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  • BlueZone Secure FTP (formerly Seagull Secure FTP Pro)
    BlueZone Secure FTP (formerly Seagull Secure FTP Pro)

    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an easy, fast way for individuals and organizations to share information. But there's a problem. Standard FTP is not secure. Most FTP products lack the security features necessary to encrypt or ensure data integrity. Their clear-text passwords and data can be easily intercepted. And many ports typically must be left open for the data transfer ports randomly assigned by the FTP server, making the firewall less effective. BlueZone Secure FTP can easily fill the security holes in FTP. [b]NOTE:[/b] Registration is optional, however completing the brief registration form will remove the automatic splash screen from appearing each time you launch the BlueZone Secure FTP application.

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  • Secure

    Secure will help you by allowing you to keep your files password protected and if anybody tries to modify then the system wiill be locked untill the user get the permission from you(The one who encrypted the files). In this way secure helps you to keep your files safer and securer than anything. Secure doest only safegaurds your files rather it notifies you every change that occurs. If you are having any files which are very important and you want to keep them secure from others and hidden from danger,then no other than Secure can help you.

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  • Secret Secure
    Secret Secure

    The brand new official Secret Secure Mobile App is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Secret Secure on your mobile device with our free Mobile App. Tags: secret secure.

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    • Droid Secure
      Droid Secure

      Program to communication uses only SMS messages, program after receiving SMS checks whether it contains secret word and performs assigned action: ● Location: Program sends SMS message, with current geographical location, to location can be optionally attach name of place which indicate geographical coordinates ● Alarm: Program will turn an audible alarm, so that you quickly find your phone ● Lock: Program locks screen so that nobody can use your phone ● Erase: Program deletes all user data ● Program can protect access to program and system settings and blocks possibility of install and remove programs without entering password Permission to access Internet program uses only to get name of place which indicate geographical coordinates Functions Lock and Erase require that program is device administrator When program does not executing a programmed command, remains dormant waiting for new command, using as little resources as possible Program will try to remove SMS with command before incoming SMS notification, but not for each devices it will be possible, especially when it is installed another program to receiving SMS, you should not rely on this function Tag: theft, location, message, alarm, SIM, SMS, lock, erase

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      • Umobile Secure
        Umobile Secure

        Umobilesecure is an app for securing and recovering devices that are lost or stolen. Once you discover your device is lost or stolen, login to your vault at From the vault you can LOCK, LOCATE or WIPE your device. Locking your device from the vault takes a picture from the camera and displays it in the vault. If your device has SMS, you can send a message from a friend's phone using your 4 digit PIN to lock your device. This makes your device unusable to the thief and emits a loud siren. Your friend's phone will receive an SMS with your device location. To successfully activate this app you will need to purchase a Serial Number from participating outlets.

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        • Secure Backup
          Secure Backup

          This application intended to provide security of your vital data such as Contacts, and Call logs.Now there is no need to backup over a server you can backup to your own Email ID. Remote Backup of vital Data and tracing of phone location when it is lost. These data can also be imported to the Excel when you don’t have the phone. your comment is our driving force for improving our app, please leave a comment for this app Keywords:Contacts,Call logs,Backup,Remote Backup

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          • Secure It
            Secure It

            Encrypt your private messages with your favourite encrypter.

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            • Secure Documents
              Secure Documents

              You have to juggle a lot of sensitive information: log-in IDs and passwords, credit cards and bank account numbers, family Social Security numbers, sensitive e-mails and texts, etc. Sometimes it seems like it's getting to be too much to handle. Secure Documents offers a way of ensuring that all of these documents and numbers are both readily accessible to you and emphatically private. Using Triple DES or Single DES Encryption, the app saves your information to a protected database inside your Android device. Secure Documents encrypts and stores virtually anything: sensitive emails, passwords, account numbers, etc. Your data remains readily available for you to decrypt and reference, but safe from prying eyes in the event that your phone is lost, stolen, or snooped through. Tags: android application for securing documents and passwords, secure document android, secure document android app, secure document on an android, secure document send android.

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              • Mailware Home Office
                Mailware Home Office

                Order entry software system designed specifically for mail order companies (supports a retail front too). Import orders from almost any Web store. Create invoices, packing lists, pick lists, and labels. Manage your inventory, track customer activity, and send e-mails. Mailware Home Office is a complete system for your mail order business. Version 3 includes new order import, batch processing, SQL database, and e-mail notification. What's new in this version: Version 3 includes new order import, batch processing, SQL database, and e-mail notification.

