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    Personal Finance Software in title
  • MoneyLine Personal Finance Software
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  • MoneyLine Free Personal Finance Software
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  • MoneyLine Personal Finance Software Pro
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  • Personal Finance Spreadsheet for budgeting personal finances in Excel
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  • Personal Diary (Personal Finance)
    Personal Diary (Personal Finance)

    This is a unique feature, because no other diary software (password recovery software) is capable of keeping Advance Cash Book in a single database file. You can mange your money (Cash Cheques) best and easily too. You can enter your daily cash and cheque transactions easily and you can see daily current cash and cheque balance or balance of period with fully transaction reports which can be exported to the excel. Every entry can be added, deleted, edited, browsed by day, month, and year or entry date, searched, exported. The program looks like a real personal diary so you can start using it right away. You can write entries for the present, past, or even the future. You can use it as a planner or a calendar by leaving notes to yourself to remind you of things you have to do. You can even copy-paste information from any other windows application (DVD Ripper for Windows). If you really like keeping a personal diary, the Personal Diary will allow you to concentrate on the pleasure of writing, away from the care for securing your writings from other's eyes, preserving them in good condition for the years to come, avoiding accidental damages or a complete loss. The best digital Personal Diary software free download at RequirementsWindows Platform

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  • Personal Finance
    Personal Finance

    Control your personal finances. Personal Finance is a solution intended to control your personal finances. Create multiple accounts, categories and see graphs. Personal Finance is a simple way to control your money.Keep your money transactions updated with Personal Finance. Here are some key features of "Personal Finance": · Mac like layout. · Import .OFX files. · Password protected. · Verified field. · Export transactions to Excel. · Simple and intuitive. Limitations: · Demo version is limited to 20 transactions. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Better account preferences. · Fixed some memory leaks. · Fixed a bug inside the schedule module.

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  • Finance Personal
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  • Personal finance
    Personal finance

    Personal Finance will help you manage your account and financial operations. The information about financial transactions made is stored in the Journal. Can you answer to questions like when (was it)? where (did the money come from)? where (had the money disappeared)? how much (money there was)? and what for (was it done)? any time? Working with debts - convenient opportunity to consider debt operations allows you to always know who owes you money and how much, or to whom and how much money you owe. Reports - all the collected information can be presented in summary form in a variety of reports, giving much food for thought about the effectiveness of your economy. Analysis is the most important thing in the program, the ability to analyze the collected data. This allows you to improve financial management and increase your wealth. Planning provides automation of repetitive operations and a reminder of the necessary payment increases operational efficiency and will not let you forget about important events. Main features: [ul][li]Simple accounting ideology:[/li] [li]The successful work with the program does not require special knowledge and skills. You do not have to be an expert in accounting, economics or mathematics.[/li] [li]User-friendly interface:[/li] [li]The program has a simple and understandable interface. It is easily managed both with a mouse and keyboard. The interface is specially designed for quick and easy access to all features and functions of the program.[/li] [li]Working from removable media:[/li] [li]The program can be run from any removable media: flash drive, memory cards and others, including encrypted. This feature not only increases your mobility, but also provides additional data security, so hackers can not gain access to your accounts.[/li] [li]High speed:[/li] [li]The program's core is a specialized database management system. This enables to process your data at a speed that is not available for regular programs.[/li] [li]Working with lots of currencies:[/li] [li]The program can work with any number of currencies (in reasonable limits). You can use any existing or invent your own monetary unit.[/li] [li]Accounts and item plans of any complexity:[/li] [li]You can create any number of accounts and items in any unrestricted (in reasonable limits) level of nesting and detail.[/li] [/ul]

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    Personal Finance Software in tags
  • Automated Stock Tips
    Automated Stock Tips

    The Automated Stock Tips application was designed to provide NSE BSE stock market tips, news, views, and analysis on equity / stock markets, commodities, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance and loans. Includes stock tips, stocks to buy, free stock tips, stock market, stock market trading, stock market tips, live charts, stock market commentary, bse, nse, company news, stocks to buy, stock to buy, stock picks, free stock tips, company results, broker research reports, top gainers, top losers, most active, 52-week high, 52-week lows, sectors, futures and options, live market map, IPO, pre-market analysis, financial, share, market, shares, stocks, analysis, analysts, views, research, and many others.

