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    SWORD stands for Service Work Order Routing & Dispatch. SWORD is a complete Service Order management software application for creation of service orders and dispatch field service people. SWORD is ideal for many types of businesses that have field service technicians and other field personnel that are dispatched or routed on service calls. SWORD is an application that also includes solutions for customer relationship management and maintenance plan tracking and documentation. This version allows the generation of the following: [b]Documents[/b] · Service Order · Purchase Agreement · Estimate / Quotes · Pick Ticket · Material Sign-out Form · Invoice (AR Handled by QuickBooks) · Sales/Purchase Agreements, plus terms and conditions [b]Reports[/b] (Most reports may be customized by an End-User) · All SOs by Due Date · by Customer · by Schedule Data · SOs equal to the Current Date · Estimates by Estimate Date · Master Account reports · Marketing Letters SWORD with the QuickBooks Link, provides two-way transfer of customer data and Service Orders can be transferred to QuickBooks as Invoices. Main features: [ul][li]Service Orders, including Scheduling, Dispatch and Routing tools[/li] [li]Accounts Receivable, including Invoicing, Receipts Journal and Aging Reports[/li] [li]Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Letter and Proposal Campaigns[/li] [li]Execute Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Track the Results[/li] [li]Maintenance Plan Tracking and Documentation[/li] [li]Drag and Drop Scheduling Calendars for Service Orders and Personnel Scheduling[/li] [li]Track Expenses[/li] [/ul]

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  • e sword
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  • SWORD!

    Android's original and most popular sword simulator uses sounds, motion detection, and your imagination to transform your phone into a virtual sword! Features our exclusive RapidSlash™ technology for realistic swing detection, plus user-activated sounds and a selection of swords from distant realms. ● Unleash your pent-up rage, without the risk of messy lawsuits or incarceration! ● Enjoy some much-needed stress relief and the benefits of high quality medieval exercise! ● Practice swordplay indoors without destroying your home! ● Great tool for fans of fantasy games like D&D, EverQuest and World of Warcraft! ● Annoy your friends, co-workers, or the guy ahead of you in line! ● Train for the Zombie Apocalypse… because swords don't run out of bullets! Arm yourself and start practicing today! Tags: android sword, sword! android, sword! android qr, sword, sword for android.

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    • Sword Maker
      Sword Maker

      Sword Maker is a great fun kids App which allows for the creation of some cool and fun swords.Pick from a wide selection of hilts and blades to make a 'unique' weapon.When you are happy with your creation hit the 'tick' button and move or shake your device to hear cool sword SFX.FEATURES:HD graphicsFully customisableFun soundsEncourages creativity

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      • Silent Sword
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      • Sword Edge
        Sword Edge

        It is a sword-fight action game. Just fight with enemy monsters with your sword and proceed. Occasionally you will get an item on the way that will increase your life, strength, etc. You can effectively use the terrain to kill enemies without receiving damage. It is a retro-taste game that will remind you the time of 8-bit computers. The original version was released in 1993 for a Japanese computer called FM-TOWNS. It has been ported to Windows and Linux.

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      • Scripture Sword
        Scripture Sword

        Memorizing the books of the Bible in their correct order has never been such fun! Slice and dice your way through 27 levels that range from speed challenges to complex puzzles. The game begins easy so if you are unfamiliar with the Bible you will have no problem getting started. The easy levels also give you a chance to have fun experimenting with the real time chopping and slicing. Using some of the most advanced slicing technology available, objects can be cut at any angle, any number of times while responding to the physics of their environment. As you progress through the game the levels get more complex, fast paced and downright difficult. By the time you complete the last level you will know Genesis to Revelation backwards and forwards, enabling you to quickly look up any Bible reference that comes your way. To see the game play in action watch the video at: Important device compatibility info: Scripture Sword was optimized for the iPad and the iPhone 5. Scripture Sword runs on the following devices: iPad mini iPad (3rd gen) iPad 1 iPhone 5 iPhone 4 iPod touch (4th generation) iPod touch (3rd generation) * Requires iOS 5.0 or later This list will be updated as we test on more devices.

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        • Sword Ministries
          Sword Ministries

          Welcome to the official Sword Ministries application. Check out all kinds of content that interests you. After you've downloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email. For more information about Sword Ministries, please visit: We are located in Blasdell, NY and meet in the auditorium of the Gateway Building at 3556 Lakeshore Road, Blasdell, NY 14219 The Sword Ministries app was developed with the Church App.

