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  • PresenterSoft MediaEasy
    PresenterSoft MediaEasy

    Designed for companies and universities, PresenterSoft MediaEasy is a powerful, yet simple to use tool that allows you to create web-based streaming video presentations including PowerPoint slides, images ,HTML,flash and URLs that change in synchronization with the video or audio content. PresenterSoft MediaEasy support both Real and Windows Media format,you can import files with file name extensions of rm, ra, asf, wmv, wma, mp3, avi, wav, mpg, mpeg, swf, jpg, gif, ppt, html . PresenterSoft MediaEasy is compatible with powerpoint 2000 and XP,supports powerpoint 2002 animation. PresenterSoft MediaEasy utilizes a natural workflow that is tab based and requires absolutely no hand coding. After you importing standard PowerPoint slides, It will Automatically convert them to HTML,jpegs or gifs . To create a polished presentation or e-training course with PresenterSoft MediaEasy is quick and easy, no experience necessary,only five easy steps . First, choose a presentation template, then import video or audio, powerpoint slides, images ,flash, HTML and URLs. Standard PowerPoint slides are converted to HTML, jpegs or gifs automatically. After finished importing media files, you may synchronize video with images, slides, HTML and flash files. Then set presentation properties , such as presentation title . If you want to know what your presentation looks like, just press preview tab . Finally, if you are satisfied with your work , you can publish your presentation on the Web, intranet, or on local drives with ease. PresenterSoft MediaEasy automatically creates all of the necessary presentation files.

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  • IDAutomation Barcode Label Pro Software
    IDAutomation Barcode Label Pro Software

    This is an advanced WYSIWYG barcode label design printing software that supports Linear, GS1-DataBar, Composite and 2D barcodes including PDF417, DataMatrix ECC200, Aztec and QR-Code. Supports advanced VB Scripting capabilities and connectivity to comma delimited text, CSV, Excel, Access, SQL Server, ODBC and Oracle databases. Accurately prints ANSI and ISO compliant barcodes to labels on any graphics printer, including thermal printers. The entire application runs from a single EXE file and has no dependencies. Contains label stock templates for Avery, Herma, Zweckform and others. The download is fully functional and does not contain any limitations on the number of labels that are printed.

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  • SF-Business Card
    SF-Business Card

    Use SF-Business Card is an easy to use application that will help you design your business cards. Using this application, you will be able to choose from one of the available templates to create personalized business card.

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  • Visual Business Cards
    Visual Business Cards

    Design and print your own business cards. Wizard steps you through the process. Design and Print your own professional looking business cards using a simple but powerful design screen. The New Card Wizard steps you easily through the process. Tons of custom artwork and backgrounds included. Now with more templates and improved graphic handling. See an instant print preview of your business card design at any time. Insert clip art and pictures, use the drawing tools for unique text and graphical effects. Use rectangles, ovals, rounded rectangles, diamonds, triangles and stars with special effects properties including shadows, brushed surfaces, and gradient filled surfaces. Use any font, any color, and rotate text to any angle. Works with all standard business card stock from Avery and other suppliers. Use true drag and drop WYSIWYG design. Create text in circles or partial circles. Flip and reverse clip art.

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  • EMS SQL Manager 2008 Lite for InterBase/Firebird
    EMS SQL Manager 2008 Lite for InterBase/Firebird

    EMS SQL Manager Lite for IB/FB is an excellent freeware tool for InterBase and FireBird administration. It has minimal required set of instruments for those users who are new to InterBase server and needs only its basic functionality. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for maintaining databases and database objects, managing table data, simply edit SQL queries, run SQL scripts, administering users and their privileges and more.

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  • The Unscrambler
    The Unscrambler

    Leading multivariate statistical software with regression, classification, DoE and data analysis The Unscrambler has set the standard in multivariate analysis (MVA) and design of experiments software for over 25 years. It is the preferred tool for thousands of data analysts, researchers and engineers around the world who need to analyze large and complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately using the power of multivariate analysis. The Unscrambler continues CAMO´s tradition of delivering advanced multivariate data analysis software that is easy to use and offers exceptional data visualization. The new version offers better plotting tools, advanced sample selection techniques, a new spectroscopic transformation, an improved Design of Experiments module and better handling of process data. Powerful analytical tools Advanced regression and classification methods, exploratory data analysis tools, predictive modelling, extensive data pre-processing options as well as descriptive statistics & tests. Outstanding data visualization Interactive data visualization and graphics let you drill-down to individual data points. Zoom and rotate charts to see your data from different perspectives. Draw lines or add comments to your graphs. Easy data importing Drag & drop your data directly from Excel, with an option to preview it in the software. The program also accepts data from a wide range of analytical instruments and process equipment. Intuitive and user friendly The intuitive user-interface makes it easy to navigate, and project-based workflows keep all related data sets, results and graphs together so it’s easy to find the information you need quickly.

