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  • PicoConverter

    PicoConverter is a powerful unit converter tool, that will help you convert more than 1,600 various units of measure in 26 categories. PicoConverter comes with an easy and intuitive design that allow easy conversion while you type and quick swap between base and destinated unit. You can save frequently used conversion pairs as favorites and it remember your recently used conversion pairs too. PicoConverter supports decimal format or scientific notation and able to display up to 15 decimal places. PicoConverter can detect if you're running from a removable drive like USB thumbdrive and can save settings according if you desire. A must-have toolkit for anyone who need to convert measurement frequently or occasionally. [b]Limitations:[/b] ■ 30 days trial period ■ Nag screen

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  • DataRelate

    DataRelate is a data storage, data rate, network address and base conversion utility. Whether you are a beginner or a technical specialist, if you have anything to do with PCs and networks, you'll find DataRelate to be of value. The Data Storage panel makes it easy to correlate groupings of bits and data storage units. You can also see how the capacities of popular storage media compare - eg. the wide range of floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, and ZIP, Jaz and Orb disks in use throughout the world. The Data Transfer panel features transfer rates of channels ranging from the micro level (hard disks and peripherals) through to the macro level (LAN, WAN and Internet). eg. you can very easily compare the transfer rate of a top-speed T3 line, with say a T1 line, a DSL line, an ISDN line and an ordinary telephone line. Or, you can see how the throughputs of all the varieties of Broadband transmission out there stack up against each other. DataRelate provides definitions and explanations of every term and unit. The Base Convert panel will perform conversions as you type, between Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary numbers (upto 64 bits in length). It also includes bit shifting, rotation and inversion buttons. A color dialog enables you to pick any color and have its value shown in Decimal, Hexadecimal and Binary. The Token Ring/Ethernet Convert panel is useful for network integrators who have a need to bridge between dissimilar LANs - eg. Ethernet and Token Ring, or Ethernet and FDDI. This panel is also a handy troubleshooting aid when dealing with certain Ethernet cards which have one address typed on the adapter, while another is actually used on the wire. DataRelate lets you choose which conversions to save, and when you're done, pressing 'Make File' results in a textfile in CSV format of your chosen conversions being produced (which you can import into say, a spreadsheet).

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  • Unit Converter Pro
    Unit Converter Pro

    UNIT CONVERTER PRO is an enhanced version of Unit Converter Basic. This version contains 560 units. The program is fully customizable that allows you easily to create any units you want and as many as you want. To add your own units all you have to do is to open CustomUnits.XML text file which is supplied with the program and type them in! It is easy!

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  • Convert Center
    Convert Center

    Whether new or old, local or widely spread, measuring units are used every day. Converting between common units is easy and we all do it instinctively, but not the same can be said about more exotic items. For those, we need apps like Convert Center. The software has a web interface, basically loading a page and displaying it in its frame. The app requires an Internet connection in order to work. Here, you can find a list with all the categories, as well as the number of units under each type. Acceleration, angles, area, currency rates, data storage, energy, frequency, speed, temperature, time, volume, weight and fuel consumption are some of the provided categories. The software covers many local units, from all over the world; some you might never have heard of. To convert an item you need to select one unit, input a value and the app instantly displays the results. If specific items haven’t been inserted in the two fields at the top of the interface, then the result list is compiled of all the units in the same category. However, the response times depend on the speed of the Internet connection, since the app requires one to work. Unlike other similar unit converters, this one is at a disadvantage due to the fact that it can’t act as a stand-alone app. Fact of the matter is that Convert Center is a program with a wide range of options. The interface is intuitive and easy to use even by those with less experience with this type of software. Reviewed by Gabriela Vatu, last updated on December 17th, 2012

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  • Instant Unit Converter
    Instant Unit Converter

    Instant unit converter is a powerful tool and easy-to-use. it can easily converts measurement values into other measurement units (such as: Kilometers to Miles , Kilograms to Pounds , Celsius to Fahrenheit and many other conversions ) , These conversions are grouped by categories (such as: Time,Lenth, volume,and Temperature ) ,You can add new Categories and Units and define the calculation value for each added unit. Up to twelve unit categories was obligated for you to add, while carrying twenty units category! It is an essential assistant for your study and work! It also joined the latest version of a good calculator software for your use intuitive and convenient, it also support the function calculation and nesting omitted sign multiplication , it is very powerful and easy to use, especially for long formula calculations, thus can avoid from errors caused by the wrong types. Temporally, functions support the sine, cosine, tangent and Cotangent and the number, nature and the few natural number, meet the needs of the project

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  • Currency Converter
    Currency Converter