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          • Clouds Kingdom 3
            Clouds Kingdom 3

            You play as the ninja, JiKah, seeking revenge, in this fighting based platformer, play through 16 levels in four different worlds, as you search for your enemy, Sinith Majoo. In Clouds Kingdom 3, JiKah encounters enemies, which is a perfect opportunity to practice his skills with the sword. He will also get to use Throwing Stars and learn new abilities throughout the game. Original soundtrack by Wartagon. There is also an online highscore board.

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          • Desktop Icon Toy
            Desktop Icon Toy

            Desktop Icon Toy is a reliable utility that allows you to change the way your icons are organized on the desktop, but also customize their look. After installation, the application places an icon in the System Tray which gives you the power to modify its settings on the go, but also open the main interface of the app. Basically, Desktop Icon Toy has dedicated options to change the hover effect and enable a so-called “dancing icon”, but also to switch to a different icon size and animation. But what's the most impressive is definitely the “Layout” tool. You can thus pick from one of the built-in layouts, be they clock, heart, spiral or pentagon, and arrange the icons on the desktop according to the shape you select. So, if you go for the clock shape for instance, Desktop Icon Toy automatically refreshes the desktop and changes the layout to show you the correct time as seconds go by. Other than that, you can enable mouse gestures to arrange icons, set up hotkeys to align icons on the go using predefined settings, hide icons and text, change colors and backgrounds, lock the app with a password and customize the tray menu. Desktop Icon Toy automatically saves your layout before switching to a new one, so it's pretty easy to revert settings. Plus, you can define shortcuts to jump from one layout to another on the go. Overall, Desktop Icon Toy is more than a handy tool, it's an entertaining one. Too bad it doesn't work on Windows 7 though. Reviewed by Bogdan Popa, last updated on February 26th, 2013

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          • Me Speaking
            Me Speaking

            Me Speaking is a versatile Text to Speech application that will read the text you see on your screen or convert the text into MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA and five more formats. Sit back and relax while Me Speaking reads your e-mail's, E-book's, Web pages, proof reads documents, reads to the visually impaired, reads stories to your kids, reads to you while your busy doing other things. Record the text to MP3 and use your MP3 player to listen to it while your out of the house or office. Give your eyes a break and let your PC talk to you. Me Speaking has many useful functions including 13 schedule alarms that will verbally remind you of events and the ability to read text from a COM port. What's new in this version: Version 3.03 includes enhancements.

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          • IconCool Manager
            IconCool Manager

            IconCool Manager is an application that you can use to search, organize and edit icons and vista icons, using a multitude samples from the app's library. It is a powerful tool to manage, extract, convert, modify, search, create, enlarge or reduce xp icons and vista icons. An icon library with dozens of sample entries is included and accessible through a tree-style organizational system, allowing you to categorize icons and create new libraries within them. You can search icons in the library by keywords, and even add or edit the keywords of any icon. An icon search, extraction and conversion tab lets you view icons within files and save them in various sizes as ICO, CUR, GIF, JPG, BMP,r PNG, EMF, TGA, WMF, TIF and WBMP format images. You can also convert images from 25 formats to icons. You can export a total icon library to an ICL file. You can move icons easily using the powerful Drag and Drop functions. Main features: [ul][li]IconCool can enlarge or reduce a transparent icon, and the new icon will be transparent too;[/li] [li]IconCool can convert any part of a picture to a transparent icon by simply dragging your mouse;[/li] [li]IconCool can change the color depth of icons easily;[/li] [li]The smart image capturing tool can be used to capture images of various sizes from your desktop or any other software. A third tab includes a large directory of 800 icon web sites and allows you to edit, delete, and add sites. Now IconCool supports Windows XP 32bit icons.[/li] [/ul]

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          • iPad

            Generally, finding out your IP address can be quite troublesome, as even the “ipconfig” command will not display external IP addresses. Thanks to certain software solutions, such as IPAD, you can find out your IP address on the spot.Seamlessly easy to use, yet handy Command Prompt application The program can help you easily discover your IP address, by just running it. IPAD will scan your system and network, in order to retrieve your external IP address. Although the program requires certain libraries in order to run, these are included in the application’s package. Furthermore, as the application is built using the Curl programming language, it will help you retrieve your external IP address in the shortest time. Straightforward and reliable IP address finder running in command lineIPAD is very easy to use, as it requires no installation. By keeping it clean and simple, the application becomes highly portable, as it can be ran on multiple devices. Additionally, it comes as a healthy solution for users that are not accustomed or do not have knowledge about the command line code, such as the “ipconfig” command. Besides, the application can be integrated in other programs that require an IP address to process. A lightweight, yet dependable external IP grabberThe application can help you discover your external IP address with just a couple of clicks. Although, the program displays only your external IP address, it could easily retrieve other network or IP-related details, such as the subnet mask or TCP/IP configuration. To conclude, IPAD provides you with a fast way to find out your external IP address, without having to go through a lot of processes or commands, which could confuse users not accustomed to command line scripts or network settings. Reviewed by Andrei Fercalo, last updated on May 16th, 2014

