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Second Search provides a feature to search by other engines directly, without switching the engine of the web-search bar (a small textbox on the right edge of the toolbar.) In the web-search bar, press the Up key or type some words into the box. Then, a tiny popup will appear above (or left/rightside) the search bar. You can choose an engine by Up or Down key. After you press the Enter key, Firefox searches the terms by the highlighted engine. This feature calls the engine directly, so the state of the default engine of the search bar doesn't change. (But if you select an engine from the Second Search popup when there is no term in the search bar, Second Search changes the engine of the search bar to the highlighted.) Three recently used engines will be shown in the popup. If you want to use other engines, choose Search by and press the Right key. What's new in this version: Version 0.7.2012031101 has fixed showing caret in the search bar during the list of search engines is shown.

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