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  • MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner
    MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner

    MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner is composed out of an mp3 Recorder, MP3 Joiner(MP3 merger) and ID3-Editor. You can makes high-quality recordings directly from your sound card and save the recording directly into MP3, WMA, OGG and RAW files. No tempory wav file involved, saving your hard disk life, and faster. Sound quality of the recordings remains excellent. MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner adopts advanced LAME Encoder and OGG codec, allows you to generate various qualities of MP3, WMA, WAV OGG and RAW files. MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner makes a complete sound recorder studio of your computer. With it you can record sound from microphone, streaming audio from the Internet, music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, or muisc from external such as Turntable, Walkman, Tape Player, DVD, etc. Supports schedule recording if you want it to do the recording at a specified time of one day or week and you can make schedule to let it record for you automatically. It is most useful while recording internet streaming audio. Support MP3 joiner. You can Join/merger multiple files into one big files, join with high precision and no quality is lost. Support ID3 editor. You can edit the id3 information for your files with the ID3-Editor built in mp3 audio recorder & joiner. Support audio player. you can use it just as an audio player. Support Fixed time closes Computer. you can Establishment close-down time, The computer will be assigning time shutting down. Main features: [ul][li]Record to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX from whatever played through your sound card[/li] [li]Record to WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG, VOX from your cassette tape directly[/li] [li]Record to WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, VOX from any voice from MIC directly[/li] [li]Record to OGG, WMA, WAV, MP3, VOX from CD audio directly while playing[/li] [li]Record to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX from any other sound line in such as radio,TV,CD Player directly[/li] [li]Direct to MP3, WMA, VOX and OGG file, no temporary WAV file involved[/li] [li]Rich options of MP3 encoder, WMA encoder and OGG encoder. Support MP3 VBR and OGG VBR[/li] [li]Encoders/decoders are built-in for you to finish the supported conversion directly[/li] [li]Support schedule recording. You can set a specified time of one day or week to let MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner record for you automatically[/li] [li]Support Fixed time closes Computer. you can Establishment close-down time, The computer will be assigning time shutting down[/li] [li]Support file length limitation. When the limitation arrived, the recording will be stoped automatically or start a new recording[/li] [li]Pause Recording: You may pause recording and resume when your favorite sound is playing[/li] [li]Support high quality playback: It can play any sound what you recorded, and it can play other MP3 WMA WAV and OGG files as a player[/li] [li]Free Audio Player.Audio Mid Recorder is not only a superb Audio Recorder but also a very fine Audio Player[/li] [li]ID3-Editor. You can edit the ID3 information with HiFi mp3 audio recorder & joiner[/li] [li]MP3 Joiner/Merger. Join/Merger multiple files into one big files[/li] [li]Friendly and ease user interface, everybody can know how to record within 5 minutes[/li] [/ul]

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  • ACE Mega CoDecS Pack
    ACE Mega CoDecS Pack

    Advertisement ACE Mega CoDecS Pack is a DVD & Video software developed by KAMI. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for ACE Mega CoDecS Pack: This is the lastest and greatest release of famous [b]ACE Mega CoDecS Pack[/b]. In this Codec Pack you will find plenty of usefull CoDecS (CoderS/DeCoderS), Media Player FilterS, Media Players and other UtilitieS. Also I added Authoring ToolS for video watchning, audio and video processing. In Add-On Pack you can found Authoring ToolS for content creation. [b]ACE Mega CoDecS Pack[/b] uses a brand new filter MANAGER technology! Please refer with Dashboard section! Because of ACE Mega CoDec Pack DashBoard the installation process has been changed! Please read the INSTALLATION Section carefully! The [b]ACE Mega CoDecS Pack[/b] installer from version 6.00 only unpacking the files, then the DashBoard registers and configures them. So never remove files, except when you know what do you do! DashBoard registers and configures CoDecs and FilterS and from this unified User Interface you can do every settings you want.

