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) - Italian (Italiana) - Japanese (日本語) - Korean (한국어) - Norwegian (Norsk Språk) - Polish (Polski Język) - Portuguese (Idioma Português) - Romanian (Română) - Russian (Русский язык) - Slovak (Slovenský Jazyk) - Spanish (Idioma Español) - Swedish (Svenska Språket) - Thai (ภาษาไทย) - Turkish (Türk Dili) Enjoy !

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        • Atomic Web Browser - FullScreen Browser w/...
          Atomic Web Browser - FullScreen Browser w/...

          Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, and much more. Press Coverage: ?"Atomic Web Brings One Killer Function to iPad/iPhone Browsing"? Gizmodo ?"Atomic Web: A Better iPad Browser" ? PCWorld ?"Feature Packed" ? 148Apps ?"Speed Up Your Browsing Experience"? appshouter ? Highlights ? ? FULL SCREEN MODE: Use the entire screen to display a webpage. No wasted space on toolbars. The full screen view is fully customizable. You can add buttons for 14 different functions and also change the transparency. ? TABS: The user can choose between desktop style tabs or a list view. Atomic Web Browser supports unlimited tabs. Hold down a link to open it in a new tab or a new background tab. Tabs load and render simultaneously to save time. ? IDENTIFY AS: Safari Desktop, IE, Firefox Atomic Web Browser has the ability to spoof the UserAgent string to trick web sites into thinking the browser comes from a desktop computer. TIP: Set Identify Browser to Desktop Safari to avoid mobile versions of websites ? AD BLOCK: [OFF by default] Atomic Web Browser has the ability to block most ad banners through URL filters. To enable Ad Block, goto Settings-Ad Block Settings and set Ad Block Filter to on. ? MULTI TOUCH GESTURE SUPPORT: 5 multi touch gestures are supported. Default Values: -2 finger swipe left: Switch to Previous Tab -2 finger swipe right: Switch to Next Tab -2 finger swipe up: Load homepage -2 finger swipe down: close current tab -3 finger tap: Enters / Exits full screen mode The 2 finger swipe gestures are configurable with 17 functions to choose from. ? SAVE PAGE: Save pages with images for offline viewing ? IN-PAGE-SEARCH: Use this feature to find a word within a web page. ? SEARCH ENGINE PLUGINS: Additional search engines can be installed in 2 clicks. You can also manually add custom search engines in settings. ? ADJUST FONT: Atomic Web Browsers allows the font to be increased or decreased. Modified fonts can be stored for sub domains. ? BOOKMARK SCRIPTS: Bookmark scripts are basic JavaScript bookmarklets. They preform tasks like translate a webpage or lookup atracking number on UPS. ? IMAGE BLOCK: toggle this setting on/off to save bandwidth on image heavy webpages. ? PRIVATE MODE: [OFF by default] Enabling private mode will stop the browser from remembering history and will clear all cookies on exit. ? PASSCODE LOCK: [OFF by default] When passcode lock is enabled, a passcode will be required when the browser is launched ? SHARE LINK: Share a link through Facebook, Twitter, or by E-mail. ? ROTATION LOCK: Enable this feature to lock the current screen orientation. ? BOOKMARKS WITH FOLDER SUPPORT: You can add/edit/delete/reorder any bookmark or folder and reorganize your bookmarks and folders. Atomic Browser also has the ability to import bookmarks from PC or Mac Desktop browsers. ? LAUNCH HOMEPAGE , LAST SESSION, OR LAST PAGE VIEWED: You can setup Atomic Web Browser to launch all previously open tabs, the last viewed page or your home page. ? VIEW SOURCE: This browser has a view source option to help web developers on the go. If you have any issues or would like a particular feature added, please send an email to ???????????????????????????? A lite version is also available for those who would like to try it first. Please search Atomic Web Browser Lite. ????????????????????????????