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  • iCash

    iCash is a useful accounting application that can help you control your personal finances. iCash is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose PIM tool intended to help you control various money issues. The program can serve several small accounting needs for either private users, or clubs, associations, self-employed or small businesses. All the accounts are well organized according to user-defined categories and built-in types so reports can be tailored to include all records or only ones meeting specified criteria. iCash also allows you to have as many money manager documents as necessary. Main features: [ul][li]No accounting knowledge required, no double-entry bookkeeping[/li] [li]Logical Account classification by category and type[/li] [li]Multiple currencies support with exchange rate manager[/li] [li]Transaction auto-balance and reconciliation[/li] [li]Scheduled and recurring transactions support[/li] [li]Full Budget support with customizable calculator[/li] [li]Project categorization of transactions for queries and reporting[/li] [li]Pre-defined customizable Reports[/li] [li]Advanced recordable Queries and Statistics[/li] [li]Chart creation by account, type, category including Profit & Loss[/li] [li]Fast Import and Export of Categories, Accounts and Transactions (OFX, QIF, CSV)[/li] [li]Powerful SQL database engine with auto-backup protection.[/li] [li]Multi-document interface with password protection[/li] [/ul]

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  • Visual Money
    Visual Money

    You feel that you need to put your personal finances in order? Visual Money is a personal finance software which allows you to control your finances and stay on top of your expenses. It proves that managing finances is as simple as a mouse click. Categorization makes possible to find out where your money is going. A large list of predefined categories is provided, however you can create custom categories and subcategories. Visual Money offers a variety of visual reports helping you to see your cash flow, expenses by categories, payees and spenders for any period of time. Visual Money supports import & export data into QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) files. In Version 2.5 budgeting support was added. It allows you to create a budget for each month and plan your expanses. What's new in this version: In Version 2.5 budgeting support was added. It allows you to create a budget for each month and plan your expanses.

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  • WinHKI for your Business
    WinHKI for your Business

    WinHKI Office - Finance software for entrepreneur, household and hobby. Be it your customers, products or receipts, it's all managed for you easily and efficiently complemented with a user friendly interface. To conduct a low cost product search just click and get complete updated information on the status of costs. WinKHI is also equipped with an in-built receipt tool to manage and print your receipts. Manage your business professionally with WinHKI Business: organize your customer database, clientele and status of all things relevant to your business using this groundbreaking finance software. To organize your business records efficiently with a Finance Software, think only WinHKI. Modules: · Balance (in month) · Receipts - Issues · Shopping list · Article management · Account / Spot · Typewriter course · Addresses · VAT - calculator (to 0 - 100 %) · Debot · Open bill receipt · Open bill issue · Statistics · Calories list

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  • 3clickBudget

    3clickBudget is a finance application that will use detailed reports and graphic illustrations to show you where your money is flowing. This allows you to increase your savings. Unlimited budgets, accounts and categories. Exchange data with third party programs. Main features: [ul][li]Easy to use[/li] [li]Enter new records in just seconds[/li] [li]Detailed reports[/li] [/ul]

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  • SoHoMoney

    Accounting, money management, inventory control and billing for small or home business users. SoHoMoney includes budgeting, accounts, assets and liabilities and stock control, Track income and expenditure, generate quotations, estimates and invoices. Draw up budgets and compare actual vs planned expenditure. SoHoMoney is really free and not severely limited. Version 9.05.03 is a bug fix release. What's new in this version: Minor bugs were fixed

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  • Personal Finances Pro
    Personal Finances Pro

    If you want to save money, an exact log of all the expenses must be kept. Personal Finances Pro is a small tool that can help manage your money. The program comes with a clean interface that shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. Basically, the app lets create logs with all the money that is found in the accounts, as well as any shopping and payments done. Thus, it lest you fill in all the cash paid for rent, phone, utilities, food and any other small purchases. Each entry includes several details, such as a description, the date, amount and category, as well as the project it is part of and tags. Also, information regarding the cash you own, credit cards and bank accounts balance can be stored. This should help keep track of the income, as well as the monthly and daily expenses. Making any new entries is very easy as it only requires that you fill in a form. Thus, when creating a new expense log you can specify the account you made the withdrawal from, the amount, date, description and a personal comment. Similarly, when creating a new “Income” log, you can specify in which account the money should go to. Additionally, budgets for various activities and savings targets can be set. Any loans can be filed as well. All in all, Personal Finances Pro is a great tool that can come in handy quite often. Less experienced user should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

