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Imperator was developed to be a parser generator for LL context free grammars. It supports regular expressions for tokens, syntactic lookahead within lookahead, and generates actually readable (debug-able) code. The grammar definitions are easy to create and maintain, and deployment of a generated parser is trivial. The output exploits features of modern target languages, like nodes in the output tree being typed as inner and leaf nodes. Leaf nodes (tokens) not only have images of their matched content, they also contain. Main features:

  • Clean and actually debugable C# parser output
  • Properly specified input language (with self-defining grammar)
  • Includes a few example grammars
  • Deployment of the generated parsers is trivial
  • Usage of the generated parsers is made comfortable by a clear distinction between rule instances and tokens, and typing according to the grammar being represented by enums in the output nodes
  • Token images, line and char numbers are all available for use

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