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  • Trading Framework
    Trading Framework

    [b]Trading Framework[/b] is a powerful software application designed to build discipline and organization into your trading. Use it to Document your strategy, Plan and manage your trades, Document and Review your actions, and Generate detailed reports.[b]Trading Framework[/b] will help you succeed. [b]Trading Framework[/b] will help you develop the discipline to follow your plan, not your emotions. It will make the learning process more efficient and help you survive before you can prosper.

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  • GenCb39

    GenCb39 will help you quickly and easily print Code 39 Barcodes on different types of predefinied labels pages (the default types are AVERY format). GenCb39 uses a database, so you can fill this database manually or from a CSV file. Main features: [ul][li]It permits to use criterias when printing.[/li] [li]Import function that permits to import the datas from csv files. Print from criterias.[/li] [li]Available languages: English, French, German, Portugues, Spanish, Croatian.[/li] [/ul]

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  • Easy Card Creator Enterprise
    Easy Card Creator Enterprise

    Easy Card Creator Enterprise is easy to operate software solution that allows you - and anyone else for that matter - to design and export ID cards. The application displays a user-friendly interface which makes it a cinch to use. With it you can create ID, post and business cards, badges and labels in a few simple steps. Easy Card Creator Enterprise’s main window contains multiple sections that offer you everything you need for your designs. You have quick access to a multitude of drawing tools, you can view the design in a generously sized canvas area, while also being able to browse through the database of cardholders and predefined backgrounds. Everything about Easy Card Creator Enterprise is practical and straightforward. To edit the properties of the canvas or an element, you simply click it and all its parameters are displayed in a panel, ready to be modified. You can change alignment, color, rotation, transparency and many others, depending on the type of element that you have selected. The cards you create are designed to fit the details of a single person and the application enables you to create an entire database with them. It’s possible to customize data such as name, ID, barcode and date of birth. All the records are displayed in a table and can easily be edited anytime a change is required. When creating an ID card with Easy Card Creator Enterprise, you can opt to use one of the predefined designs and customize them to fit your needs. The application enables you to add text, lines, logos, fields, barcodes, photos and, of course, signatures. To sum things up, Easy Card Creator Enterprise is an application that clearly offers you all the tools and functions you need to create professional looking cards that can be used in any environment. Reviewed by Alexandru Chirila, last updated on December 27th, 2014

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  • Easy Card Creator Free
    Easy Card Creator Free

    Creating a professional business card from scratch is no easy task, but there are some dedicated software solutions out there that might help you quite a lot in this respect. Easy Card Creator Free is one of the tools that were specifically designed to enable you to design personalized ID cards, business cards, badges, post cards and labels. Aimed at beginners and professional users alike, the software comes with a very simple and friendly interface. All the functions are at hand and can be accessed either from the main toolbar or from the drop-down menus. Unfortunately, there are no built-in templates, pre-designed cards that would make the whole thing a lot easier and, of course, turn the final result into a more professional looking product. Easy Card Creator Free has only the basic tools you will need when creating a business card, such as backgrounds, texts, various shapes and logos. You can effortlessly add your own pictures from a folder on your hard rive or, like we did during our tests, quickly acquire snapshots from a connected webcam. The application offers further customization options that can be applied to font size, color and orientation as well as transparency or layout alignment. In case you need explanations about a function or if you simply want to see which are the steps to successfully create a card the detailed 'Help' section provides all the needed information. Overall, with a decent performance and a good feature pack Easy Card Creator Free has what it takes to be the authoring solution you need in order to make unique, personalized business or ID cards. Reviewed by Bogdan Popa, last updated on April 24th, 2012

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    designer in description
  • Spire.Designer

    Edit By The [b]Spire.Designer[/b] is the 100% Pure .NET class Library, which allows you to runtime design form from your application. The designer component simplifies creation of design environments by providing the core functionality needed. The features of [b]Spire.Designer[/b] Runtime creating and resizing .[b]Spire.Designer[/b] provides support to MOVE, re-size, and create objects controls at runtime. The controls can be moved using mouse as well as keyboard.. Rich functions Multi-Select, edit and designer events, Relative Align controls, Undo and Redo, Saving and loading form to/from file, Customizable designer features. Standard and 3rd party components support. nested controls support. Dynamic component information Tool tip in runtime design. Pure .NET component written in 100% managed C#.

