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  • Colored Toolbar Icons for Word
    Colored Toolbar Icons for Word

    Tired of boring toolbars? Liven up the Word workplace with this attractive set of colored toolbar icons. The complete collection comes with three full color toolbars filled with icons. Includes a complete set of toolbars - colored equivalents for almost every standard command and function. Use them to liven up presentations, templates, or other Word documents. Enhance productivity and save time by easily spotting a specific command or macro.

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  • MS Word Document File Properties Changer
    MS Word Document File Properties Changer

    MS Word Document File Properties Changer is an application that will help you to view and modify the Microsoft Office Word document file properties such as summary information, file date-time stamps and File Attributes. You can view and modify Summary Information, include: Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Comments, Catagory, Source, Revision Number, Last Saved By, MANAGER, Company, Create Time/Date, Last saved Time/Date, Total Editing Time, Last Printed You can view and modify file date-time stamps, include: Created Time, Modify Time, Last Access Time You can view and modify file attributes,include: Read-only, Archive, Hidden, Not in Content index You can change all of them in statistics bar of MS Office Word. Such as: Created, Modified, Accessed, printed, Revision number, Total editing Time. Modified, Accessed in statistics bar are same as the DOS date time. You can change the File Date Time in my product. [b]MS Word Document File Properties Changer[/b] does not require any version of Microsoft Office Word installed in your computer. [b]MS Word Document File Properties Changer[/b] supports Microsoft Office Word documents from 1997 to 2007, include doc and docx files. [b]MS Word Document File Properties Changer[/b] can change Microsoft Office Word document file properties in single and Batch mode. Please note: In the trial version, the Created year in the statistics bar will change to 2001, No matter what you want to change. If you buy the full rersion, this limited will be get rid off.

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  • Music Notation For MS Word
    Music Notation For MS Word

    Music notation software for MS Word. Now you can work with sheet music and to print it in MS Word.

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  • SumsBox-W for MS Word
    SumsBox-W for MS Word

    The add-in SumsBox will add new opportunities to the MS Word, speed up mathematical calculations, make your work with numbers and tables easy and pleasant. The add-in is an original calculator used for calculating in the selected table cells or the entered expression allowing autofilling the fields of tables. When you open the add-in it automatically calculates the sum of the selected table column. If some columns (rows) are selected it is necessary to make an expression consisting of the names of columns (rows). Then the sum of results of this expression for the selected cells will be calculated. Results in rows are summed from top to bottom and in columns from left to right. One can use the add-in to calculate any expression using either the names of selected columns (rows) or without them being included into the expression. One can include into the expression arithmetic and string operators and VBA functions. The add-in provides autofilling with numbers of the columns (rows) (the values of numbers are either set or calculated) and also autofilling with formulas (by Word fields). When autofilling is performed one can set conditions in the Filter Window. It is possible to carry out a series of operations using a serial expression at a time. Moreover one can insert dates, numbers, a selected fragment in the text of the table into the expression by pressing the left mouse button one time. To perform this function it is necessary to switch on the Mouse insertion mode or hold down the controlling combination of keys. Calculations can be made in the calculator mode. The last 50 calculations are stored in the calculation history. It is possible to add comments to the calculation history. The add-in can be shown in its minimized window. There can also be made the card text of the set number in the Cardtext window. For MS Word 97/2000/XP.

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  • PDFExec For MS Word
    PDFExec For MS Word

    PDFExec for Microsoft Word, with digital signature, is a PDF conversion add-in for the Microsoft Word product. PDFExec converts any Word document into a PDF file. The PDF conversion is initiated through either menus or toolbars within the Microsoft Word product. PDFExec is fast, economical, and feature rich. PDFExec for MS Word also contains a powerful Publish Documents feature. This feature allows you to specify a source directory that contains any number of sub-directories and documents. These documents are automatically converted to PDF and copied to a target directory. The directory structure of the source files is replicated underneath the target directory.

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  • Science Helper For Ms Word
    Science Helper For Ms Word

    Science helper for MS Word® is a fantastic program for middle, high school or college level math, chemistry, physics or engineering teachers, students or researcher. This easy to use software aids the user in developing professional looking documents with graphics that show proper scientific equipment and equipment set-up. Science Helper for MS Word® offers the user a wide rage of option in creating professional graphics while being fundamentally simply. With Science Helper for MS Word® there is no longer a need to search the internet for hours in search of graphics which may not completely relate to your text. Science Helper for MS Word® is 100% compatible with MS Word®, saving time while making a professional and functional document. Before installing Science Helper For Ms Word, Your computer must have been installed the Ms Word, which suggests to install Ms Word 2000 (WORD97 is compatible) or above edition. Advise best to use the resolving capability of 800 X 600 or higher.

