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  • Convert to TIFF with TIFF Printer Driver 1 User
    Convert to TIFF with TIFF Printer Driver 1 User

    EERNET TIFF printer driver makes conversion to TIFF as easy as printing.If you can PRINT IT! You can Convert to TIFF! Its just that EASY!Once converted into TIFF image files, you can share, archive them or (automatically) attach them to an email message as a virus-free attachment.In comparison to competing conversion tools that offer a multitude of file formats, the PEERNET TIFF print driver specializes in producing the exact TIFF file format you require through it's extensive customizable TIFF specific properties that are not available in competing products.BENEFITS OF THE PEERNET CONVERT TO TIFF DRIVER Convert to TIFF using any Windows application, including proprietary, in-house applications built for Windows. Combine multiple different documents into a single multi-paged TIFF file quickly and easily with this tiff printer. Extensive customizable TIFF options, including compression, color, resolution, and paper size, allow you to create the exact TIFF you require. Set it once in the tiff printer and forget about it. Saves time by streamlining document workflow - easily attach your own processing logic before and after file creation. Fully-features file naming ability allows you to customize where the file is saved and how it is named. Automatically email documents simply by printing them to the TIFF printer. Integrating the driver with your solution does not require any special API or developer kit. Everything you need is already included. FEATURE OUTLINE of PEERNET TIFF Converter Complete control over the file size and image quality of the TIFF files created. The TIFF printer is configured to produce good quality pictures upon install, but there are times when you need to control the size of the file or the quality of the image produced. Increase the printer's resolution (to a maximum of 1200 DPI) to increase the quality of the image, or lower the resolution (to a minimum of 50 DPI) to create a smaller sized image. Save space with automatic color options - the fewer the colors, the smaller the file. The TIFF printer takes the guesswork out of selecting the color mode the image is stored in when performing convert to TIFF. Without affecting the image quality, the TIFF printer can automatically reduce your document image to the fewest number of colors possible. This option is easily changed if you always need true color, greyscale or monochrome images. Customize the TIFF format options to get the exact TIFF you need, every time. For certain types of applications, such as archival, fax, or proprietary systems, the type of TIFF file that needs to be used is restricted in format and compression type, and will be rejected if it does not match. The PEERNET TIFF driver provides the ability for you to specify the TIFF format and compression that must be generated in order to guarantee these files will be accepted by these systems every time! Produce fax-ready TIFF images suitable for use with your favourite fax software. Fax software programs often have specific guidelines regarding the image formats they can fax. With the PEERNET TIFF driver's many fax options for both Profile S and Profile F fax formats, as well as its large selection of fax resolutions, you can be guaranteed to get the TIFF file format you need. Advanced file naming convention If your files need to follow a specific naming convention or be stored in a certain location, the PEERNET TIFF driver's advanced file naming ability can be easily configured to meet your needs - be it for an archival, fax or other proprietary system. Ultimate control and tight integration with YOUR workflow process. To streamline or automate any process, the PEERNET TIFF driver provides several points in its file creation process that allow you to attach your own processing logic to allow you to run or invoke actions before or after the creation of your TIFF file. Take advantage of what others have done to save money every day.For more information, see the PEERNET.DRV eTIFF print driver's extensive list of features

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  • Split Tiff, Merge JPEG, Remove tiff page
    Split Tiff, Merge JPEG, Remove tiff page

    Bulk tiff files joiner & splitter software is robust Windows utility helps to manipulate TIFF image files. It can easily combine multiple tiff photos either have single frame or multiple frames per file. Tool joins all the frames of multipage tif pictures together and saves at desired location on the disk. This consolidated program can also perform tiff split task in a fashioned manner. User can define the output image files name using macros. Also the image formats can also be decided prior to start split process. The image formats that the program supports as output files are JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF etc. If users need to delete any specific page or frame from tiff file, TIFF Splitter merger is best solution to extract the desired pages out from photos by deleting frames. Tiff split merge tool maintains data integrity after split merge delete process. In fact, Program does not require any extra plug-ins or supporting files for proper working. Tiff graphics joiner splitter cutter program is an intuitive and robust utility which helps to divide a multipage tiff files into fraction, one page per file. Supported Features are: (1) Split tiff file and save output as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF etc. (2) Split, combine & delete tiff pages using single application. (3) Tool is compatible with Windows OS. (4) Lifetime product support is available. (5) Graphical user interface and inbuilt help manual.

