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Editor's review: This is a tool that can remove blank pages from a PDF document. AdroitPDF Blank Page Removal program helps remove, automatically, all the blank pages. Quite often when PDF documents are produced with an automatic workflow by starting with scanning source documents and then creating a PDF, unwanted blank pages could get created. It will be useful, particularly when you handle a lot of such documents or large documents to have an automatic blank removal tool. What it takes is for the software to be able to detect a blank page. Typically, the tool will scan through the digital copy of the page and find how many pixels are dark. As long as it is below a low number, the page is highly likely to be a blank page. The trick is in setting this threshold. Otherwise, pages with sparse amount of information will get deleted, though it is not completely blank. The interface is very simple. A user who has handled a computer before, should be able to get productive very quickly. The tool will also help you create a batch list and process all those files in one go. The complete document does not need not be specified, you can specify ranges of pages where you suspect blank pages would be present. Backing up the removed pages could be made, just in case. Margins could be specified and that would be an easy way to remove the perforated edges easily and automatically. The threshold is specified through a slider to keep things simple. This is a very good tool. Publisher's description:

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