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  • PageDesigner

    The designer HTML-DHTML "Michael", v 6.0, is intended for creation, editing, study of pages with use of opportunities HTML, DHTML. With the designer the beginning and experienced developer can work. The designer is a means for practical study and use of opportunities HTML, DHTML: the tags, filters, programming in VBScript, JavaScript and other. In structure of the designer there are following manuals: on language DHTML; to the programming language VBScript, JAVAScript. The manual contain numerous examples ready to practical use. The manual on DHTML contains on each object: properties, methods, event and collection.The designer allows to use on pages such objects as: the menu, bar of the menu, slidescope, tree, tabstrip. In this new version of the designer it is possible to edit any pages. Load from Internet on the computer any page. Load it in the designer and do with it that want. The designer contains the detailed user's guide. In structure of files of the designer there is an example of page created by the designer with the necessary explanatories. The manual contain numerous examples of the tags and script ready to use.The designer works under Internet Explorer 5.5,6.0,7.0

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  • Form Designer VB
    Form Designer VB

    With Form Designer VB all you need to do is prepare your form to use it. Just drop Form Designer VB control onto your form, set Active property to True and enjoy! After activation of Form Designer VB you can select, move and resize any control in your form by keys or mouse. Form with activated Form Designer VB looks exactly like designer in Microsoft Visual Basic IDE. The Form Designer VB demo contains: Two compiled demo projects Full source code of both demo project Online help in Visual Basic compatible HLP file Trial version of Form Designer VB for Visual Basic 6

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  • JOC Screen Designer
    JOC Screen Designer

    JOC Screen Designer is an screen designer and source code generator.

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  • eva/3 Application Builder
    eva/3 Application Builder

    eva/3 Application Builder facilitates a concise and simple assembly of database-bound applications. A number of ready components and commands can be easily added in the Form Designer if required. Data preparation for printing, preview or export of data groups up to complex statistics is done in the Report Designer. The designer is designed in a classical way and is easy use.

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  • Portfolio Designer XP
    Portfolio Designer XP

    Use Excel XP & Portfolio Designer to diagnose your existing stock and mutual fund holdings, allocate new investments, combine your equity portfolio with a fixed income product, protect your portfolio value, and back test your portfolio against a benchmark. Portfolio Designer is compatible with Deluxe Stock Screener from MSN Money website. Portfolio Designer downloads historical prices from Yahoo Finance.

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  • CIW Site Designer Collection practice test
    CIW Site Designer Collection practice test

    From uCertify : Pass Master CIW Designer certification exam in first attempt. Includes exam simulator for 1D0-510 + 1D0-420 certification exams. 787 questions with detailed explanation and 451 study notes. Master CIW Designer - CIW Site Designer Collection study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Master CIW Designer certification exam pattern. Download exam simulation and study guide. Based on latest Master CIW Site Designer Collection practice test. What's new in this version: This version is the first release on CNET

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  • Tangram Xtml Designer
    Tangram Xtml Designer

    [b]Tangram Xtml Designer[/b] is a visual designer for IE Band Object, ActiveX Control and .NET user control. By using this designer, user can use MFC View Objects, activeX Controls and .NET controls to composite a UI component just like he designs a html PaGE.

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  • Huagati DBML Tools Standard
    Huagati DBML Tools Standard

    Huagati DBML Tools adds functionality to the Linq2SQL/DBML diagram designer in Visual Studio 2008. It adds menu options for synchronizing Linq2SQL designer diagrams with the underlying database, and for renaming entities and members to use .net naming conventions.Limited to 80 tables per DBML file / Linq2SQL designer diagram in this version.

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  • Killtest latest free 000-207 exam dumps
    Killtest latest free 000-207 exam dumps

    KillTest professional provides Certified Solution Designer 000-207 the newest Q&A, completely covers 000-207 test original topic. With our completed Certified Solution Designer resources, you will minimize your Certified Solution Designer cost and be ready to pass your 000-207 test on Your First Try, 100% Money Back Guarantee included!

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