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  • QuickTime Plugin
    QuickTime Plugin

    MediaLooks QuickTime Plugin is a free DirectShow filter that enables QuickTime media playback in Windows Media Player, Winamp, BS.Player, Media Player Classic, KM Player and Zoom Player. The original QuickTime Player is required.

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  • MP3 CD Ripper Pro
    MP3 CD Ripper Pro

    MP3 CD Ripper Pro is a powerful and easy CD ripper application. It builds CD ripper and audio converter in one. You can easily rip your favorite audio CD tracks to MP3 and other popular audio formats like WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE etc. With audio converter you can convert your MP3 to WAV, WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA etc. The CD ripper allows you to retrieve CD information from remote CDDB. It also supports ID3 tag and sound normalization. With the built-in CD player, you can preview the CD tracks before you start CD ripping process. Due to its simple and straightforward interface, you will be able to use this application within few clicks even without having read any documentation. If you're looking for an application to help you to rip audio CDs and convert audio files in different formats, you won't be disappointed in Free MP3 CD Ripper.

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  • WMA Cutter Joiner
    WMA Cutter Joiner

    WMA Cutter Joiner is an easy-to-use tool to split and cut large WMA file into smaller WMA pieces or cut/join any segment of the WMA files you want. With a build-in player, you can pre-listen the WMA file, set start and end time, split/cut or join any section of the WMA file you want. Using WMA Cutter Joiner you will be able to split WMA files to average segments by customized size or time. With WMA Cutter Joiner you can set the fade in and fade out time of the output WMA files. You can also set the parameters of the output WMA files such as frequency, bit rate. You can once add a batch of WMA files for cutting/joining.

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  • Easy MP3 Cutter
    Easy MP3 Cutter

    Easy MP3 Cutter is a program with a title that pretty much explains its functionality - it allows you to cut MP3 files. This kind of software is necessary the moment your audio tracks are too large to be stored on your MP3 player or to be sent via email. The interface of the tool is very plain. Easy MP3 Cutter clearly needs some improvements from this point of view. So, you can import audio tracks into the list by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method. Batch processing is supported in the way that you can simultaneously cut multiple pieces of the same audio track. In the queue you can view the name, path, start and end time, duration and title of each cut piece of the audio track. So, you can mark the starting and ending point of the track by moving a slider or directly inputting the time values. Furthermore, you can edit ID3 tags, such as title, artist, album, genre, year and comment, as well as save a CUE file, zoom in and out in the track, split by parts, add silence to the split list, and more. The program uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, includes a comprehensive help file with snapshots and quickly finishes task without freezing, crashing or popping up errors. Putting aside the interface which could had been more intuitive, we strongly recommend Easy MP3 Cutter to all users. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on March 30th, 2012

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    Using your computer as a main tool for playback can leave you with a hard time trying to find a media file. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications such as J. River Media Center you are able to organize all media files on your computer and fully enjoy them.Make the interface suit your styleRunning the application for the first time manages to impress, first with the visually appealing interface, then through the amount of features you discover. In terms of visual elements, it sports a modern and fresh look, with various skins you can choose from and even customize. Visualization is also neatly designed, as it puts several 3D animated frequency spectrum composed of pictures you insert, and a breathtaking amount of common ones. Scans and imports your media filesIf you've put your operating system's media folders to good use the application has no problem identifying items you wish to add to the library. You can rest assured that nearly any known audio, video and image format is supported by the application. Create and organize media librariesA side panel lets you quickly navigate through available categories such as now playing, audio, images, video, podcasts, playlists and a few more. You are able to carefully create and manage libraries in which your media files are stored. Multiple view types availableSeveral view types are put at your disposal, one more attractive than the last. You can switch to a mini view, display, theater and cover, each suitable for a certain type of media. The most interesting of all is the theater view, which brings a whole new interface you can easily navigate through by connecting a remote control and using 5 buttons at most. Various tools to work withAmongst its abundance of features, you can also rip tracks from CDs or even burn custom ones, convert audio files to various formats, edit tunes and even go online with the help of an integrated browser. A few last wordsTo sum it up, J. River Media Center is a powerful multimedia workstation that is definitely worth keeping on your computer if music is more than a means to pass the time. There is a lot more that can be said about what the application can do, but the true magic is being surprised with every click you press. Reviewed by Mircea Dragomir, last updated on January 14th, 2015