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  • XeCheck Personal Finance (Deluxe)
    XeCheck Personal Finance (Deluxe)

    XeCheck 8 Personal finance software makes it easy for you to manage your finance. Download and manage your banking, credit card and investment account statements form more than 6,000 US and International financial institutions. Manage over 18 types of accounts (checking, savings, credit card, loans, mutual funds, etc) in all major world currencies. Its advance bill payment features allows you to schedule, pay or track any bill. XeCheck ONLINE BILL PAYMENT and TRANSFERS features can reduce or eliminate late payment penalties. Get timely reminders when bills are coming due. Easy step by step instructions let you get started quickly. Budgets: Let XeCheck's budgeting wizard walk you through the process. XeCheck can even generate budgets based on your past transactions or bills. Balance your checkbook: XeCheck gives you all your transactions, account balances, so balancing your checkbook is now easier than ever. You can also print checks. Export your tax data. We've made tax time easier by allowing you to print or export your tax related transactions to tax preparation software such as TurboTax and TaxCut; this means you won't loose those charitable donations or tax deductible expenses by forgetting them. Manage your investment portfolio. Manage your investment, retirement, mutual fund, or 401(k) accounts, individual stocks, bonds or CDs. Create customized reports for each investment, or use XeCheck's charts and graphs to give you a snapshot of how well your investments are doing. Compare individual securities against market indices to see what you should sell or keep. Customizable home pages allow you to set which information you see when you start XeCheck.

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  • Fund Manager - Personal
    Fund Manager - Personal

    Fund Manager is a full featured portfolio management application. Fund Manager is designed to help investors monitor and analyze their stocks, mutual funds, and other investments with a wide variety of easy to use graphs and reports. Fund Manager makes keeping track of your investments easy by offering convenient features such as powerful price and transaction importing features as well as single push button price and transaction updates from the internet. Fund Manager makes tax time a breeze, and offers many graphing and reporting options that allow investors to conveniently get an insight into how well their investments are performing.

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  • USBMoney

    USBMoney is a multi currency personal finance manager. Download exchange rates automatically from the Internet and import/export CSV/QIF file. Generate charts and reports. USBMoney is especially designed to run on a USB stick.

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    Personal Finance Software in description
  • R6 Bill Tracker
    R6 Bill Tracker

    Bill Tracker allows you to enter your bills and keep track of bills that are past due. Bill Tracker allows you to enter and track your bills, organize your bills and insure you pay your bills on time. Many individuals understand the importance of personal finance software, however most personal finance applications overload the user with features. Having a ton of features sounds great, but not if it prevents someone from effectively using the software. We at R6 Software think personal finance software should provide a user the features they need and focus on making those features the best as possible. Main features: [ul][li]Track bill amounts and dates[/li] [li]Manage payee contact and account information[/li] [li]Know what's due in the next couple days and what's past due[/li] [li]Run a wide range of reports[/li] [li]Make partial payments on a bill[/li] [/ul]

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  • My Money Vista
    My Money Vista

    Vista capable money tracking free download or full version under $10.00! At last! Vista capable My Money is here! Home/personal finance tool designed to enable simple tracking of all your financial transactions with a couple of basic functions. When designing this application, we started from our own needs and compared them with several finance applications available today. It turned out that most of the time we didn't need endless functions which required a significant amount of time when we attempt to use them. If the time is money then nobody likes to spend more than necessary. That is why we determined only the necessary functions for personal finance tracking and came up with five basic buttons in My Money's tool bar. My Money will continue to be the easiest software available today for your personal financial tracking: security, speed and simplicity are My Money's main description words. Rated best personal finance software 2005 in 12 countries ! Free download and full version under $10.00 after over 20000 downloads world wide.

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  • Personal Finance Quizzes
    Personal Finance Quizzes

    Personal Finance Quizzes - do you want to improve your finance aquaintances ? Then this quizz program is for you ! Personal Finance Quizzes - quizzes that will help you get acquainted with terminology used in personal finance. Reading personal finance brochures or talking with a stock broker doesn't have to be intimidating. Our quizzes will test your knowledge and will hopefully help you better understand what really happens when you buy a house, apply for a loan or a second mortgage, refinance your house, etc. Includes 4 quizzes: Bonds - 1 Stocks - 1 Mutual Funds - 1 Home Financing - 1 Four quiz modes: Multiple Choice Matching Type-in True/False Personal Finance Quizzes offers many useful features: skins, four quiz modes, export to Palm, paper tests, flashcard printing and more.

