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JF7 Software for Jafra Consultants

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JF7 Jafra Software for Jafra Consulants JF7 Jafra Software for Jafra Consulants - Tracks Customers - Prints Orders - Produces Reports - Order History Search - Assists with Purchase Order - Brochure Distribution Report - Customer Labels Features include: - Stores customer demographic information. (Name, Address, Phone numbers, Comments) - Easy customer order entry with automatic fill of description / shade / size based on catalog number. - Keeps customer prior order history by campaign and year. - View order history by customer. - Search entire order history to find who has ordered a particular product. - View campaign summary by customer. - Adds entries to the product file as items are entered on an order. - Feature to maintain product file (corrects, add, delete entries). - Options for tax rate, processing charge, customer discounts. - Option to print up to a five line global message on every order. - Ability to print a custom message for each customer. - Customer report that prints all demographic information. - Campaign summary of customers with orders. - Order summary to assist with filling out purchase order. - Campaign total report shows campaign number, total sales, total due, and profit. - Create / Maintain multiple customer databases.

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