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  • Music Editing Master
    Music Editing Master

    Creating music requires a lot of time, plenty of talent and an ounce of patience to get the desired result. Music Editing Master is a nice program that was designed to help you edit such files. The program has a clean interface that makes finding all the desired tools an easy job. As mentioned, the program can load all types of file formats, including those that are most popular, such as MP3, FLAC and WMA. When the file is loaded, the app displays the wave form in the interface. Then, you can apply various filters and other editing tools. For instance, you can silence a certain area of the track or inset a few seconds of silence. You may also increase or decrease the amplification levels, add fade in and fade out areas to the song, where the track’s volume climbs or descends as the song progresses. You may also adjust channels, add reverb, delays, invert areas, normalize track volume, add vibrato or trim the track altogether. Some filters are available as well, such as “Notch Filter”, “Band Pass Filter”, “High Pass Filter”, “Low Pass Filter”, “High Shelf Filter”, “Low Shelf Filter”, “FFT Filter” and “Peak EQ Filter” Additional tools are also available. For instance, you can burn audio or data CD/DVDs, edit audio tags, batch convert audio formats or record tracks. All in all, Music Editing Master is a nice program that can be quite useful if you often edit tracks or want to learn how to do it. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity. Reviewed by Gabriela Vatu, last updated on September 18th, 2014

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  • Riffmaster Pro
    Riffmaster Pro

    RiffMaster Pro is a lightweight audio application built specifically for helping you slow down or speed up your audio files for learning how to play the guitar pretty easily. It may come in handy for all beginners who need a fast or slow tempo for getting used to guitar riffs and setting loop points for listening to and practicing the desired part from a song over and over again. Intuitive layout It sports a clean feature lineup that allows you to carry out most operations with minimal effort. Audio files can be uploaded into the working environment using the built-in browse button or “drag and drop” operations. You can also analyse the waveform for each song. Built-in audio player, speed and pitch adjustmentsRiffMaster Pro gives you the possibility to play, pause, or stop the current audio selection, alter the volume, as well as seek for a position in the audio streams. The tool works with the following file formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, FLAC, CDA, WMA, and others. What’s more, you can adjust the speed, pitch, and balance, turn on or off the super vocal reducer, and perform search operations. Other notable characteristics worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to embed user-defined notes on the waveform, use the built-in equalizer, and choose between several preset audio schemes or create new ones using the equalizer. Last but not least, you can zoom in or out of the waveform, delete loops, carry out conversion operations by converting audio files to MP3 or WAV file format, remove items from the playlist, edit metadata (e.g. title, artist, album, genre, year), as well as change the background of the application by selecting from different preset images or upload one from the computer. Bottom lineTo sum things up, RiffMaster Pro offers a handy suite of tools for helping you slow down or speed up audio files. The intuitive interface makes it an ideal app for rookies and professionals alike. Reviewed by Ana Marculescu, last updated on February 26th, 2014