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              • PhoneWallet for Windows PC
                PhoneWallet for Windows PC

                Tired of remembering all confidential information? With only one Phone Wallet application you will keep all secure info in one place and have access to it any time. Phone Wallet helps you safely store all the data not only on your mobile phone but also on your PC. Secured data become unavailable for others, you set your own entrance password, which is known only to you. The mobile and PC versions use one entrance password. Nobody could read your passwords, logins or any other info even after making the disk dump. To be sure that nobody can access your data you can change your password often. As the mobile version of the software, the Phone Wallet for Windows PC is fully customizable according to your needs. You can easily add your own folders, customize or delete existing ones. In every folder you can make as many items as you wish with your own fields. Key Features: - Strong data encryption for your data security with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - Ability to send your data to Phone Wallet mobile version - The software is absolutely FREEWARE - Layout settings for icons and view styles - Total flexibility for adding, deleting and editing of folders, records and fields

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              • Excel Splitter
                Excel Splitter

                With Excel itself, the operation requires opening each workbook, selecting entire sheet, creating a new workbook, pasting the sheet, saving. But with Excel Workbook Splitter, you just load any number of workbooks (or even some folders) into the program and see the list of all worksheets from all workbooks at once. Excel Workbook Splitter is a powerful and easy to use split tool for excel workbook.

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              • Workbook TOC
                Workbook TOC

                Workbook TOC is a table of contents generator for a Microsoft Excel workbook. This Excel Add-on will create a new worksheet listing the names of the worksheets in the workbook. The worksheet names are also hyperlinked to the worksheet to allow quick navigation of a large workbook. [b]Requirements:[/b] · Microsoft Excel 2000/2002/2003 [b]Limitations:[/b] · The trial version of Workbook TOC will only list the first ten worksheets in the workbook

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              • XLSafe 2007
                XLSafe 2007

                XLSafe 2007 is an application created to help ypu protect the contents of your Excel files and restrict their distribution at the same time.

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              • Convert Photos to PDF
                Convert Photos to PDF

                Editor's review: Embedding images into presentation makes it appear more interactive as well as easier to follow for the viewers. But these embedded images may lead to trouble when it comes to converting your presentation into PDF. It may take a lot of your time and may reduce the image quality. Nevertheless, you can try converting your presentation images separately into PDF format that too without compromising the content quality by using the new [b]Convert Photos to PDF[/b]. It’s a handy tool that supports converting your images of several formats into customized and good quality PDF file. The utility is compatible to process JPG, WMF, PNG, EPS, BMP, EMF along with PCX, PIC, PSD, TGA, DCX, and even more. Even, the tool would not bother to repetitively carry out the file selection, as it offers batch conversion mode to ease the task for you. Sporting a decently tailored GUI, the Convert Photos to PDF application is an integration of negotiable features to let you convert your images easily into PDF format files. You’ve to begin with the selection image files for the conversion process, that line up at the mid interface area. Following the file selection, you can carry out output file customization with the provided features; Page Size, Page Margin, and Image Size. Using Page Size option you can select default or set custom size for the document. Further you can set Page Margin to be center or set custom margins from top and left; where as Image Size can be selected to Original Size, Fit to Page Size, or Custom Size. When you’ve set the customizations, it is the turn to decide to make one PDF file from entire images or create individual PDF file for all images. Now, set the Destination Path, and press Convert to begin the conversion process. [b]Convert Photos to PDF[/b] facilitates a smoothly carried out conversion of your images into quality PDF files. Citing its easily navigable set of features aiding you to derive the output with desired attributes and prompt performance, the utility has well-deservingly been rated with 4 rating points. Publisher's description:

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              • Excel Workbook Splitter
                Excel Workbook Splitter

                Excel Workbook Splitter is a powerful, friendly and easy-to-use Excel tool to split multi-sheet excel files into single sheet excel files with high speed.

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              • SecureMe Component
                SecureMe Component

                Avoid the hassle of implementing a user management system in your application, SecureMe provides role-based security to your .NET 2.0 or COM application, exposing built in GUI forms, classes and methods for accessing and managing your application’s users, roles, security policies and audit trail with built-in encryption using MD5 or SHA1. SecureMe also includes an implementation wizard allowing you to implement the component with Minimal coding effort. Pre-Built Logon Screen A built-in logon screen can be called from code at any time to authenticate the user in your system. The logon screen can be customized via properties or even policies by your users. You can also create your own custom logon form and just add the proper code, a sample is included on how to do this. Role Based Security SecureMe is based on roles, this means that you define all users and then create specific roles to which these users will be assigned. The authorizations or rights will be granted to roles, and users will obtain these authorizations depending on what roles are assigned to them. This allows to quickly add new users without having to re-assign authorizations. Database SecureMe needs to stores its information in a data source, which can be any OLEDB data source or SQL Server database. When using the component you can choose which type of data source you want to use by setting a property. Policies SecureMe contains Eleven preprogrammed security policies that can be modified from the built-in security console. Policies like password History, password complexity and minimum password length will allow you to increase or decrease the level of security of your application just by modifying a few settings. The included security console allows your own users to modify your application's policies at any time.

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              • PDF Security ActiveX
                PDF Security ActiveX

                PDF Security ActiveX Component can encrypt PDF with standard 40-bit or 128-bit encryption. You can also set the permission of the user such as printing, modifying etc. You can make secure PDF and protect your PDF in one function call. PDF Security ActiveX also provides the ability to decrypt an encrypted PDF given the password. Add "encrypt pdf " or "decrypt pdf " feature to your application now! Both encryption and decryption are done by PDF Security ActiveX Component itself without the need of installing additional software such Acrobat PDF Reader.You can make secure PDF documents easily to achieve password enabled content protection. The features are: Encrypt and decrypt PDF files; Supports PDF user password and owner password protection; Password protect opening of the PDF document; Disable printing of the PDF document ; Disable copying of text/graphics ; Disable modifications to PDF the document ; Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption ; Examples in VB, ASP, VB Script are provided.