    Currency Converter is a Windows desktop gadget that enables users to convert currency. It comes packed with a simple set of options that can be easily figured out by all types of users, even the ones with little or no previous experience in computer software. Installing the app is done quickly and painlessly. At the end of the setup steps, Currency Converter offers to automatically run at system startup until further notice. The interface is represented by a small frame that you can move to any position on the desktop with the help of the mouse cursor. The principle is very simple. All you have to do is select the source and output currency, point out the numerical value, and click a button to get instant conversion results. Thanks to the default Windows options, you can also make the frame stay on top of other windows, as well as set its transparency level to a preset value, ranging from 20% to 100%. As expected, the widget does not put a strain on computer resources, since it uses low CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and works smoothly, delivering accurate information. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its intuitive structure and overall simplicity, Currency Converter can be used by anyone. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on January 20th, 2014

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  • CalcExp Calculator&Unit Converter
    CalcExp Calculator&Unit Converter

    CalcExp is skin changeable! ------------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - - the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is very beautiful, and it's skin changeable! there are 7 themes created by professional artists, and you may get more without extra charge. the font for displaying result number is big enough for easy to read. Powerful number formatting ------------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - 1. Convert result to Hex,Oct,Dec,Bin freely. eg: (Dec)255 - (Hex)FF. 2. 5 kinds of locales to format numbers fitting your custom: US,UK,France,Germany,Italy. 3. Set fraction digits freely from 5 to 16. 4. Grouping, eg: 1234.56 - 1,234.56. In Unit Convertor and Currency Convertor, the results are formatted like the calculator do. 5. Scientific notation, eg: 1234.56 - 1.23456E3. Very friendly, Very easy to use ------------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. the frequently used functionalities is intergrated into toolbar buttons, such as: undo/redo, and Unit/Currency Convertor, etc. 2. Most of the actions are binded with shortcuts, such as, Ctrl+Z to undo, Ctrl+S to save history, Ctrl+Up to recall previous expression in history, etc. 3. CalcExp can stand always on top to help you work with other applications. CalcExp can hide into systray and save screen space. 4. CalcExp is very easy to use, whatever you input expressions by keyboard or clicking mouse. User defined functions and constants ------------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - With CalcExp, you can define your own functions and constants. If you input a certain kind of expression very often, you can define it as a function, and call it later when you want it. Multi-Platform & Click And Run ------------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CalcExp runs on Windows 2K/XP/Vista;MacOsX;Linux ; Solaris . Based on Java Web Start technologe, the installation is absolutely easy. Visit our website, click "launch" button and run it within 1 minute. More and More ...

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  • ClassMaster

    A testing, discovery, modeling and learning tool for Microsoft .Net Now supports .Net 3.5, X64 platform and Windows Server 2008 [b]ClassMaster[/b] can help you keep up and write better code. [b]ClassMaster[/b] is a software testing tool which enables you to easily and quickly unit test your code without having to write a test harness for every project. Add assemblies and navigate to public, private or internal methods. Right click and execute the code and see the results. Results can be viewed either in a DataGrid, property grid, html or xml. Navigate to types, right click and create an object. You can inspect the object using the enhanced property grid. The enhanced property grid gives you the ability to Drill down to other contained objects including private and internal objects. [b]ClassMaster[/b] is the ideal tool to prototype your class libraries. It helps you design better object models by visually seeing how they will appear and be used by other software developers. [b]ClassMaster[/b] can also help you take full advantage of frameworks and class libraries. Now is the time to use [b]ClassMaster[/b] to learn the new technologies from Microsoft including Workflow, WCF, WPF and SharePoint 2007. Add assemblies and browse. Find a type and a method of Interest and execute the code. You can quickly see what it does. Go ahead and experiment with methods to see if they can be used in your own applications. [b]ClassMaster[/b] makes this easy. [b]ClassMaster[/b] has many features which makes unit testing easier. Save your tests so you don't have to keep entering your arguments everytime. BookMark your classes or methods to make navigation easier. Right click a method or type and execute a MSDN or Google Search. See the amount of time it takes for the code to execute. [b]ClassMaster[/b] can unit test class libraries, executables and web services.

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  • Calculation Component
    Calculation Component

    [ul] [li] Size: [b]0.51 MB[/b] [/li] [li] License: [b]Shareware[/b] [/li] [li] OS: Windows, W [/li] [li] Price: [b]$159.00[/b] [b]Buy full version[/b] [/li] [li] Publisher: XoYo Software [/li] [li] Updated: 8 Aug 2014 [/li] [li] Downloads: 551 (1 last week) [/li] [/ul] #Calculation component is a powerful calculation engine for your applications. This ActiveX component integrates expression parsing and evaluation. Generally speaking, #Calculation is very useful in two main areas: first, when a formula has to be defined and evaluated at runtime (for example, when the end user is allowed to enter a formula that will be evaluated and used); second, when a set of formulas that depend on each other are defined, configured, and evaluated at run-time. #Calculation Component supports conventional math, string, date&time, logical operators and functions, and is suitable for heavy-duty number crunching. It also allows defining variables and sets of related formulas that implement spreadsheet-like recalculations. It can also support Matrix and Array operations (just like MATLAB), comments, different numerical systems and custom functions in expressions. General features of #Calculation: -Arithmetic, Logical, Bitwise and Relational operation -String operation -Date&Time operation -Matrix and Array operation -More than 110 Built-In Functions -Component constant and expression constant support -Alias for operators and functions -Unlimited nesting of expressions -Auto-detection of errors -"Simulate the exact value" operation -Two kinds of return values - string and numerical -Types of return values - Number, String, Datetime and Matrix -Upper case and lower case can be used interchangeably in expressions -Ansi chars and some unicode chars can be used in the expression -Scientific notation for numerical values -Custom-variable support -Comments can be used in the expression to evaluate -Custom functions can be created and used in expressions -Mixed operation among Binary, Octal, Decimal and HEXadecimal numbers -"Round Operation" according to desired precision -Base-N(2,8,10,16) results can be shown -Matrix and Array result support