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  • DSS DJ
    DSS DJ

    DSS DJ is a professional audio mixing tool that comes with a couple of powerful features. It is based on one-click beat-matching and synchronization. The user interface may seem crowded at first glance, especially for less experienced users. Since this program has been mainly developed for power users, beginners might have some difficulties adjusting to the DSS DJ environment in a short time. The main menu offers you access to configure DSS DJ, but also to start recording a session (exported as a WAV file), while the browser enables you to manage songs, as well as create and modify song lists. In the 'Configuration' menu you can select audio output, enable beat matching when automatic DJ-ing is on, and others. The two decks are panels where you can play and loop songs, set cue points, scratch, include real-time effects, equalize, and kill frequencies, while the mixer resides in another panel, used to crossfade between decks, guide the signal to master and monitor outputs, to synchronize and mix songs. You can basically play with bends, spins, reverse play, brakes, pitch, master tempo, an accurate automatic BMP counter, a beat-aware loop engine, a cut-off filter, DSP effects, and many more. DSS DJ uses a fairly small amount of CPU and memory resources. The only downside when it comes to navigation is the fact that you cannot move the interface, but only maximize it. In conclusion, DSS DJ is a great tool for mixing audio tracks, and it has many useful features even if it may represent a challenge for beginner users. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on November 23rd, 2012

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    nokia vlc media in description
  • 4Videosoft DVD to Nokia Converter
    4Videosoft DVD to Nokia Converter

    4Videosoft DVD to Nokia Converter is one impressive DVD to Nokia Converter. 4Videosoft DVD to Nokia Converter is one impressive DVD to Nokia Converter for Nokia users. It covers the function to convert DVD movie to Nokia MP4, along with the function to extract DVD movie to Nokia MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. The user-friendly interface and the overwhelming DVD to Nokia conversion speed are this software another two attractive features.

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  • Any Media To Nokia
    Any Media To Nokia

    The Suite includes All Files,DVD,CD,SVCD and VCD to Nokia Video Converter. The Nokia Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF,FLV to Nokia video (MP4 format). And the Aceconvert Nokia helps you convert any Files,DVD,CD,VCD to Nokia movie with high quality and fast conversion speed. Compared with other Nokia Video/Movie converter, Any Media To Nokia Video Converter supports single-step conversion.You can also adjust the output files parameters with few clicks, such as Splitter large video file and so on

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  • Any Media To Nokia 5800
    Any Media To Nokia 5800

    The Suite includes All Files, DVD, CD, SVCD and VCD to Nokia 5800 Video Converter. The Nokia 5800 Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF, FLV to Nokia 5800 video (MP4 format). And the Aceconvert Nokia 5800 helps you convert any Files, DVD, CD, VCD to Nokia 5800 movie with high quality and fast conversion speed. Compared with other Nokia 5800 Video/Movie converter, Any Media To Nokia 5800 Video Converter supports single-step conversion. You can also adjust the output files parameters with few clicks, such as Splitter large video file and so on.

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  • Neoconvert DVD To Nokia E75
    Neoconvert DVD To Nokia E75

    The Suite includes DVD to Nokia E75 Video Converter. The Nokia E75 Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert DVD to Nokia E75 video (WMV format). And the Neoconvert DVD to Nokia E75 helps you convert DVD to Nokia E75 movie with high quality and fast conversion speed. Compared with other Nokia E75 Video/Movie converter, Neoconvert DVD To Nokia E75 Video Converter supports single-step conversion.You can also adjust the output files parameters with few clicks, such as Splitter large video file and so on

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  • Mobile Marketing Pro
    Mobile Marketing Pro

    Send and receive SMS text messages Organize them automatically according to content Send personalized automated responses Take mobile marketing actions. [ul][li] Send SMS to customer groups [/li][li] Group different keywords in your campaign [/li][li] View response rate in real time [/li][li] Detect new customers that answer to your campaign [/li][/ul] What's new in this version: Enhancements: [ul][li] CDMA engine has been enhanced. [/li][li]Added support for: Nokia 3105, Nokia 3125, Nokia 3152, Nokia 3155, Nokia 3155i, Nokia 3205, Nokia 3585i, Nokia 3586, Nokia 3586i, Nokia 3587, Nokia 3587i, Nokia 6012, Nokia 6015, Nokia 6015i, Nokia 6155, Nokia 6155i, Nokia 6225, 6235, Nokia 6235i Nokia 6585, Nokia 6255, Nokia 6275. [/li][li]The SMS Server has beem enhanced. [/li][li]Now detects more causes of cell phone failures and auto-restart.[/li][/ul] Bug fixe... See all new features »