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  • Bookmark Jumper for MS Word
    Bookmark Jumper for MS Word

    Bookmark Jumper 1.1 helps you to identify important text and provides with a quick way to navigate through long documents. Bookmark Jumper 1.1 for Microsoft Word helps you to insert bookmarks quickly and to quickly navigate through the document jumping to the next or previous bookmark, without using the Bookmark dialog box, instead of scrolling through the document to locate the text. How can you quickly insert a bookmark if you have installed Bookmark Jumper 1.1 ? While holding the CTRL + SHIFT keys, set a bookmark name! When CTRL + SHIFT keys are released, a bookmark is added! And no Bookmark dialog box is needed! How can you quickly go to a bookmark if you have installed Bookmark Jumper 1.1 ? Bookmark Jumper 1.1 gives you three ways to jump to a bookmark that you want: Click a bookmark name in the BMJList box on the toolbar. Press CTRL + Number key. For example, a CTRL + 1 key down jumps to the first bookmark, a CTRL + 2 key down jumps to the second bookmark (etc.) and a CTRL + 0 key down jumps to the last bookmark. Press CTRL + UP/DOWN arrow key to jump to the next or previous bookmark. To delete any bookmark go to this bookmark and press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE Combination, then you will see the message about deletion as hint on the text

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  • doc2html pro+
    doc2html pro+

    Doc2html Pro+ is a developer library designed to convert MS Word documents into lightweight HTML without the extra tags usually inserted by MS Word. If necessary, the resulting HTML can be manually edited.

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  • Word Password
    Word Password

    Word Password is a simple software that enables you to recover lost Word documents passwords. It works with MS Word 2007 / 2010 (*.docx, *.docm, *.dotx, *.dotm). Word Password is advanced password recovery tool with many recovery features and attacks available, such as dictionary (based on a wordlist), mask based brute-force (if part of the password is known) and brute force (with all possible candidates based on charset selected) attacks. Additional passwords, such as Write Reservation and Document Protection can be removed instantly. Main features: [ul][li]The following methods are available:[/li] [li]Dictionary attack with modifications (wordlists for several languages are included).[/li] [li]Brute-force attack based on mask if any part of the password is known.[/li] [li]Brute-force attack based on charset and length selected.[/li] [li]Advanced, patent pending, keyboard layouts aware recovery technique.[/li] [li]Write and Document Protection passwords are removed instantly.[/li] [li]Highly optimized code guarantees maximum performance.[/li] [li]Supports up to 64 simultaneous processing threads (multi-CPU, multi-core and HT).[/li] [li]Utilizes NVIDIA and AMD GPUs with a high-performance patent pending methods.[/li] [/ul]

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  • Accent WORD Password Recovery
    Accent WORD Password Recovery

    Remove or recover passwords to Word documents created with Microsoft Word 95-2013. Accent WORD Password Recovery removes passwords to modify and passwords to VBA macros while retrieving the original passwords to encrypted documents. Passwords to open are also recovered. Supporting documents in Word 97-2013 format, Accent WORD Password Recovery can often recover passwords protecting Word 2007 documents saved in compatibility mode. In many instances, password-protection can be removed instantly. For example, passwords to modify can be removed momentarily. If your Word documents are encrypted with a password to open, Accent WORD Password Recovery will try different combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters in order to retrieve the original password. Attempting all possible password combinations with brute-force attack can be lengthy, and Advanced Mask Composer employs several special algorithms to speed up the process by reducing the number of possible combinations. If you remember any part of your password, or know anything at all about it such as its approximate length or whether it ends with a number, using Advanced Mask Composer will help you create a profile to speed up the recovery in just a few easy steps. If your password contains a dictionary word or a combination of dictionary words and letters, numbers, and special characters, Advanced Dictionary Manager will help you recover the password faster than ever. With Advanced Dictionary Manager, you are no longer limited to a single dictionary. Instead, you can use as many dictionaries at the same time as you want! Advanced Dictionary Manager will attempt all possible combinations of dictionary words and other characters, try different letter cases, attempt removing and switching characters and adding numbers.

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