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  • VersyPDF.Delphi

    VersyPDF.Delphi is a delphi library that helps you create / modify PDF documents on the fly. VersyPDF.Delphi is a high-quality, industry-strength PDF library meeting requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications. Using VersyPDF.Delphi you can write stand-alone and reliable commercial applications that can read, write, and edit PDF documents. The VersyPDF.Delphi Library do not require any third-party software for creating or modifying PDF files.

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    Delphi Unit in description
  • ZylSerialPort

    ZylSerialPort is a Delphi / C++Builder thread based asynchronous serial port component. You can use this component to easily communicate with several external devices on a serial port connection, including modems, bar code readers and so on. ZylSerialPort is available for: Delphi XE, Delphi 2010, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, Delphi 6, Delphi 5, Delphi 4, C++Builder XE, C++Builder 2010, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2006, C++Builder 6, C++Builder 5, Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++

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  • ZylCPUUsage

    ZyllCPUUsage is a visual Delphi component that shows the workload level of your processor in a chart. The package includes demo programs for Delphi and C++Builder and a help file with the description of the component. ZyllCPUUsage is available for: Delphi XE, Delphi 2010, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, Delphi 6, Delphi 5, Delphi 4, C++Builder XE, C++Builder 2010, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2006, C++Builder 6, Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++.

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  • Google Calendar Delphi Component
    Google Calendar Delphi Component

    The name GCDC stands for Google Calendar Delphi Component.Google Calendar Delphi Component is a powerful component that allows you to work with Google Calendar using Delphi. Using Google Calendar Delphi Component you can easily add Google Calendar import, export and synchronization capabilities for any Delphi program within several hours

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  • OpenGL Delphi examples and tutorials
    OpenGL Delphi examples and tutorials

    OpenGL Delphi examples and tutorials with full Delphi source code. Learn openGL through Delphi examples. Examples include both 2d and 3d OpenGL tutorials in Delphi.

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  • M3DGraphics1

    A delphi unit that draws simple 3D shapes The M3DGraphics1 Delphi component will draws simple 3D shapes. Requirements: Delphi

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  • TSizeCtrl

    TSizeCtrl was designed to be a non-visual component to enable runtime moving and resizing of controls. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Delphi 3 / Delphi 4 / Delphi 5 / Delphi 6 / Delphi 7

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  • TZipFix

    TZipFix was designed to be a non-visual component to repair damaged Zip files. Even if some zipped data is corrupted, the remaining uncorrupted data can still be recovered and rebuilt into a new zip file. [b]NOTE:[/b] TZipFix will be of no help in decrypting data, the zip data will remain encrypted if it is password protected. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Delphi 3 / Delphi 4 / Delphi 5 / Delphi 6 / Delphi 7

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  • AJ TZip
    AJ TZip

    AJ TZip was designed to be a non-visual component to support PKZip compatible compression and decompression. You will be able to create zips, convert zips to exe or exe to zips. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Delphi 3 / Delphi 4 / Delphi 5 / Delphi 6 / Delphi 7

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  • CMATH for Delphi 7
    CMATH for Delphi 7

    CMATH: Complex math library (cartesian and polar) for Borland Delphi 7 CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics, both in cartesian and polar format (single, double, and extended precision). The implementation in Assembly language ensures maximum speed, accuracy, and safety, far superior to the unit Complex coming with Delphi. As in the C version of CMATH, all functions of the Pascal/Delphi version have a type-specific prefix, as in, cf_sin, cd_exp, or pf_sqrt. They are optimized for Pentium II-IV, but will run also on Athlon and on computers down to 486DX. This version is for Borland Delphi 7.

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  • Delphi Spell Checker PRO - FULL Version
    Delphi Spell Checker PRO - FULL Version

    Delphi Spell Checker is a unique spell checking add-in tool for Delphi (a Delphi Expert) that enables you to check spelling in any and all of your forms, hints, strings, captions, memos and text, in eighteen languages, all right in your Delphi 5-7 IDE.

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