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  • iPod Video Converter Widget
    iPod Video Converter Widget

    Using VLC ( seems to be the fastest and best way to convert video files to an iPod Video-compatible format. The only thing iPod Video Converter Widget does is to call VLC with right parameters to convert your video file. After entering the paths to VLC and the output folder in the preferences, just drop any video file on the Widget and conversion is started. That's it! Of course, VLC has to be installed to make the Widget work. ;-) [b]Requirements:[/b] · Yahoo Widget Engine

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  • Opell Video to NoKia Converter
    Opell Video to NoKia Converter

    Opell Video to NoKia Converter is a powerful Video to NoKia conversion tool which helps you rip Video to NoKia video MP4, 3GP, and to NoKia audio MP3, WMA, and AAC easily and fast, with perfect output quality. Compared with other similar software, Opell Video to NoKia Converter has many additional features such as the following: 1. It fully supports Intel® Pentium D Dual-Core Processor and AMD Athlon? 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor. 2. It offers multithreading and batch conversion. You can select all files you want to convert and concurrently set divers output profiles from one source. It will automatically rip them one by one. 3. It can provide >200% converting speed, beyond your imagination. 4. Convert video to NoKia N93 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia N75 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia N95 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia E62 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia 6126 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia 6085 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia 5300 Mobile Phone. Convert video to NoKia 6555 Mobile Phone. 5. Video source supports Windows Media Format play-able. Support large video files, even large then 2GB. So easy to use that only a few clicks are enough. Very fast and without any quality loss.

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  • VLC Media Player Portable
    VLC Media Player Portable

    The popular VLC media player packaged as a portable app VLC Media Player Portable is the popular VLC media player packaged as a portable app, so you can take your audio and video files along with everything you need to play them on the go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind. VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

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  • VLC Portable
    VLC Portable

    VLC Portable is the highly portable stripped down version of the popular VLC Media Player. Its stripped down to just 8 MB and can be used without installing it in the system making it highly portable.

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    • VLC Media Player Foot Pedal Utility
      VLC Media Player Foot Pedal Utility

      VLC Media Player Foot Pedal allows VLC Media Player to be used as transcription software for transcription of all types of media files with full foot pedal support. To use the program, simply plug in your USB foot pedal, start VLC Media Player, open a supported media file and start transcribing. VLC Foot Pedal permits you to use your USB foot pedal to start, stop, rewind and fast forward while transcribing. Your purchase of VLC Foot Pedal software includes complete documentation and video tutorials showing how to use VLC Media Player and VLC Foot Pedal for transcription of all types of electronic media, including most video and audio file formats as well as CD-ROM and DVD formats. VLC Media Player and VLC Foot Pedal can be used to transcribe any of the following digital media files. VLC Media Player Video Formats MPEG-1/2 DIVX (1/2/3) MPEG-4 ASP, DivX 4/5/6 XviD, 3ivX D4 H.261 H.263 / H.263i H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Cinepak Theora Dirac / VC-2 MJPEG (A/B) WMV 1/2 WMV 3 / WMV-9 / VC-1 Sorenson 1/3 (Quicktime) DV (Digital Video) On2 VP3/VP5/VP6 Indeo Video v3 (IV32) Real Video 1/2 Real Video VLC Media Player Audio Formats MPEG Layer 1/2 MP3 - MPEG Layer 3 AAC - MPEG-4 part3 Vorbis AC3 - A/52 (Dolby Digital) E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus) 3 MLP / TrueHD 3 DTS WMA 1/2 WMA 3 FLAC ALAC Speex Musepack / MPC ATRAC 3 Wavpack Mod (.s3m, .it, .mod) TrueAudio (TTA) APE (Monkey Audio) Real Audio 2 (Sipr codec playback is not supported) Alaw/ulaw AMR (3GPP) LPCM ADPCM QCELP DV Audio QDM2/QDMC (QuickTime) MACE

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