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    • Split Multipage TIFF Files Into Separate TIFF Files Software
      Split Multipage TIFF Files Into Separate TIFF Files Software

      TIFF images provide you with an elegant and efficient way of storing images at high quality and it is flexible enough to store multiple layers into one file. Split Multipage TIFF Files Into Separate TIFF Files Software is a crafty tool that allows you to separate each page of a TIFF image .Fast image splitter that emphasizes on TIFF files The application helps you quickly separate the contents of a multi-paged TIFF image into several individual ones. This way, you can use each one in particular for your projects or simply as a wallpaper for your desktop, as an example. Furthermore, you can select where your output images are saved, as you can have a different save folder for each processed image. For instance, you can keep images related to a field trip in one folder, then process others from a birthday or a photo session. Straightforward photo separatorSplit Multipage TIFF Files Into Separate TIFF Files Software can load both individual files and entire folders for processing, the latter option being ideal for quickly adding all your images from a directory to the processing list. In addition, you can review your list and remove files from it, in case you need to change the files that need processing. With the help of the program, you can extract individual pictures from a multi-layered TIFF image, and use those as you wish. ConclusionAll in all, Split Multipage TIFF Files Into Separate TIFF Files Software provides you with simple means of separating a multi-layered TIFF photo into individual images. Although the interface is minimalistic and user-friendly, the application lacks a feature for advanced processing list filtering, because clearing the entire list means adding some of the images you needed again, comparing to the need to eliminate only a few images from it. Reviewed by Andrei Fercalo, last updated on July 28th, 2014

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      • PDF Extract TIFF (Convert PDF to TIFF)
        PDF Extract TIFF (Convert PDF to TIFF)

        PDF Extract TIFF software is a simple and affordable extraction tool that facilitates the reuse of PDF files by enabling you to extract images from PDF files and save them as TIFF images. You can then use or edit the images in other Windows applications such as MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, or any other image enhancement/manipulation program. PDF Extract TIFF software can be used to extract pictures from your PDF file on the fly, but it can't convert text, graphics and other information into the TIFF or JPG files. 1. PDF Extract TIFF supports LZW, RunLength, CCITTFax, DCT, Flate decompress technology 2. PDF Extract TIFF supports high speed in processing 3. PDF Extract TIFF converts PDF files to TIFF files and JPG files on the fly 4. PDF Extract TIFF supports PDF1.5 protocol (formerly only supported by Acrobat6.0) 5. PDF Extract TIFF does keep the best compression ratio in generated TIFF images 6. PDF Extract TIFF supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts) 7. PDF Extract TIFF does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software 8. PDF Extract TIFF supports Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 platform 9. PDF Extract TIFF supports drag and drop files 10. PDF Extract TIFF is fully independent, does NOT depend on any third party technology 11. PDF Extract TIFF supports merge small strips within one page 12. PDF Extract TIFF supports extract color images as JPG files 13. PDF Extract TIFF supports remove thumbnail pictures 14. PDF Extract TIFF supports generate multi-page or single-page TIFF files 15. PDF Extract TIFF supports auto detect and invert color for White and Black pictures 16. PDF Extract TIFF supports auto scale pictures according to original paper size

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      • TIFF Splitter (formerly Tiff Splitter Magic)
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      • TIFF Combiner (formerly TIFF Combiner Magic)
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      • TIFF Combiner
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      • TIFF Viewer
        TIFF Viewer

        Very basic, but fast TIFF Viewer for antialiased browsing of multipage 1-bit TIFF files TIFF Viewer is a very basic, but fast! TIFF Viewer (Mac only) for antialiased browsing of multipage 1-bit TIFF files (e.g. faxes, scanned documents or manuals).OS X's is far too slow, unreliable and memory hungry to work properly with these high-resolution files. Using the Preview app with with multipage TIFFs, it will be easy to crash the program and/or use up all of the space on your disk with O/S swap files. Here are some key features of "TIFF Viewer": · Displays 1-bit TIFF files in many compression formats supported by libtiff · Allows navigation between pages of multipage TIFFs · Fast scaling and anti-aliasing (selectable quality) · A zoom function · Uses little memory · Supports Mac OS X (Carbon), Classic, OS 9 and earlier, and 68K Macs

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        tiff in tags
      • Batch Barcode Maker
        Batch Barcode Maker

