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Ares is a lightweight application designed to facilitate the way its users share information over the Internet by providing them with a comprehensive interface, fast download speeds and improvements in file availability. It allows transfers following a simple principle: users get to download files as long as they share their own. Virtually any type of content is accepted.Easy-to-handle interface and using the search process The quick installation process ends with access to its GUI, which can only be characterized as simple and extremely accessible (appearance can be customized via built-in skins). The tools' first noticeable function is the Search feature, which can be filtered to look up audio, video, image, document, software, or other types of files. There is also and Advanced Search section that enables you to enter various criteria such as Title, Author, Category, Date, Length or Resolution (for multimedia content). Viewing results and managing downloads The time allocated to each search depends on a bunch of aspects, but usually, the results are delivered in a fair amount of time. Do not be fooled into believing the software does not work (as we first thought) if results are not displayed in a few seconds. The online database is huge, after all. When there are hundreds of results found, Ares' reaction time drops considerably, so before choosing to download something, just stop the search. Removing a file from the transfer page but keeping it on the hard drive is not possible. If you cancel a download, the file is completely deleted. Use a built-in Library, play items before they are fully downloaded and chat with other users This utility features a Library section that provides users with the possibility to organize their files depending on their type: Audio / Image / Video / Document / Software. Using this approach, users can easily sort content and browse it in a more comfortable manner. Downloads can be viewed in the shared folder in Library. Another feature worth mentioning is the built-in media that allows you to preview the content if the download is not finished, as well as create a playlist and listen to Internet radio. There is also a social advantage to Ares: it is able to connect you with people all over the world via the chat function. Bottom line In conclusion, Ares is a recommended choice because it provides access to a large database of clean, virus-free files. Moreover, the computer's performance is not affected at all as CPU and memory usage is low most of the times. Jobs are completed are in a timely manner, the interface is accessible to all users and we did not come by any hangs or bugs in our tests. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on August 16th, 2014

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