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    CD Audio Information Downloader (CDAID) lets you obtain CD information (i.e. artist, song title, etc.) from freedb over the Internet. No more guessing what the title of song 4 is or trying to remember the name of the CD in your tray. As a special feature you can export your CD collection to a XML or text file.

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  • Bid-n-Invoice Basic Invoice
    Bid-n-Invoice Basic Invoice

    Bid-n-Invoice Basic Invoice is a compact software that allows you print professional looking invoices and estimates for your company. The program allows you enter the contact information of the company and the taxes that will be applied to the final value of your product. When you create an invoice or an estimate you need to enter the client's contact information and the items that will be sold. You can select the taxes that will be applied and if the invoice requires a early payment.

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  • Excel Invoice Manager Enterprise
    Excel Invoice Manager Enterprise

    Excel Invoice Manager Enterprise is a billing software based on Excel invoice templates and databases. This edition of the billing software supports unlimited number of companies and networking, as well as custom fields that allow the billing software to create invoices with any number of columns and fields. Because the billing software is based on Excel invoice templates, you can easily customize it by dragging and dropping.

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  • Excel Invoice Template
    Excel Invoice Template

    Excel Invoice Template is an Excel tool that has the ability to store invoices, products, customers and perform advanced invoice sales reporting. The database structure of the invoice system allows the insertion, update and quick access to saved products, customers, and historical customer invoices. Product and customer lists can be imported from and exported back to text lists enabling integration with existing inventory and customer reporting management systems.

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  • Blank Page Splitter
    Blank Page Splitter

    Blank Page Splitter from eDocFile, is a utility that is designed for post processing of tif images. It is ideally suited for use with a copier that scans tif images to a file folder on the user`s network. The program will monitor a folder and when it finds a tif image file it will silently open this file and separate the document into separate files based upon the location of the blank page. It works with documents scanned in a duplex mode or a simplex mode. Currently with most copiers if a user is to scan many documents they must scan them one at a time. Blank Page Splitter allows the user to fill the document feeder and let the software do the splitting, allowing the user to take full advantage of their copier`s speed. The simplex mode creates a new document every time a blank page is found. The duplex mode drops all blank pages and creates a new file when two consecutive blank pages are found. This allows a user to scan a mixture of simplex and duplex documents and have an output file with no blank pages. The output file format can be a PDF or TIFF. A backup of the original image can also be saved in an archive folder.

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  • SharePoint Document Auto Title
    SharePoint Document Auto Title

    A SharePoint workflow can set a SharePoint document title with its file name automatically when the document is uploaded or modified in SharePoint Document library. The SharePoint Document Auto Title will provide a SharePoint workflow template named “Document Auto Title Workflow” to automatically set title for documents when documents are uploaded or modified. Main features: [ul][li]Auto set a SharePoint document title with its file name[/li] [li]Exclude file extension in the title[/li] [/ul]

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  • Checklist

    CheckList is a simplistic application that enables users to create a checklist without going through the trouble of using a full-featured word processor. It comes with a plain interface and intuitive options that anyone can configure to create an easy project in no time. After a brief and uneventful setup procedure that does not require special attention from the user, you are greeted by a single window with a plain structure which looks like Notepad a little. New checklist items can be added, edited and deleted from the Edit menu, as well as by using keyboard shortcuts. It is possible to create as many items as you want, save the project to a checklist file (CKL format) when it is done so you can further edit it, as well as print it. As far as viewing options are concerned, you can sort the entries alphabetically or by checked/unchecked status, as well as edit font settings. Plus, you can uncheck all items with the click of a button (from the Tools menu). The app can be set to stay on top of other windows. There are no other notable options available here. CheckList has a good response time and performed smoothly during our evaluation, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error messages. Unfortunately, it cannot save projects to other file types like TXT or RTF. Nevertheless, CheckList provides a very simple solution to creating checklists, and it can be used by anyone, regardless of previous experience with word processing applications. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on January 23rd, 2014

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  • Desktop Dolphin Coloring Book
    Desktop Dolphin Coloring Book

    Desktop Dolphin Coloring Book is a nice program designed for children andcontains 30 pictures to color and an optional blank canvas. Pictures can be colored over and over so that each child can experiment freely with different colors and moods. Children can also draw additional details onto each coloring page adding their own creative perspective. Program includes fun dolphin sounds! The program has 3 age levels which converts the available colors according to the child's ability. ■ Baby Dolphin - Very young Users will enjoy the easy round buttons and simple color choices. This option includes 10 colors to choose from. ■ Dolphin Calf - Color buttons are in the shape of stars. There are 36 color choices. ■ Juvenile Dolphin - For the older child or adult. This age level gives access to the Windows color dialog box where virtually any color can be selected. The color Dropper, Line, Rectangle and Circle tools are enabled. Each coloring page can be saved and printed or set as the desktop wallpaper. Pages can be easily refreshed when a child wishes to start over. Children can Sign In and create their own account. Each user can select an avatar, age level and option settings. Individual pictures saved will be retrieved each time they sign in. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Pentium 400 mhz and above ■ 32 MB Ram or more ■ 32 bit (True) color ■ Color Monitor w/t ■ 800 x 600 resolution or higher ■ Sound Card [b]Limitations:[/b] ■ nag screen ■ access to all pages is restricted ■ less features

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  • Freedapps Desktop Drape
    Freedapps Desktop Drape

    Freedapps Desktop Drape instantly blanks your computer screen, except an area of the screen you want to focus on (such as a YouTube video, a photo or a text editor). Use it to focus on your current task and make all other windows (or ads) disappear, without having to manually clean up your desktop or close any window. You can also use it to take screenshots with a clean background or check for dead (defective) pixels on LCD monitors. This version is the first release on CNET

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  • Set Point
    Set Point

    [b]Set Point[/b] is a small utility that automatically sets System Restore points for Windows Millennium and Windows XP. The Windows System Restore utility allows the user to undo changes in the Windows registry and file system. You have the option of setting your system back to a previous date and time. It is simple to use, simply select a few options and it will do the rest. Tell [b]Set Point[/b] what time of day you want to create a new System Restore point and how many days or hours apart. You can have [b]Set Point[/b] create a new restore point once a day - every day. When you first boot up in the morning or while you are out to lunch, or anytime you wish. [b]Set Point[/b] makes it easy, you don't have to remember to make a new restore point; and you don't have to fumble around to find the Sysem Restore utility. [b]Set Point[/b] does this all for you. This is the tool Microsoft forgot to add with Windows XP and Windows ME.

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