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          • Media Browser (formerly Video Browser)
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          • MP3 Workstation
            MP3 Workstation

            Convert all audio formats to MP3, Grab CD audio to MP3 with free CDDB album info service. Create audio CD's. Edit all audio formats to MP3, add effects, normalise, fade in / out, amplify, create clips, split files. Standard mode and DJ mode with twin deck player, auto fade, manual and auto beat matching, statistics, Karaoke lyrics creator, VST sound effects, DirectX sound effects. Change and memorise song speed or pitch seperately. Oranise MP3's with the database. Add songs to the player from the database. Includes smart ID3 tag editor, lyrics finder/editor and album cover image finder/editor.

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          • SE-Explorer

            SE-Explorer is a simple yet powerful file manager for Windows with various view types. SE-Explorer's convenient dual-panel file browser with enhanced search function, tabbed interface and different built-in viewers.Also available: Portable SE-Explorer Main features: [ul][li]View pictures in most popular image file formats.[/li] [li]Use audio player with playlist support.[/li] [li]Edit text with syntax highlighting.[/li] [li]View RTF files, XML structure, binary files in hex and more.[/li] [li]Two file windows side by side[/li] [li]Enhanced search function[/li] [li]Tabbed interface[/li] [li]Picture viewer which supports most popular image file formats[/li] [li]Video player for quick video preview[/li] [li]Audio player with playlists support[/li] [li]Text editor with syntax highlighting[/li] [li]Hex editor for binary files[/li] [li]ZIP archives explorer[/li] [li]RTF document file view[/li] [li]SWF Flash movie preview[/li] [li]Browser window for local web files[/li] [li]TTF Font files view[/li] [li]XML structure view[/li] [/ul]

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          • Lively Browser
            Lively Browser

            Have you ever wondered a list of the most popular sites in the world or just in your country? Try Lively Browser, an original way to get kinds of popular and useful site lists. Currently, it includes the most popular sites ordered by Alexa Traffic Rank in the world as well as in individual countries. Lively Browser also includes the most popular forums in directories(e.g.Invisionfree). All these site lists can be downloaded and opened from the "AllSites" view of Lively Browser. Moreover, our site lists are growing and updating everyday, and once you have downloaded a site list, Lively Browser can check and download its updates for you automatically. Main features: [ul][li]Download Sites File: All sites files we provided are listed in "AllSites" view. They are updated almost everyday. So you can download any sites files directly, easily and timely. Most sites files are free, for example, the most popular sites, contains the top 500 sites in global and the top 100 sites in 75 countries in the world. Only the sites files we get from Alexa Top Sites Service are not free, but they are very cheap and all have a trail version.[/li] [li]Open Sites File: Lively Browser can open any local sites files which you have downloaded, also it can open any remote sites files which you just know the URL. All opened sites files are displayed as a tabbed sites view.[/li] [li]Browse Sites in sites view: When you select muti-sites in a sites view, you can browse these sites one by one by using preview and next action, or input an index number to open a fix site directly. For example, if you have selected top 1000 sites in the world ordered by Aleax Traffic Rank, then you can input 888 to open the 888th sites.[/li] [li]Edit your favorite sites: You can add any sites or folders in sites view, AllSites view, or web browsers, to your Favorites view. And then you can edit your favorite sites freely, support: undo, redo, copy, cut, paste, delete, save, drag and drop.[/li] [li]Update sites files automatically: Lively Browser can update a sites file automatically if it is an updatable sites file. For example, the popular sites files we provided are free and updatable sites files. They are updated daily. So if you have downloaded any popular sites files, they will be updated automatically everyday![/li] [li]Multi-Window Browsing: Lively Browser is a tabbed browser. You can browse multiple web pages simultaneously. All opened pages can be easily stopped, refreshed, back, forward or closed with one click.[/li] [/ul]

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          • VersaCRM

            versaCRM is a flexible and powerful Web Browser delivered CRM solution for managing corporate Contacts, Organizations, Functions and Events related data. versaCRM includes the ability to track all Correspondence, including invitations to functions and events, as well as other forms of communication relating to your Contacts. versaCRM's intelligent cross referenced design model means that Relational Contact & Organization data is not isolated and disparate, allowing for full entity relationship matching and giving you the power to profile your data more effectively. Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, versaCRM provides a flexible and scalable solution for managing contact data. versaCRM takes advantage of the latest advancements in browser technology to provide a more intuitive user interface. versaCRM combines a browser-based interface with a database back-end, globally accessible system. What makes versaCRM stand out from the crowd is its unique 'look and feel'. Although a browser-based application, versaCRM does not look like a traditional Webpage. Instead, it has been designed to work as a desktop application, providing the benefits of an intuitive interface with the latest advancements in browser technology.

