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  • Clone Table for SQL Server
    Clone Table for SQL Server

    Clone Table for SQL Server is a small, easy to use tool designed to allow you to create copy of selected table (schema and data) to same database. This operation is required in the next case: you need to verify some idea against live (not generated) data. However, you can't modify an existing table: it contains critical data or integrity does not allow you to make changes. This handy utility helps database developers, performance tuners and database administrators create a second copy of a table within seconds. Main features: [ul][li]Easy to use wizard interface[/li] [li]Copy none, all or selected (by WHERE clause) rows[/li] [li]Optional Drop target table[/li] [li]Create indexes related with target table[/li] [li]Create primary key related with target table[/li] [li]Copy or reset Identity values[/li] [li]Copy text and image data (for Professional version only)[/li] [li]Support project files[/li] [li]Command line support (for Professional version only)[/li] [/ul]

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  • Sea Wolves
    Sea Wolves

    The most part of dry land disappeared under the water in result of chain man-caused cataclysms. The planet was flooded with disgusting monsters. And the ruthless pirates have seized the power over survived people... You are the captain of a frigate and you're furrowing the boundless seas. The sea way is full of dangers and as the captain of your own pirate bands, you should load your ships, explore unknown territories, attack your opponents, amass gold, upgrade armor.

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  • Radicalcodex

    RadicalCodex was designed like an eBook and digital Comic Book reader and organizer. Main features: [ul][li]Read both books and comics with a highly customizable look and feel.[/li] [li]Automatic bookmarking.[/li] [li]Set a comic book page as your desktop background.[/li] [/ul]

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  • Captain Tray Pro
    Captain Tray Pro

    Captain Tray Pro aims to give a helping hand to users who must work with multiple windows at the same time, cluttering their taskbar and their screen. It enables them to send any running application to the system tray or a hidden area, so as to improve their workflow and productivity.Send any running program to the system trayCaptain Tray Pro is very easy to handle and requires minimum configuration from the user's part. It sits in the system tray itself, waiting for your commands, which can also be triggered using custom hotkeys. The application detects all the opened applications that reside in the taskbar and displays them in a list within its main window. With just a click, you can send a program to the startup folder or teleport it to the system tray or the so-called 'hideboard'. Restore applications on the spot or at a specific timeApplications can be restored just as easy. Moreover, Captain Tray Pro enables you to schedule window restoring at a predefined time in the future and set sound notifications. Other functions of Captain Tray Pro include accessible power options to turn off, standby, hibernate or reboot the PC. For security reasons, you can assign a password to Captain Tray Pro, which prevents others from restoring your applications when you are not around. Clean your working area with easeCaptain Tray Pro can help unclutter your taskbar, while also proving to be a handy tool for privacy protection, enabling you to hide running applications from prying eyes. It allows the efficient management and grouping of all the opened windows, hiding the ones you don't need or sending them to the system tray. Reviewed by Mihaela Citea, last updated on June 26th, 2014

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  • Clone Ensemble
    Clone Ensemble

    Clone Ensemble takes a solo vocal line, and makes it sound like a choir (in unison). An MP3 on the site demonstrates a 128-voice choir I constructed by singing 4 vocal parts. The plug-in can do the same trick for solo instruments, and makes a single-oscillator synth sound MASSIVELY fat.

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  • Photo Crunch
    Photo Crunch

    Photo Crunch is useful to easily decrease the filesize of jpg images. Just browse for a file and select a compression ratio from a drop-down picklist to view the results both in quality and file size. Controlling the compression level is ideal for reducing the file size of JPG images. It's a good idea to do this for images that will be used on the World Wide Web, which will reduce download time considerably. Compression levels around 50 and 60 are often perfectly acceptable on the Web. Images viewed with a 256-color display will see little difference between various compression levels above 50. Main features: [ul][li]Web Pages will load faster[/li] [li]Saves storage space[/li] [li]Dramatic reduction in download times[/li] [li]Easy to use[/li] [li]Convert BMP files to JPG files[/li] [li]Crop images for further filesize reduction[/li] [/ul]

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  • FXC Sonar
    FXC Sonar

    FXC Sonar is a small but unique package that provides an expanded ring around the mouse pointer for users who have difficulty locating the pointer. Unlike the Windows XP version, this package places a permanent ring around the pointer. FXC Sonar also features the option to vary the colour of the Sonar ring.

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  • Moleskinsoft Clone Remover
    Moleskinsoft Clone Remover

    Duplicate file (files) finder. Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover is an award-winning small shareware utility to find duplicate files and to remove duplicate files on Windows (Vista supported). It will help you to search for and delete duplicate data in a safe way on your PC or laptop, (including .RAR and .ZIP archives), for example, photo files, music (mp3) files, excel, etc. Five ways to search for duplicate files: 1. Search by contents - files may have different names, but similar content. For example, a duplicate photo or music file can be located both in the "C:\My Pictures\photos\" and "D:\Temporary files\" folders. The file names can also be different. 2. Search by mp3 title - you can use this method when you want to get more disk space removing duplicate mp3 files. You may know that an mp3 file (e.g., in iTunes library, iPod duplicates) contains information about the track title, artist and album. Search by mp3 titles uses exactly this data. 3. Search by properties - you can find duplicate files by name and/or file size as well. 4. Similar images (to remove duplicate pictures). Similar images are images (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .psd and others) that differ in resolution. Or that have the same size, but one of them has a small caption and the other does not. 5. Files with a zero size. Free download now! (1.22 MB) Result page You can also use filters to search for duplicates of a certain type only. Limit the scope of search and find dupe files by mask, size, creation (last modification, last access) date, attributes. When the search for duplicate files is finished, the program will show a list of files it has found that you can immediately delete. To make sure the result is correct, you can open the files with the programs they are associated with or view them in a built-in viewer. Duplicate cleaner 1. It will help you find duplicate files and folders. 2. It will help you find duplicate mp3, tracks, music files. 3. It will help you find duplicate images (visually different photos, pictures). Main features 1. Quick search for file duplicates by their contents no matter what their file names are. 2. It is possible to find file duplicates only by file names. 3. Searching for duplicate music files (mp3) by an mp3 tag. It is possible to compare tracks by artist, name, album, year, comment, genre. Or by several tags at a time. 4. Searching for similar images. 5. Searching ZIP and RAR archives. 6. Searching for file duplicates in certain folders. It is also possible to specify folders that should not be searched. 7. Searching for duplicate files belonging to a certain group: archives, office documents, images, video and music, Internet. 8. Convenient tools for managing search results: deleting, copying, moving found files. 9. It is possible to save/open search parameters. 10. It is possible to save/open the lists of found files. 11. Saving search results to a text file. 12. Convenient tools for the multiple selection of found files: selecting all files in one specified folder, selecting all files that are duplicate for the specified one. 13. It is possible to pause searching.

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