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          • Light saber
            Light saber

            Lightsabers have become famous thanks to the Star Wars movies and they have fascinated fans ever since they first appeared in 1977. The laser swords look beautiful and they are sure to capture everyone’s attention. Light saber is a small widget that can be stored on the screen. It has a simple interface, so customizing it shouldn’t be difficult to any users. Thus, the program lets you customize the lightsaber. By accessing the right-click menu, you can fiddle with several settings. Thus, you can change the handle style. There are a few replicas available, such as “Anakin Skywalker”, “Ben Kenobi”, “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “Darth Vader”, to name a few. Additionally, you can customize the color of the sword. You can pick one of the available color presets or choose a hue from the spectrum. The program can be set to ignore mouse movements and accidental mouse drags. The frame’s opacity can be modified as well. The app requires Yahoo! Widget Engine to function. The bottom line is that light saber is a nice tool that can keep you entertained. Less experienced users should find it quite easy to handle, thanks to its overall simplicity. Reviewed by Gabriela Vatu, last updated on February 26th, 2013

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          • True Sword
            True Sword

            Get rid of spyware and adware in one click with this handy and easy program Fast, easy, and handy, True Sword protects your computer against malicious programs harming your computer and breaking your privacy. These programs include trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers and even some kinds of viruses. True Sword scans your hard disks, registry and processes and destroys any manifestation of such malicious programs. Standard anti-virus software can do nothing against privacy breakers and malicious programs like that. If you use Internet every day, you are not safe even with anti-virus and firewall. Pests can still freely take roots in your system. One day we realized this problem and developed True Sword to help you solve it. True Sword is your final step on the road to safety and comfort. Let professionals guard your security and privacy while you working or entertaining with your PC. Key features Before you realize, that True Sword is exactly what you need to complete shield against spyware, adware, Trojans, and other kinds of malware on your PC, look through True Sword's key features. General * Fast and reliable search and destroy of spyware, adware, Trojans, trackware, dialers, keyloggers and other kinds of malicious software * Three scanning modes that can fit both home user and professional * Scanning of hard disks, floppy and removable devices * Registry scanning * Processes scanning * BHOs scanning * Hosts entries scanning * Deep malicious folders scanning * Cookies scanning * Backup of any changes, made to your system * Full customizability and fine tuning support * Full time professional support Anti spyware database updates * Handy Update Wizard * Daily database updates on our web site * Updating both from the Internet and local file * Improved updating process for large networks Interface * User-friendly and handy interface * Eye pleasing colorful main window * Windows Vista and Windows Seven compatible

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          • Shogun Warrior
            Shogun Warrior

            The China found itself in the turmoil of political instability. It was your bad luck to be born in times when nothing seems to be working without bloodshed and violence. Therefore your mission is to use your sword skills in the hostile environment of never-ending conflicts between two China´s rulers. Perhaps will your superb sword control make a difference. But until that happens you will have to chop off some heads and spear through some hearts. It is your destiny, so go ahead and do it for the sake of peace!

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          • Sword Master
            Sword Master

            Your search for a special kind of sports game brought you the Sword Master free downloadable game. Your goal is to eliminate dangerous space balls using your sword. Hitting them several times should do the trick. You better destroy them before they start spitting deadly bullets all around the place. It is all up to your sword skills if you want to survive this magnificent free sports game. Try it out now!

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          • TyphoonWallpaper

            TyphoonWallpaper is a simple, very easy to use application specially designed to help you customize your desktop's wallpaper with just a few clicks. Personalize your desktop with the most dynamic wallpaper manager on the market. Set TyphoonWallpaper to cycle through any number of designated images. Features include an embedded calendar, multiple wallpaper layouts, an array of customizable settings, plus unlimited access to hundreds of free high quality images from TyphoonTools.

