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Length Optimizer Multiple List Version

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TagsFor Length Optimizer Multiple List Version
DescriptionFor Length Optimizer Multiple List Version

Length Optimizer Multiple List Version - find out how many stock lengths are required for your list of part lengths. This program will calculate an efficient cutting pattern for the shop. The spreadsheet format is familiar to users and can be customized to work with your company's existing spreadsheets. It is available in Pro, Multiple List and Lite versions. If you have separate part and stock lists, use this program to optimize all of them in one step. A simple example is the bill of materials for a small building. The overall building dimensions are entered into a master spreadsheet, which calculates the required parts such as the floor joists list and wall studs list etc. Each list is automatically linked to its own optimizer sheet and all the lists are optimized in one step. Time and effort is saved by not having to produce, combine and transfer individual part lists. Other features similar to the Pro version. Requirements: · Microsoft Excel

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