        Make EAN 13, UCC 12, UCC 13, UCC 8, EAN 8, UPC A, UPC E, ISBN barcodes and they all support No, 2, 5 Digit supplement. Barcode Maker also supports Code 39 (Code 3 of 9), SCC-14, Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, Codabar. All barcodes can be saved as a high resolution TIFF file in up to 4800 dpi. Barcodes can be copied and pasted. All barcode information is stored in a BK2 file and all you have to do is to click on the products barcode and you have a barcode, no need to add it more than once and you can multiselect and Barcode Maker is going to make a TIFF or Bitmap or as a MetaFile (WMF) of all selected. Fully supports the ISBN 2007 standard, 13 digits ISBN. Moreover, you will be able to add text above the barcode whenever the barcodes are saved in TIF format. Define the label size or load a predefined label and then print your barcodes, supports 1 to 999999 copies of each product and 32000 products a list and all batches can be saved as a BT2 file and reused. Predefined Avery labels in Inches and millimeters is included or you can define your own . It's fast and easy.

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      • Universal Document Converter
        Universal Document Converter

        If it can be printed, chances are it can be converted it to JPG, TIFF, PDF and more! Universal Document Converter is a groundbreaking tool for creating high quality graphic images from any document for inclusion in presentations, email and web publishing.

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      • Barcode XL
        Barcode XL

        [ul] [li] Size: [b]8.70 MB[/b] [/li] [li] License: [b]Shareware[/b] [/li] [li] OS: Windows, Other [/li] [li] Price: [b]$89[/b] [b]Buy full version[/b] [/li] [li] Publisher: Lars Sams [/li] [li] Updated: 11 May 2013 [/li] [li] Downloads: 374 (1 last week) [/li] [/ul] Barcode XL is three individual software solutions that will make it possible to paste barcodes into MS Excel. Barcode XL also support. - Make a Stock Sheet and a Invioce Sheet in MS Excel and have your own low cost Invoice/Stock automation. Your own Inventory/Retail system. - Save Barcodes directly from Barcode XL to a TIFF Image upto 4800 dpi. - Paste barcodes in MS Excel up to 4" x 4" (102mm x 102mm) - Pasted barcodes in MS Excel is resolution independent (is going to be printed at the same resolution as your printer) - Barcode XL autodetect UPC A, UPC E, EAN 8, EAN 13, ISBN information in Excel including 2 or 5 digit supplement. - Barcode XL supports UPC A, UPC E, EAN 8, EAN 13, ISBN, including 2 or 5 digit supplement and also Code 39 (Code 3 of 9), Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5 (Code 2 of 5 Interlaved), SCC-14. - You can select individual Rows in MS Excel that you want barcodes for. - BK2 file format for Barcode Maker and Batch Barcode Maker. - BT2 file format for batch printing on labels in Batch Barcode Maker v2.00 or better. - Save as a TAB delimited text file and load it in to Barcode Maker (version 3.30 or better) or Batch Barcode Maker (version 2.20 or better, for - TAB delimited text file as BT2 file is going to need v2.25 or better) - Use your barcode scanner to scan barcode information to MS Excel. - Make a stock/Inventory sheet in MS Excel and a Invoice and you got a small retail system. - Barcode XL is containing Barcode XL 97, Barcode XL 2000, Barcode XL 2002, please note that the above Barcode XL files is individual software titles and must be registered individually. Barcode XL 97 needs MS Excel 97 to run. Barcode XL 2000 needs MS Excel 2000 to run. Barcode XL 2002 needs MS Excel 2002 or MS Excel 2003 or MS Excel 2007 or MS Excel 2010 to run.

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      • docPrint SDK Royalty Free License
        docPrint SDK Royalty Free License

        docPrint Document Converter Professional is a software product that dynamically converts MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003, WordPerfect, HTML, AutoCAD DWG, PostScript, EPS, PDF, MS Visio and many other document types to PDF, PostScript, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX and BMP etc formats. It works in both GUI version and Command Line version. With docPrint Document Converter Professional you can convert your documents from and to PDF, EPS, PS, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PNG files easily. docPrint Document Converter Professional Batch Conversion Formats: Input formats: DOC, HTML, Web Pages, RTF, TXT, XLS, PPT, VSD, PDF, PS, EPS as well as any other printable documents; Output formats: PDF, PS, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PNG Document Converter Professional (docPrint Pro) Features: docPrint Document Converter Professional program provides a regular console interface and GUI interface to batch convert document files, it includes all of the features in docPrint plus: 1. docPrint Document Converter Professional includes all of the features in docPrint; 2. Create PDF, PS, EPS and image files from any Windows application that supports printing; 3. Convert Microsoft Word, HTML, Web Pages, RTF, Text, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD drawings, Adobe PDF, PS, EPS, e-mail etc. files to PDF, Postscript (PS), EPS JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PNG files; 4. Save web pages in PDF format for future references; 5. Font embedding, resolution and image compression support; 6. Supports user defined page sizes; 7. Works as Windows Standard Printer, accept settings from DEVMODE structure; 8. Auto open PDF file after creation; 9. Support Asian language characters; 10. Multi-language support; 11. Live hyperlink support; 12. Native support for 500+ Windows applications; 13. Free upgrades in the future for registered users; 14. Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software; 15. Create XPS, PCL, WMF, EMF, PDF, PS, EPS files.

