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Zultrax P2P is a peer to peer client that is designed to help you share documents and other files with users from around the world. You can use it to quickly transfer images or video files using an Internet connection. The program allows you to search for files using keywords and to download them to your computer. The search function is highly customizable since you can create word combinations, specify the file extension, filter the results by the file dimension and exclude from the results the items that you already have or that you are downloading right now. You can perform multiple searches at the same time using the program's tabbed interface. The interface makes it easier to multitask by opening the Downloads tab, the File library and multiple search tabs at the same time. The program provides you with information about the ongoing downloads and allows you to preview the items that are being downloaded. You can also open the downloaded media files within the application's interface using the built-in media player. If you have limited bandwidth or traffic, you should take a look at the Traffic tab in order to view the size of the downloaded and the uploaded files. You can also view the traffic speed for both downloads and uploads. We found it interesting that the speed is expressed in megabytes per hour and not the most frequently used MB/s. You can share a folder from your computer by adding it to the File library. Including a folder makes all the files available for upload so you should select the files carefully in order to prevent private files from becoming available to the open public. Overall the program has all the functions required to share files and performed well in our tests. However, it lacks the ability of pausing certain downloads or to change priority of certain files in order to optimize the bandwidth usage. Zultrax P2P is a compact and simple program that allows you to perform advanced searches. Although the results are not very numerous you can use it to find and to download the items you are looking for. Reviewed by Sorin Cirneala, last updated on December 19th, 2012

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