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  • Fortora Fresh Finance for Windows
    Fortora Fresh Finance for Windows

    Fortora Fresh Finance is the straightforward personal finance software for everyone. With Fortora Fresh Finance you can easily manage your personal finance-related tasks, such as balancing the checkbook, keeping track of credit cards, bill reminders, budgets and more. And you can easily generate reports to see where your money is going. Fortora Fresh Finance's streamlined user interface has an easy learning curve, and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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  • iFreeBudget

    Free personal finance and budgeting application. It is designed for home and small business users with simple interface and fast user interaction. It is safe and secure with password based encryption for storing all financial data. Features: * Personal finance * Budgeting

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  • Octopus Micro Finance Suite
    Octopus Micro Finance Suite

    Octopus Micro Finance Suite (OMFS) is an open source (LGPL) Micro Finance IT software. This software is available to the community of micro finance institutions. OCTOPUS MFS is an integrated suite allowing full management of a Micro Finance Institution: client management, accounting, contracts, reporting and risks. OCTOPUS MFS is multi-bases, multi-languages, multi-products, multi-dates, and multi-accounting. Octopus is easy to use and allows a gain of productivity for middle and big micro finance structures: automatic edition of receipts, management of the history, automatic management of the balance sheet and result account.

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  • Budget Forecaster
    Budget Forecaster

    Budget Forecaster for Windows is a personal finance management software. It was designed for users who enjoy managing their finances with a simple, easy to use stand-alone home budgeting application. Budget Forecaster for Windows includes a comprehensive set of personal finance managing features that make this application suitable for both personal money management and small business finance management. Budget Forecaster for Windows is the simplest way to plan your budget, monitor your spending, and so much more. Budget Forecaster is actuallyone of the most financial utilitities for personal use available.

    Size: Download
  • Personal Finance Assistant
    Personal Finance Assistant

    Personal Finance Assistant can store, manage, track and analyze all your personal and finance related needs .This utility is answer to most of your personal and finance information storage and analysis needs. You can store, manage, track and analyze all your personal and finance related information form one single application. You can have only this utility instead of maintaining number of other utilities or means to store and retrieve the desired personal or finance related information like user id/passwords of your online accounts, personal address book, birth date, marriage anniversary date, appointments, bank/loan/policy account nos. numbers and transaction/payment details, maturity date, interest rate, expenses, incomes, stock portfolio, no. or shares you have.

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  • Boachsoft Finance
    Boachsoft Finance

    Take control of your personal finances and save time with Boachsoft Finance an excellent personal finance software. Manage your personal finances without having to deal with annoying accounting jargon in an excellent environment. Illuminate your finances with insightful reports which can be just plain text or graphs. See where you money is going and where it is coming from. Plan your financial future with the forecast feature and analyze what if scenarios. You can generate a forecast graph from scheduled transactions, trends in your register, budget data or even special events you setup. Track your portfolio and investments with ease and stay on top of the latest quotes by downloading your quotes right from this software. You can also manually update your quotes. With Boachsoft Finance saving has never been easier and more efficient. Plan your saving with the saving planner. Setup saving goals and have finance automatically make deductions for the saving goals. Plan your financial future right from this personal finance software with budgets and track your budgets with several report options. Setup saving limits and have boachsoft finance notify you when saving limits are exceeded. Schedule your transactions and have boachsoft finance automatically enter it into your register. Password protect your files. This personal accounting software also comes with a Mortgage planner, annuity calculator and a loan calculator. All currencies are supported. Update your exchange rates by downloading the latest rates from the net. With Boachsoft Finance reconciling an account has never been easier. Reconcile your account in just a few steps. With this personal finance software you get all this and much more. What's new in this version: Version 2012: Improvements in all major sections with major bug fixes.

    Size: Download
  • Personal Finance Calculator
    Personal Finance Calculator

    Personal Finance Calculator, Cashflow calculator, calculate your personal finances and sort out your debts. Work out exactly how much money you are spending a week/month. This software will help sort or out you income and expendature. Easy to use and best of all its free.

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