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      • Print2eDoc Application
        Print2eDoc Application

        Gnostice Print2eDoc is a software printer based electronic document creation tool that enables any Windows? application that can print to an installed printer, to generate PDF, TIFF, PNG and several other formats of the same printable content. If you need to generate an electronic version of a printable document, you simply need to choose the print function on the application, select Gnostice Print2eDoc as the device to print to in the Print setup dialog, and fire the print. Print2eDoc would then take over to generate a crisp electronic version of the desired document. Its interactive and easy to use configuration dialogs help tailor the output to your needs. You can Preview and enhance the usability of documents, just before creation. The document enhancement options include adding bookmarks, hyperlinks, notes, form fields and functions, and full-fledged drawing tools to draw over content. Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office allows you to automatically generate bookmarks, hyperlinks and TOC pages from Microsoft Word, export Microsoft Excel sheet names as PDF Bookmarks, convert Presentation Outlines and Presentation Text from Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to PDF bookmarks and more. Print2eDoc comes with built-in support for delivery and distribution of created documents. Email, FTP upload and even NNTP posting of created documents can be performed as additional tasks after creation, to take the job further in the workflow cycle without much effort.

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      • Blank Page Splitter
        Blank Page Splitter

        Blank Page Splitter from eDocFile, is a utility that is designed for post processing of tif images. It is ideally suited for use with a copier that scans tif images to a file folder on the user`s network. The program will monitor a folder and when it finds a tif image file it will silently open this file and separate the document into separate files based upon the location of the blank page. It works with documents scanned in a duplex mode or a simplex mode. Currently with most copiers if a user is to scan many documents they must scan them one at a time. Blank Page Splitter allows the user to fill the document feeder and let the software do the splitting, allowing the user to take full advantage of their copier`s speed. The simplex mode creates a new document every time a blank page is found. The duplex mode drops all blank pages and creates a new file when two consecutive blank pages are found. This allows a user to scan a mixture of simplex and duplex documents and have an output file with no blank pages. The output file format can be a PDF or TIFF. A backup of the original image can also be saved in an archive folder.

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      • Tiff2PDF Pilot
        Tiff2PDF Pilot

        Tiff2PDF Pilot is an application you can use to simultaneously encode multiple TIFF images to PDF format. You have the option of editing the output document information, and also you can set password protection for the exported PDF file.

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      • Image SDK ActiveX
        Image SDK ActiveX

        BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM Image Viewer ActiveX / OCX. VB.Net, c#, VB, VC++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VFP, .Net mark a selection, crop, zoom in , zoom out on selection and rotate the image function. Read, write EXIF image information, binary data types for storage Has ability to add text on image when printing Has ability to rotate,flip and zoom the image easily. System Requirements Gdi+

        Size: Download
      • TIFF to PDF SDK ActiveX
        TIFF to PDF SDK ActiveX

        Read, write EXIF image information.Including TIFF tags. Convert PDF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, TIF image files to PDF file. Convert multipage TIF to multipage PDF. Powerful zoom in, zoom out, panning, auto zoom and auto scrolling. Support Lightness, Brightness, Contrast, Diffuse, Emboss, FocalBW effects etc. Loading and printing PDF, BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF, WMF, WBMP, TGA System Requirements Gdi+ What's new PDF, FAX, TIFF Compression, Draw rubberbands

        Size: Download
      • X360 Image Processing ActiveX Control
        X360 Image Processing ActiveX Control

        Fax,graphic,photo,picture,tiff image activex ocx, processing bmp,gif,jpg,png,tif X360 Tiff Image Processing ActiveX OCX help you to create and maintain multiple Tiff. You can append,delete,insert,move and swap pages within existing Tiff.You can also view and save Bmp,Emf,Gif,Jpeg, Pdf,Png,Tiff,Wmf image,get Tiff tags and Exif.

