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NetStress is a network utility designed to run benchmarks on your Internet connections, whether they are ranged or wireless. It primarily concerns experienced users, such as network administrators or multiplayer video gamers. After a brief and uneventful installation procedure, you are required to select the network interface upon deployment, after viewing the adapter name, description, MAC and IP address for each local connection. It is possible to apply settings from the last session. The main application window shows graphical representations of the TCP, UDP and total throughput measurements, when it comes to the evolution of transmitted and received data over time. Furthermore, you can check out average and standard deviations, along with the the local and remote receiver IP, as well as specify the maximum transmission unit (between 500 and 2000 bytes) and display unit (e.g. Kbps, packets per second). Unfortunately, you cannot log this activity to file. NetStress uses a very low quantity of CPU and system memory, so it doesn't burden the computer's overall activity. It has a good response time and performs well, without making the OS hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Although it doesn't pack a wide range of options, NetStress proves to be a reliable utility for running benchmarks on network connections. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on June 10th, 2013

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