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          • Ancient Weapon Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on
            Ancient Weapon Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on

            Screaming Bee releases Ancient Weapon Sounds. This free add-on is now available for MorphVOX users. The sound pack includes 11 quality sound effects. Make War Online with Ancient Weapon Sounds. Now you can blast you buddies over instant messaging with high-impact vintage weapons. You can choose from a variety of bone-breaking and flesh-tearing weapons of old, including the sword, bow and whip. [b]Sounds Included:[/b] · Arrow Flying · Arrow Hit · Bone Breaking · Flesh Impact · Stab · Sword Clang · Sword Clang 2 · Unsheathe · Whip Attack · Whip Hit · Whoosh

            Size: Download
          • Fantasy Sounds Add-on For MorphVOX
            Fantasy Sounds Add-on For MorphVOX

            Get the Fantasy sound pack for MorphVOX! Want to hit a friend with a sword or whip sound? Enhance your gaming experience. Fantasy Sounds Add-on For MorphVOX is a free sound pack which integrates perfectly with MorphVOX Voice Changer. Try it today! [b]The Fantasy Sound Pack includes the following sounds:[/b] · Sword Strike · Horse · Whip · Arrow · Anvil · Impact · Dwarf Laugh · The Abyss [b]Requirements:[/b] · MorphVOX 2.0 or greater

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          • Sword Master
            Sword Master

            Your search for a special kind of sports game brought you the Sword Master free downloadable game. Your goal is to eliminate dangerous space balls using your sword. Hitting them several times should do the trick. You better destroy them before they start spitting deadly bullets all around the place. It is all up to your sword skills if you want to survive this magnificent free sports game. Try it out now!

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          • Unreal Tournament 2004 Samurai Tournament mod
            Unreal Tournament 2004 Samurai Tournament mod

            This Unreal Tournament 2004 mod is a single-player sword fighting game in which you play a samurai warrior battling foes on an open field. You can use the mouse to swing your sword and as you progress you will be challenged by more and more enemies at once.

            Size: Download
          • Four Little Warriors
            Four Little Warriors

            Your last chance to stand up to your competitors in the battle for the Sword of Time. Rely on your sword, your skill and your swiftness. Kill the enemy golems to gain even more crystals, but never dare to get caught by one of them. Succeed in the battle against your competitors and show them who is the king of the battlefield! Use one of the various items to cause confusion, become invisible and grab one of the long range weapons and never ever lose your orientation! The Sword of Time is your only chance to leave this cursed place far away from your homelands. Try everything to not miss this final chance. Four Little Warriors offers rapid arcade action for up to four players.

            Size: Download
          • Rakion International
            Rakion International

            Rakion is an online strategy action game. The game focus on intense sword on sword battles with RPG style characters and settings, along with the strategic battle plans to provide the ultimate battle experiences. Version 318 features recent patches and updates.

            Size: Download
          • Sword of the Stars
            Sword of the Stars

            Sword of the Stars is a 4X strategy game brought to you by the core team behind the acclaimed title Home World: Cataclysm. Sword of the Stars returns gamers to the action-packed roots of the 4X genre with some new twists, including a 3D starmap and real-time combat resolution in a 3D environment. Playing as one of four unique races, gamers will explore planets, research new technologies, and create empires in a hostile universe where weakness means extinction and only the strongest will survive. Sword of the Stars provides quick, intuitive play, state-of-the-art graphics, and tactical combat that make the game instantly involving and rewardingly fun.

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          • Dungeon Siege - Nemesis Sword mod
            Dungeon Siege - Nemesis Sword mod

            This sword is the size of a farm boy and is very powerful. It has been updated and is the same mod as the last Nemesis sword but was fixed so the price is not priceless anymore!.

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          • Sword of Valor 3D Screensaver
            Sword of Valor 3D Screensaver

            Out in the windy steppes of a distant foreign land amidst the tall lush grass you will find the glorious sword of valor tempered in the fire of many great battles. The fate of its owner, a mighty noble warrior, whom it helped to defeat many evil foes, is, alas, unknown. Sword of Valor 3D Screensaver is a software that brings sword images on your screen. The black raven circling overhead can hardly be a good sign. His loyal forlorn horse is grazing on some fresh grass in the distance. As nighttime comes you see glimpses of the illustrious battles the legendary sword still remembers. Will you become the new owner of this great weapon forged for a true hero? [b]Limitations:[/b] 60 sec nag screen

            Size: Download
          • Security Suit
            Security Suit

            Are you ready to turn you computer into secure stronghold and get rid of spyware, adware and trojans? Then try combined power of Active Shield and True Sword in Security Stronghold Suit! As a present you'll get Security Integrator - our powerful utility.True Sword demolishes malicious scouts that are already in your system, while Active Shield fights against invaders, that are on the avenue of approach to your PC.

            Size: Download

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