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          • Simply Checking
            Simply Checking

            You have many choices, so why choose Simply Checking checkbook software? It's so easy to use, sometimes less is more! Unlike other checkbook software, all of our controls are visible on screen, not buried in a labyrinth of menus, yet our checkbook software is packed with convenient features. Track multiple accounts with funds transfer function. Reconcile from main screen. Simplified back-up/restore screens to save your valuable data. Copy function for repeat entries. Wide screen mode shows all your data at a glance.

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          • Calendar Browser for Outlook
            Calendar Browser for Outlook

            Calendar Browser for Outlook is an application that will add lots of features to any Outlook Calendar. Mark an appointment with a mandatory project name or add booking of services (cofee, notepads etc) to the booking. No client installation, simply place the files on a server and you are all set. All features highly customizable. Source code available for purchase for complete control. Export all appointments to an MS SQL or Access database for custom reporting. Room descriptions in html including pictures etc.

            Size: Download
          • HTTP Vole
            HTTP Vole

            HTTP Vole is an application used for scanning and browsing all web content (HTML on a http-server). It makes it possible to download exactlty the contend that is wanted (e. g. every picture between 200kB and 500kB). Also you can download entire websites for an offline version.

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          • JExplorer

            The JExplorer application was designed to be a dual-panel type file manager and web-browser as well. The power toys JOCR, JMounter, and JCalculator are included in the JExplorer. By using JExplorer you can - Explore Internet URL - Upload/download files across FTP server - Check POP3 emails on the unlimited POP3 mail servers - Send selected files as attachments of mail - Duplicate files or delete identical files by recursively comparing the contents of two directories - Explore system folders on fixed drives and network drives - Copy, move, rename, or delete contents of hard drives, network drives, FTP server, or archived file - Capture an image on the screen and recognize the characters on the image - Perform all the functions under Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP Main features: [ul][li]File browser[/li] [li]Web browser[/li] [li]Folder comparator[/li] [li]FTP clent[/li] [li]Email notifier[/li] [li]Image capture[/li] [li]OCR on image[/li] [li]Virtual drive mounter[/li] [/ul]

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          • PowerDIFF for Oracle
            PowerDIFF for Oracle

            The PowerDIFF for ORACLE application was designed to be a powerful database inspection and database comparison tool. It compares both structure and data of databases. Similar databases or similar sets of individual database objects (predefined by the user) are comparable to each other - efficiently and object by object. The following database objects can be 'diffed out': - Tables Structure - columns, constraints, defaults - Tables Data - with WHEREs, almost all data types - Indexes - columns, types - Constraints - PK, FK, check - Views - source code, data - Procedures, Functions - source code, status - Trigger - columns, source code, status - User, Roles, Privileges - data - Database instance parameter - data - Metadata (storage/size parameter, cache flag...) By a huge number of comparison settings this tool is highly customizable in order to focus exactly on your requirements. Almost any conceivable 'comparison case' is possible. The output can either be visualized or reported as total difference script. This SQL script (containing DDL und DML statements) can be applied afterwards to sync one database (or one set of database objects) to the other. For this purpose PowerDIFF comes with a powerful command line interface - based on SQL Plus. Main features: [ul][li]a highly flexible database comparison tool,[/li] [li]a database browser tool with powerful scripting options and[/li] [li]a database editing tool based on SQLPlus.[/li] [/ul]

            Size: Download
          • Database Browser
            Database Browser

            Database Browser was specially built as a simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to quickly browse a database. When the application is launched the user's default database connection dicionary is fetched and the application attempts to use it to connect to the database. If the conneciton fails, the user is shown a dialog box and asked to supply connection information. The user can always connect to the database using their account by pressing the "connect" button in the toolbar.

            Size: Download

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