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        tiff in description
      • X360 Image Processing ActiveX Control
        X360 Image Processing ActiveX Control

        Fax,graphic,photo,picture,tiff image activex ocx, processing bmp,gif,jpg,png,tif X360 Tiff Image Processing ActiveX OCX help you to create and maintain multiple Tiff. You can append,delete,insert,move and swap pages within existing Tiff.You can also view and save Bmp,Emf,Gif,Jpeg, Pdf,Png,Tiff,Wmf image,get Tiff tags and Exif.

        Size: Download
      • x360soft - Multi-page Tiff Converter SDK
        x360soft - Multi-page Tiff Converter SDK

        Fax,photo,converter,tiff image activex ocx, converter bmp,gif,jpg,png,tif X360 Image to Multi-page Tiff Converter ActiveX Control helps application developers to converter the most common image formats include BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, TIFF to Multi-page Tiff Image File. Tiff compressions include CCITT Group3/4,LZW and RLE

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      • TIFF Merge Split ActiveX Component
        TIFF Merge Split ActiveX Component

        TIFF Merge Split ActiveX Component was designed to help you merge, split, swap, delete , extract, add page of existing multipage TIFF file. TIFF Merge Split ActiveX Component has fast TIFF engine, the processing time is very fast.

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      • TIFF Assembler
        TIFF Assembler

        TIFF Assembler is an application developed to build multi-page TIFF pictures. TIFF Assembler lets you combine images files into a single multi-page TIFF. The source images can be any of the major popular image formats (JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.), in almost any size or bit-depth. You simply add them to the grid and save it. It's completely easy.

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      • TIFF Combiner Magic
        TIFF Combiner Magic

        TIFF Combiner is unique tool to combine several single and multi-page tiff files into one multi-page tiff file.Tiff combiner has easy to use interface to combine tiff files. It has fast tiff file search facility to facilitate your work. We have designed Tiff combiner considering Fast and error free combining of your tiff files. It supports all versions of tiff files. It also supports tiff files which are compressed. Download Tiff combiner and test powerful performance of Tiff combiner. TIFF Combiner Magic has inbuilt Tiff file search as well.Combine or merge or append Tiff files or images, easy and fast.

        Size: Download
      • Tiff Splitter Magic
        Tiff Splitter Magic

        Tiff Splitter is tool to split multi-page tiff files in single page tiff files.Tiff splitter support every version of tiff files and also compressed tiff files. We have design Tiff splitter with consideration of speed and error free splitting of image files. So tiff files is best suited to offer you fastest and error free splitting of your multi-page tiff files.Tiff splitter includes tiff file search facility on your drive as well.There are two different naming schemes for news files which you split with Tiff Splitter.

        Size: Download
      • TIFF Border Remover
        TIFF Border Remover

        TIFF Border Remover was developed to quickly automate the cropping of TIFF images scanned (or saved) with a border. Tiff Border Remover works with single and multipage TIFF files. Main features: [ul][li]Automatically remove borders around TIFF files[/li] [li]Supports single and multipage TIFF files[/li] [li]Scan through all sub-folders[/li] [li]Unequaled tech support[/li] [/ul]

        Size: Download
      • X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX Control
        X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX Control

        X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with multi-page TIFF images viewing capabilities. Also, it helps you to get the embed TIFF tag from the images. It helps programmer to view multi-page TIFF image within their applications. Also, you can use it to visualize TIFF images or multi-page TIFF images. Get TIFF tag information from the image.

        Size: Download
      • SnowComponent TIFF Conversion Pro
        SnowComponent TIFF Conversion Pro

        SnowComponent TIFF Conversion Pro was designed to provide high performance TIFF document conversion. People can easily and simply convert large amount of TIFF documents in a short time.

        Size: Download
      • SnowComponent Image Conversion Master
        SnowComponent Image Conversion Master

        With SnowComponent Image Conversion Master, you can easily and simply convert large amount images in a short time. Supporting Image Formats: · ASCII · BMP · CALS · CMYK · DCX · DIB · DICOM · EPS Preview · EXIF · FileNet · GIF · GIF Interlaced · Group 3/Group 4 · IMNET · JEDMICS · JPEG · NCR · PCL Writing · PCL_5 Writing · PCX · PDF Writing · PNG · TIFF · TIFF CMYK · TIFF Group 3/Group 4 · TIFF HUFFMAN · TIFF JBIG · TIFF JPEG · TIFF LZW · TIFF Packed Bits · TIFF Uncompressed

        Size: Download

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