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              • wodSFTP

                SFTP ActiveX Client OCX/DLL, SCP Client, SFTP Component The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP client) provides secure file transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, SSH in this case. It is the standard file transfer protocol for use with the SSH2 protocol. Windowless wodSFTP component implements client side of this protocol which is reliable and easy to use. SFTP is not just some "FTP over SSH" wrapper - it is newer protocol, supported by all SSH2 servers as their subsystem. Features: - Transfer data securely over SSH layer using AES, DES, and BLOWFISH encryption - Copy files and data directly from/to variables - Uses FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL crypto library - Use it in asynchronous mode with events, but also in blocking mode in scripting environments - Support for all major Proxy servers (can reuse windows settings) - Tested with most popular SSH2 servers available - Installation contains x86 and x64 binaries - Samples in Visual Basic, VC, ASP and Delphi

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                secure in description
              • CryptoHeaven Secure Communication
                CryptoHeaven Secure Communication

                Secure and encrypted email with integrated business class secure Instant Messaging. Collaborate with others with secure group chat and secure file sharing. Use secure message boards and securely leave documents for others. HIPAA and GLBA compliant. Works across networks and firewalls without a need for expensive VPN, PKI or complicated network setup and maintenance. What's new improved firewall traversal, improved international character support, simplified contact creation, added email export

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              • Secure Hive
                Secure Hive

                Secure Hive is a powerful tool for secure archiving and sharing of files. It enables you to create encrypted archives and self-extracting .exe files for secure storage and file sharing. It also includes a simple but powerful means of encrypting parts of, or entire, documents, email messages, etc.Secure Hive offers the enterprise a method of: Securing sensitive documents Protecting information during transfer Securing emails

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              • JSCAPE Secure FTP Server
                JSCAPE Secure FTP Server

                JSCAPE Secure FTP Server supports FTP, secure FTP (FTP over SSL), SSH/SFTP, HTTPS and HTTP protocols. JSCAPE Secure FTP Server greatly simplifies the process of securely exchanging data with trading partners and automation of file transfer processes, resulting in increased productivity and immediate return on investment.

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              • Secure iXplorer
                Secure iXplorer

                Secure iXplorer is all you need for secure FTP, VNC and Terminal sessions over the otherwise insecure internet.

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              • z/Scope Secure Tunnel
                z/Scope Secure Tunnel

                From Cybele Software: z/Scope Secure Tunnel is a software solution aimed to provide a secure communication infrastructure, to allow firewall-friendly client-server communications over the Internet. z/Scope Secure Tunnel allows you to extend the reach of any third-party terminal emulator � (IBM�"s Personal Communications or Client Access, Attachmate�"s Extra/Reflection, Netmanage�"s Rumba, etc), adding the capability to reach the Mainframe without exposing it directly to the Internet, using secure http/s protocol.z/Scope emulation packages include an intrinsic interface to z/Scope Secure Tunnel. Furthermore, z/Scope Secure Tunnel provides a Socks 4/4a/5 interface, enabling any socks-aware client (not only terminal emulators) to connect through firewalls.

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              • inTouch Secure Password Wallet
                inTouch Secure Password Wallet

                "Secure Password Wallet" is a useful utility which will save you time and frustration. With "Secure Password Wallet", don't be afraid of loosing your password or private and confidential information. "Secure Password Wallet" keeps your data and allows you to retreive them at any time you need them. Why always using the same password from here and there? Just because you may forgot about it! That's it, Now! with "Secure Password Wallet" keep changing them anytime and save them in your Secure Wallet, so the next time you forget about just search for it in your "Secure Password Wallet".

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              • Secure Archive
                Secure Archive

                Secure Archive is a new generation of encryption software. It provides multiple encryption algorithms, variable compression levels, secure delete and Self-Extraction. Secure Archive was created to give users an easy to use yet powerful file based security tool and is perfect for any HIPAA compliant company

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              • Secure Password Creator
                Secure Password Creator

                Secure Password Creator is a small application that will help you generate secure passwords with expanded possibilities.

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              • Secure Password Creator
                Secure Password Creator

                Secure Password Creator is a small application that will help you generate secure passwords with expanded possibilities.

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              • CryptoHeaven Secure Email Hosting
                CryptoHeaven Secure Email Hosting

                Secure Email with integrated Instant Messaging and collaboration features Secure and encrypted email with integrated business class secure Instant Messaging. Collaborate with others with secure group chat and secure file sharing. Use secure message boards and securely leave documents for others. Works across networks and firewalls without a need for expensive VPN, PKI or complicated network setup and maintenance. Formally comply with privacy and security provisions of: HIPAA, GLBA, SEC 17a-4; NASD 3010. The easy to use, secure system automatically and effectively manages encryption without any user input. Turn key solution with no ongoing maintenance.

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